Bloomin Tuesday

(From upper L-R across & down: Russian Sage, Pentas and Hydrangea 'Limelight')

 Not alot going on in the garden this week, still hot and dry.  😦  No significant rainfall so the garden is a bit tired and worn out looking.  And usually it looks pretty good until about August, but this summer has been a beast.  Regardless some perennials thrive on the heat such as the Russian Sage.  It hasn’t grown very big this summer but has been continuously blooming for over a month now.  Limelight is just starting to come into the spotlight and is looking really good.  I’ve had a bit of leaf loss from the lack of rain, but this is a not a whimpy Hydrangea by any means.  Pentas are great summer annuals and this pink one is really putting on a nice show this month.  To see more Bloomin’ Tuesday posts or to join in this week please visit our gracious host Jean @ Ms Greenthumb

Update:  I wrote this post yesterday but as of today we got a nice rain shower this afternoon which means 5 of my 6 rainbarrels are full again.  🙂


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  1. Yes, wasn’t the rain nice? I want more, I need more.

    It was wonderful and it was actually coming down pretty strong there for awhile. It stopped and started a couple of times yesterday evening. I need more too….not to be greedy or anything. 😉


  2. Your garden is wonderful. I live in Oregon and August is usually a pretty sad month in the garden but September brings a whole new group of flowers into color and a second flush on others. We had such a wet spring, thru June, so we are very happy to be dry for a while. Crazy weather!

    Thanks Jan. August is pretty sad here too, so hot and dry. I am hiding in the a/c full time come Aug. 🙂 Yep then the coolness of fall comes about and my enthusiasm returns.


  3. Good news about the rain. We had a great shower today too. It’s so badly needed! Great news to have those rainbarrels filled up!

    Thanks Teresa, it was much appreciated and needed. Hope to get more sooner than later… 🙂


  4. Pentas are one of my favorite annuals. Your hydrangea is beautiful! Now that I’ve successfully grown the smaller, ‘Pia’ I may try another kind.

    I think I’ve told you, but in case I haven’t, I sure love the look of your blog.

    They are so pretty huh? Mine are doing well, but this pink one is in my Grandmother’s garden bed and it is healthy and blooming prettily. Thanks, that is my favorite of all my Hydrangeas, I gush about it every year. 🙂 It’s a great one to give a try if you are looking to add more. Why thank you, I’m glad you like my new blog design, I’m pretty happy with it too. 🙂


  5. I love the limelight! So glad you finally got that rain!

    Thanks Zoey, that is my all time favorite Hydrangea and I’m thrilled we finally got a decent rainfall. It’s been a couple of months since the last one.


  6. Pentas are great summer plants! Hooray for your rainfall!!

    Yep they sure are Darla, thanks we really needed it and still could use some more! 😉


  7. We are going through a dry spell at the moment and it is easy to see which plants cannot cope with lack of rain and my very light stony soil. There are small areas in the borders where shrivelled droopiness rules or all the flower stems are lying flat . The poor things look so unhappy!
    I am almost beginning to like Hydrangeas when I see pictures of ‘Limelight’ 🙂

    Looks like you are getting the same summer weather as us. Mine are struggling with this constant temp of 90-100 and no moisture. I’ve been supplementing with the hose but their still not happy with that. I know what you mean… Oh you would adore Limelight, nothing like the old fashioned Mopheads that our grandmothers grew. Such a trouper in this weather too. 🙂


  8. I’ve just begun to take more interest in hydrangeas because the only ones that are usually offered in the garden stores here are the typical pink or blue ones. Limelight? Never seen or heard, and it looks gorgeous!

    Yep the traditional mopheads are not as wonderful as the newer hybrids that they’ve come out with in recent years. The Paniculatas and Oakleafs are my faves, they can stand up to these hot & dry summers. 🙂


  9. Glad you got some rain! We’re bracing for 97-101 degree days for the next week. Fortunately, we had some rain here, too.

    This is the first year that my Russian sage are large enough to make a show. I’m loving that plant right now!

    Love your ‘Limelight’! Such gorgeous blooms and color.

    I know what you mean, the temps here are just hot, hot and more hot. Yuck! 😦 But it did cool things off quite a bit last evening with the refreshing rainshower. My garden was happy, things are perking back up again. I’m bracing for more heat this week, oh well. I hope my Russian Sage makes a better show next year…Thanks that is my favorite Hydrangea every year. 🙂


  10. Wow, you have six rain barrels? That’s awesome! I only have two because I only have two downspouts. Love the penta.

    They are all interconnected to each other Monica, so when one is full it overflows into the next one etc… Thanks! 🙂


  11. What beautiful flowers you have blooming. I love the hydrangea — the color is fabulous!

    Thanks Suzanne, this is my favorite Hydrangea of the 8 I have in my garden. 🙂


  12. I’m waiting for my lime light to bloom. Yours looks beautiful! It’s full of buds. We finally had a little rain yesterday but still need lots more. Jean

    Hope you post pics when your Limelight starts blooming Jean. It really is a stunner when it is in full glory. I know what you mean, still need more here to make up for almost 2 months of nil.


  13. We have had so much rain lately after a very dry spring. Love that Limelight, it would steal the show in my garden too! We are actually having a great summer here so far and looks like the 98 degree days are gone for awhile. Have a great day. Meg

    Guess we are having polar opposite seasons Meg. I had a wet spring followed by a very dry summer. It really is a star amongst Hydrangeas, it’s my favorite of the several I grow. Nope the hot weather is continuing this week with temps close to 100 and sometimes over… yuck! 😉


  14. Hey there girl !
    I’m glad you got rain finally and so many rain barrels ! wow ! .. I wish I had the room for more myself but at least the one that I have is BIG : )
    First I thought your hydrangea was Little Lamb .. mine is blooming its “tails” off ? haha .. I haven’t heard of that annual Pentas ? I will have to look for that one next year .. my pots this year are .. not great to say it kindly ? LOL

    Hey Joy, thanks but hope we get more sooner rather than later. It’s been a dry summer thus far. Luckily I have a space on the side of my house so they are hidden. Mine are more practical than pretty. 🙂 I’ve seen Little Lamb, the bloom is quite similar you’re right. Pentas are commonly found in the more southern states like Florida since they thrive on the heat.


  15. Glad you got some rain ~ it sure makes all the difference.
    I wish I could grow Pentas ~ I’m not sure what I do wrong but they never do much for me. I have loved them since I saw them years ago, planted in mass, at Longwood Gardens. Maybe someday…

    Yep it sure does Kathleen and guess what? We got more last night. 😉 I’ve had some success with Pentas in past years, not so much this season though.


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