Veggie Garden Update

( From upper L-R across & down: Crookneck Squash, Green Bellpepper, Sweet Banana peppers, Husky Cherry tomatoes, Cucumber sassy hybrid and Better Bush Tomato)

The veggie garden is holding it’s own this summer inspite of the heat and lack of regular rainfall.  Of course I’ve been giving it supplemental waterings from the rainbarrels on almost a daily basis to keep it going.  Unlike the ornamental gardens which can go longer without water, the production of fruit requires constant attention to keep it coming.  I’ve been meticulous about harvesting, weeding, watering and grooming these beds and containers.  The rest of the garden has suffered a bit of neglect in the process but such is life.  Once the heat sets in come late morning, you will find me indoors enjoying the airconditioning.  🙂 

note:  Happy belated 22nd Anniversary  (July 14th) to my wonderful hubby who tolerates my obsession with all things garden related and loves me anyhow.  😉 


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  1. Wow, everything looks awesome! How much rain do you collect in your rainbarrels? We collect 95 gallons of water and we use it up in about 3 days!

    Thanks Meems. I have 6 rainbarrels so I collect about 300 gals total. Right now I’m down to about 150 gallons since we haven’t had a substancial rainfall since May. 😦


  2. Nice Racquel!!! You must be doing an excellent job tending the veggies because they’re looking so great. I can’t wait until I have some yellow crooked necks (I think I’ve told you that before). Happy belated anniversary to you and your hubby too. That’s a lot of years together (especially these days). Stay cool!

    Thanks Kathleen, I’m doing my best inspite of the drought & heat. 🙂 Hope you get some crooked necks soon, I fried one yesterday. So yummy! Thanks for the belated wishes, yep times flies when you’re having fun. He just said he would do it all over again. Aww…


  3. Everything’s looking so good! And about the note to your hubby….mine is ever so grateful that I’m hooked on gardening and not other things like jewelry, excessive make up and designer clothes. He says that I can order all the garden things I want because he knows what good things come from my efforts!

    Thanks Rowena. I know what you mean, my hubby humored my habit in the beginning but lately has taken some interest. This includes building things for me like the raised beds and the rainbarrels etc… He’s a keeper! 🙂


  4. Racquel girl Happy post anniversary to you both !
    Hey .. I am lovin’ this gorgeous orange colour for your template .. I may have to do this for the month of October in honor of Halloween .. yes .. I have begun to talk Halloween TALK already ? hehehe
    I don’t do veggies but if I did .. I would be using your garden as an example to follow girl : )
    PS .. it is 107 days until Halloween in case you needed to know that ? 😉

    Thanks Joy! I will pass that along to my hubby as well. 🙂 Oh that would be a good way to make your blog festive for Halloween. Thanks for the countdown, lol. Aww, you are too sweet, thanks for all the compliments. 😉


  5. Good to see your veggies doing good. Happy anniversary to you guys! How wonderful!

    Thanks Susie for the veggies and the belated wishes. 🙂


  6. Veggie garden looks succulent and healthy indeed. All your work is paying off. Happy Belated Anniversary as well!

    Thanks Tina for the nice comments and the belated wishes. 🙂


  7. Happy Anniversary, Racquel! Your vegetables are looking so good. I’ve been meaning to post on mine, but I keep focusing on flowers. I watered the tomatoes, though, this morning, which of course meant that we finally got some rain this afternoon:)

    Thanks Rose, I need to get out there first thing in the morning and water, water, water. 😉 It’s hard to not focus on the blooms huh, lol? Lucky you to get some rain…send us some!


  8. I don’t know how veggie gardeners and farmers are getting through this dry heat. It’s been a bad summer so far. We need some relief. Glad your veggies are performing — a testament to all the hard work you do to keep them growing and producing for you.

    Me neither as far as the farmers go Cameron. Luckily for me my veggie garden is quite small in comparison and easy to hand water. Thanks! 🙂


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