Bloomin Tuesday


 I’m excited to say that I have some new blooms this week to share for Bloomin’ Tuesday.  It’s been so hot here with weeks of drought until this past weekend when the heavens finally opened up and gave us a little rain.  Of course we could use more, but I’m not complaining.  There is a possibility for some more this week.   Let’s hope so at least.   Ok, on with the show…

(From upper L-R across & down: Zinna profusion series, Hydrangea 'White Swan', Eucomis or Pineapple Lily, Echinops 'Ritro', Belamcanda 'Hello Yellow', Lobelia 'Vedraiensis', Zinnia profusion series and Eucomis or Pineapple Lily)

Last summer I sent my Mom a packet of seeds for this single flowered Zinnia and this past fall she shared some seed with me.  I planted the seeds in a pot as a under planting for my Vitex Tree seedling along with some Alyssum.  Here’s the first bloom starting to unfurl as well as a more mature bloom.  I love how the color fades a bit to almost a pinkish tone as it ages.  Last week I showed you the first bud starting to unfurl of this paniculata Hydrangea ‘White Swan’.  This week I thought I would share it opened up a bit more.  So pretty, don’t you think?  Hope to trim this shrub into a tree form like my ‘Limelight’ in a couple more seasons.   I had to get a couple more shots of this Eucomis or Pineapple Lily to share with you.  One shows you how much the bud stalk has filled out and the second shot shows a closeup of one of the first little blooms open.  Soon this stalk will be covered in these white flowers.  It really does resemble a pineapple don’t you think?  A few weeks ago I posted the Echinops but I loved this shot with the bee doing his pollen dance.  Lobelia is a shade lover, so it happily resides under the canopy of my Pecan Tree where it gets filtered light only.  Unfortunately it’s also a moisture lover so I’ve been having to hand water it twice weekly.  The Hummingbirds adore these purple blooms.   My favorite summer flowering perennial is the Belamcanda or Blackberry Lily.  These yellow blooms grow in groups above Iris like foliage.  Mostly you will see the Orange with spots in gardens, so the other common name is Leopards Lily.  I prefer this solid yellow variety myself.   In the fall if you leave the seed heads on the plant they will mature and split open revealing shiny black seeds, hence the name.  Last year forgetting this I deadheaded it, oops!  😉  To see more of what’s blooming in other gardens all over the country or to join in on the fun this week please visit our gracious host Jean @ Ms Greenthumb.


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  1. We got another dose of rain overnight, it was most welcome. I have been planting the small zinnias for years now and would not garden without them.

    We did too, but it wasn’t alot but much appreciated as you said. 🙂 They really are great annuals for the summer garden Les.


  2. The colors of the flowers in the collage compliment each other very nicely.

    Why thank you Darla, glad you enjoyed my collage of blooms. 🙂


  3. I’ve not tried the Profusion from seeds. Good to see that you have success with them. I’m so excited about my belamcanda! Blogger Patsi sent me seeds two years ago. Now, I have the nice foliage and am seeing a scape appear on one. I’m sure mine will probably be the freckled variety, but worth the wait from seed.

    We got rain last night! More forecast for today. Maybe that rain system is heading your way after passing over us!

    Yep they are very easy (like most zinnias) to grow from seed. I’m going to save some this fall for next spring. 🙂 Congrats on the new scape for your Belacamda Lily! So exciting huh? We had a bit last night and a decent amount over the past weekend. There is showers in the forecast all week, hooray!


  4. I like that zinnia, and yes, the white hydrangea is pretty. My blackberry lilies are orange. A friend took some seeds off of a yellow blooming one from a public garden, and gave me some, but I didn’t get them planted. I wonder where they are. I sure like your yellow one.

    My favorite is your pineapple lily. When my husband and I drove to the Outer Banks in North Carolina to see the ocean for the first (and only, so far) time, we were there when Beaufort, North Carolina had an old homes and gardens tour. I fell in love with pineapple lilies there, and wanted to find one at a garden center to bring home to try, knowing it wasn’t quite for our zone, but the places we went didn’t sell them.

    I hope you get some more rain. We have already had 4 inches this month.

    Thanks Sue, hope you find the seeds for your yellow Blackberry Lily. It’s a nice little bloomer in the summer. I’m pretty sure the Pineapple Lillies are only hardy from zone 6/7 with lots of mulch for winter protection. I live in zone 7b bordering with microclimates of 8 in some areas of my yard. We got a bit of rain this past weekend with a tiny shower last night, but good news is that we have a chance all week for some more. Yay! 🙂


  5. There’s nothing like a beautiful mosaic of fabulous flowers. This one is especially pretty. All the flowers are gorgeous, but I’m partial to the hydrangea!

    Thanks Suzanne, glad you enjoyed my mosaic of blooms today. I’m a big fan of Hydrangeas too, they are so wonderful at this time of the year. 🙂


  6. The pineapple lily is really unique. Easy to see how it got its name.

    Love your white swan.


    Thanks Marnie, yep it is a unique bloom, love that shape and so pretty once all the blossoms are opened. 🙂


  7. Posted by Bonnie on July 13, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    Beautiful Mosaic!

    Thank you Bonnie! 🙂


  8. Beautiful as always! I do like the zinnea. Every year I say I’m going to try some and then I forget until I see others blooming. I also like the Leopard Lily. I do enjoy all the new blooms and plants I get to see on Bloomin’ Tuesday! Thanks! jean

    Thanks Jean, there are lots of things I keep meaning to add every season but never get around to it. 😉 Glad you enjoyed my blooms today!


  9. Lovely blooms, Racquel! Thanks for showing the pineapple lily–it really does look like a pineapple. And I really like your blackberry lily–I’ve started some from seed the past two years, but haven’t had any luck in getting it to survive past the seedling stage. But I may try again:)

    Enjoyed the slide show on your last post about your arbor garden. It really has matured since you first showed it, and it’s a great example of a garden with four seasons’ interest.

    Thanks Rose, I’m glad you enjoyed the slideshow of the Arbor Garden. It really does change each year, some things have worked out and some haven’t, oh well. Glad you enjoyed the Pineapple Lily bloom, it’s pretty unique I’ll say that. Sorry to hear about your Blackberry Lily seedlings. I wish you luck with them in the future. You can order a clump through Bluestone Perennials, that’s where I got mine. 🙂


  10. Gorgeous pineapple lily! I don’t think mine is going to bloom. I planted it last year and had high hopes, but so far it’s not doing anything too exciting.

    Thanks Zoey. Hope your Eucomis blooms this year too. Wishing you lots of luck! 🙂


  11. Some really terrific blooms here Racquel. Love the pineapple lily and the lobelia. I haven’t grown either so they’re really intriguing. Glad you got some rain in your garden too.

    Thanks Kathleen, glad I was able to introduce you to some new stuff. Yep but we could always use more, believe me. 🙂


  12. You have some beauties there Racquel. I have grown the Blackberry lily in the past. I love it when the seed pods open.

    Thanks Susie, I’m looking forward to seeing those seed pods this year now that I know what I did wrong last season. 😉


  13. Posted by tina on July 14, 2010 at 10:56 am

    Your lobelia is so cool. I started some seeds and hope to have some flowers one day. Lovely shots and it doesn’t look like your garden is slowing down a bit.

    Thanks Tina, I like the color better than the traditional reds I normally see on this plant. Good luck with your seeds, hope they grow fast and produce some flowers soon. 🙂


  14. such lovely pictures!!! what a great idea to trade seeds. I gave packets of sunflower seeds out as a party favors at our wedding. Happy Gardening!

    Thanks, that’s a clever idea for a party favor. Happy Gardening! 🙂


  15. I’m loving that Hydrangea, thanks for sharing!

    YW Alyssa, thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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