Earlier this week I chased these flying flowers all over the garden trying to get them to pose prettily for me.  I haven’t seen many of these colorful beauties in the garden this year, so when I spotted these I ran inside to get my camera.  Lucky for me this time they lingered long enough for me to get back. However I never could get that beautiful wing spread shot I was trying to capture.  Oh well.  Three of these are Painted Ladies and the one in the lower left corner is a common Buckeye.  The one on the Coneflower is a Skipper.  Have a nice weekend everyone!  🙂


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  1. What great pictures. I do not see as many butterflies in the garden as I used to when I was a child. Such a shame.

    Thanks Deborah, I’ve noticed a big decrease in their numbers every year. It’s so sad. 😦


  2. You did well capturing the butterflies. There has finally been an arrival of Swallowtails (several varieties). My Monarch visitor moved on already. I’m watching the milkweed for signs of caterpillars.

    We got rain overnight!

    Thanks Cameron. I haven’t seen any Monarchs this season yet (even on the Buddleia) but seen quite a few of the Swallowtails flitting about. Must be nice, we had a few sprinkles yesterday afternoon and this morning but nothing worth mentioning. Supposibly we’re getting some tomorrow, if not the weather guy said we are going into a moderate drought, yuck!


  3. It made me laugh picturing you running around your yard trying to get pics of these little guys/girls. I’ve done that myself. Great pics! We get Skippers on our coneflowers too, but not the others in your pics so it was great to see some new butterflies through you.

    Glad I gave you a chuckle this morning Tracy, lol. 🙂 Thanks I’m glad you enjoyed the pics and saw some new ones in the process.


  4. I haven’t seen hardly any butterflies this year. I have seen a couple of hummingbird moths at work tho. Those are so neat to see.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    I haven’t seen a Hummingbird moth up close, but seen one flitter through the yard recently. They are so cool. Thanks Susie, hope yours is great too! 🙂


  5. Great photos, Racquel! I have trouble getting the spread wing shots, too. We have lots of Red Admirals this year, but I haven’t seen too many other species. There’s a Monarch or two around, but I’ve chased them all over the garden, with no luck at a photo.

    Thanks rose, last year they were more cooperative, almost posing for their pictures really. 😉 Glad to know I’m not the only one chasing butterflies trying to get their picture, lol.


  6. Wow! These are gorgeous snapshots of the butterflies! Lucky you for capturing all of them. Such a fun treat to find them out in the garden.

    Thanks Anne. I’m glad you enjoyed my amateur shots of these beauties. 🙂


  7. It was awfully nice they lingered for you. Just beautiful poses too!

    Yep they were a bit skittish so I stayed back a bit and then zoomed in. Thanks Tina! 🙂


  8. Racquel girl this new look in orange is totally FABULOUS !
    Orange is my Halloween colour .. not that I am trying to make you a Halloween nut .. but hey .. this is GREAT !!
    I have been so disappointed with all the caterpillars I had on my fennel and dill we were set to see butterflies in the making .. and they all left home to go god knows where ??
    Plus .. we had a raccoon incident last night early morning .. they or he/she raided my little pond in a bowl .. Bert and Ernie .. well they disappeared and we are all so argh !!
    But .. the garden will absorb my negative feelings … when ever I can get out and work in it .. but it is way too HOT now .. we are hoping for a break in the weather for cooler temps .. don’t you just hate the heat humidity thing ? talk about menopausal weather ?? LOL
    Joy : )
    PS .. Love that orange girl !

    Ha, I knew you would like this orange color Joy. 🙂 Sorry about your caterpillars, I had a few on my Queen Anne’s Lace the other day and now they are MIA as well. Hopefully some bird didn’t make dinner of them. 😦 Oh that’s horrible about Bert & Ernie, darn racoon! I know what you mean it’s been hot as h-e-l-l here too, but we finally got a nice rain shower this morning. We have a chance at some more this weekend and possibly next week. We desperately need it or we will be in a moderate drought this summer. Yuck! It is definitely menopausal weather, lol, never thought about that way but you are so right. 😉 Take care girl!


  9. We have butterflies everywhere in the garden here too–but in trying to get ready for camping in Colorado next week, I haven’t taken the time to try and get a picture. You do such a good photography job Racquel! I always love to see your pictures!

    They can be a bit camera shy sometimes, last year they were regular hams posing for me and everything. 😉 Oh thanks for the nice compliments. Have fun on your camping trip Linda.


  10. You did a great job! It is so hard to catch butterflies. Beautiful photos! Jean

    Thanks Jean, they are tricky photo subjects that’s for sure. 🙂


  11. Great job photographing them Racquel and congrats on being persistent. I haven’t been able to be patient enough this year. We’ve had western tiger swallowtails in our garden for two months now and I have yet to get one photo!

    Thanks Kathleen, now if I could only get that elusive Hummingbird I’ve been wanting for 2 years now. lol 😉


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