Beauty and the Beast

Yellow Crookneck Squash

 This is the story of two veggies growing in the garden.  The first one started out as a pretty little orange blossom and soon formed into a beautiful little swan ( i.e.  crook necked squash).  He was determined to make it inspite of the threat of blossom end rot, heat, insects, you name it.   And so far he has outlasted a few of his siblings… now it’s just a matter of time before he becomes a tasty platter of  fried squash for the hungry gardener. 

'Better Bush' Tomato

 The second started out life as a simple little yellow tomato blossom, but soon grew into the monstrosity you see before you.  Poor thing was so ashamed of his ugliest he buried himself down at the bottom of the bush.  Unfortunately the gardener spotted him one day and now he lives on the kitchen counter.  She said don’t worry, inspite of your looks we’ll still be happy to eat you up.    The end!   😉


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  1. Those are some good looking veggies Racquel. I hope my crooked neck squash get going soon. I have a few straight neck ones on the vine but haven’t seen any of the crooked ones yet. I can’t wait to fry up some squash fritters!! Remember your post about those?
    Also want to make another squash pizza.
    My tomatoes are no where near that size! Wowzers.

    Thanks Kathleen, I’m harvesting maters on a daily basis. Having to freeze some for sauce since we can’t eat them fast enough. My poor straightneck squash succumbed to something so I planted another crookneck squash a week ago. Yep haven’t been able to fry up but maybe one or two so far this summer, oh well. Ooh squash pizza sounds yummy too! ;P


  2. cute..

    Thanks Darla. 🙂


  3. Ugly ones taste just as good as the perfect ones, and sometimes they taste better.

    So true Les and this one was a great addition to the burgers we had on Monday. 🙂


  4. It’s the beauty on the inside that counts. You’ll enjoy your “ugly” tomatoe just as much as a beautiful one.

    Yep so true Heather, so true. 🙂 It tasted great on the burgers we made Monday. lol


  5. Glad your veggies are doing good! Mine have all about croaked!

    They are doing super compared to my ornamental beds, it’s been hot, hot, hot and dry, dry, dry this summer. Only had 1.3 inches of rain in the past 6 weeks, yuck. 😦


  6. My tomatoes are still very, very green:( I always get so anxious for that first ripe tomato.

    It won’t be too much longer Marnie, the anticipation will make them taste that much sweeter. 🙂


  7. Yeah for veggies!!!

    I second that Anne! 🙂


  8. What a fun little story! I got things in late. Hopefully, I will get a harvest before the squash stem borer finds them. I should be getting tomatoes soon. I’ll have to pick them not quite ripe to get to them before the birds take bites out of them.

    Thanks Sue, glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 My straightneck squash already succumbed to the borers, so I sowed another crookneck squash. I do the same thing with my maters, when they start to get the teeniest bit red I pick them and let them finish ripening on the counter.


  9. Tee/hee–good story Racquel, with very happy ending! 🙂
    I miss the little veggie garden we normally have, but produce from the local stand is sure good and no watering required! (keeping a garden in this heat is so tough!)

    Thanks Linda, I always was a sucker for a happy ending. lol 😉 I bet it would be tough with the heat to keep a veggie patch going, at least you have access to fresh produce.


  10. LOL — great little story!

    Thanks Cameron. 🙂


  11. They both look pretty good to me. That is one big tomato!

    Thanks Tina, you should see how much smaller the others on this plant are in comparison. 🙂


  12. LOL, the tomat looks just fine to me, but I like heirlooms and my Big German Pink is doing some funky contortions…

    This is actually a hybrid called Better Bush and the others on the plant didn’t look like this. I think it is an abnomally. Now I know the heirlooms can be funky looking, but taste great anyhow. 🙂


  13. I think they’re both beauties, Racquel:) I have beauty and the beast growing on the same vine–I picked a nice yellow squash a few days ago, but left a smaller one to grow a little more. When I looked yesterday, it had grown to monstrous size! Wish my tomatoes would grow as fast.

    Yep that’s what happened with my squash, once they start they grow quickly. I know what you mean, once the tomatoes get decent sizes though it doesn’t take too long (especially in this heat) for them to get ripe. 🙂


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