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Nasturiums planted with Sweet Alyssum and Chaste Tree with Profusion Zinnias & Sweet Alyssum

Here’s just some random stuff that is going on in the garden at the moment.  I planted Nasturiums and  Sweet Alyssum seeds in this pot earlier this month.  The Chase Tree or Vitex agnus-castus I got at the Yorktown Plant Sale last month  is doing great.  The initial seedling broke off at soil level during a storm earlier this month, but it grew back from the roots and looks healthier.  It’s underplanted with yellow Profusion Zinnias and Sweet Alyssum.  

Yorktown Onion going to seed

Here’s an update on the Yorktown Onion blooms, their now going to seed.  I think they still look pretty interesting even as they fade.  The blossoms now remind me a bit of sparklers on the 4th of July.  Don’t ya think?  🙂 

Hydrangea Paniculata buds: 'White Swan' and 'Limelight'

The Paniculata Hydrangeas are budding up right now. Even my ‘Pinky Winky’ is forming some buds, but I wasn’t able to get a good shot of it.   This will be the first time that ‘White Swan’ and ‘Pinky Winky’ have shown signs of blooming.  Hooray for soon to be blooms! 

note:  Yep I changed my blog theme again, lol.  WordPress just keeps coming up with new stuff almost daily and I just can’t resist experimenting with the new colors & layouts.  I kind of like the look of this one with the artistic swirls & stuff, it’s called Koi.  Hope you like it.  🙂


10 responses to this post.

  1. Oh I love the onion head shot! Beautiful!

    Thank you, I enjoy capturing cool shots in the garden. 🙂


  2. The paniculatas seem a bit early this year but I’m not complaining. I remember how much you like Limelight and hope it gives you a great show this year. Hey, it is your blog-change away. I think it is a nice change.

    Yep I looked back and they are early by about a week this year. It’s my favorite because it’s such a star in the garden all season. Thanks Tina, I’m glad you like my new look. 🙂


  3. I looked at the Koi as well, I am just scared to change my theme, don’t know why.
    I had a young oak leaf hydrangea broke off at ground level by a rabbit, crossing my fingers it grows back from the base.

    Don’t be scared, you can preview it before you make a decision and you can always change it back if you don’t like it. 🙂 I hope your Oakleaf Hydrangea grows back from the roots.


  4. I do like the new blog look Racquel. I’m very excited to see some buds on my limelight this year. Keeping my fingers crossed for some pretty blooms.

    Thanks Susie. I’m so glad you have buds on Limelight this year. My ‘Pinky Winky’ has buds for the first time too. This will be it’s second season in the garden. 🙂


  5. Nice randome stuff going on in your gardens. I do like your new blog do!

    Yep just some random stuff. 🙂 Thanks Darla.


  6. I love the Yorktown Onion. I’m adding more bulbs every year.

    Yep me too Marnie, wish I had bought more this May at the Native Plant Sale. 😦


  7. That Yorktown Onion is great.

    Love the look of your blog!

    Thanks Cameron! 🙂


  8. It’s fun when new plants get ready to bloom. I have a ‘pia’ hydrangea that only had one clump of blooms the last 2 years, but is loaded this year. I love it!

    Yes it is Sue, I look forward to the Hydrangeas blooming every year and this year I have something new to look forward to. 😉


  9. I love your new blog look Racquel. You’re keeping us on our toes with all your changes but it’s good. Glad your hydrangeas are all doing so well and I do think the ‘Yorktown onion’ looks a bit like a firecracker!

    Thanks Kathleen, I’m loving the new look myself. Glad I could keep you all on your toes with my changes, lol. 😉


  10. Ohhh, I remember your limelight from last year! My nasturitums are about gone. I sure enjoyed them. One re-seeded itself in a flower bed this year. (Or maybe a bird helped me out!) I will not count on that happening though..I will plant seeds to make sure I get blooms next year. (Can you really believe we are talking about “next year” and it’s June!!) 🙂

    Yep I couldn’t stop raving about it Linda, how could you not, lol. 🙂 I haven’t had much luck with Nasturiums this year, they seem to be coming along slowly….Yep I’m looking forward to Fall & Spring, it’s just too hot now.


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