Veggie Garden Update


(From upper L-R across & down: Veggie Garden 2010, Green Bell Pepper, Sassy hybrid Cucumber, Yellow Straightneck Squash, Sweet Banana Peppers, Better Bush Tomatoes, Celebrity Tomatoes, Purple Podded Beans, Husky Cherry Tomatoes, and Roma Tomatoes)

 I will be able to harvest a few things real soon now.  This week I decided to sow another row of Purple Podded Beans since the second sowing of Cukes didn’t take.  I think cutworms got to the seedlings since they did sprout, but the leaves were missing the next day.  And then I’m going to sow some more seeds of Cukes in one of my large blue containers with the upside down tomato cages.   Hopefully they will do better this time around.   It’s been so hot here that I’m basically doing just the neccessities in the garden right now and then heading for the serenity of the a/c.  🙂

P. S.   Guess what I found forming this morning ???  A teeny tiny baby straightneck Squash!!!  Hooray, can’t wait for fried squash soon.  🙂


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  1. WOW! You already have tomatoes and peppers! I just planted some of mine out and they don’t even have flowers yet. But I’ve been a bit slow about planting out, I get that. 😉

    Yep I’m real thrilled with how quickly things are growing in the veggie garden. I’m sure your veggies will catch up soon and start producing flowers & fruits. 🙂


  2. Racquel girl did I mention how much I love this brown background yet again ? Great minds think alike ? LOL
    The closest plants I do for veggies are herbs .. after all of our raccoon troubles I don’t want to advertise “meals in pots” here ? haha
    But I will follow your veggie adventures any time : )

    LOL Joy, it seems we both have good taste when it comes to backgrounds huh? 😉 Sorry to hear that critters have discouraged you from growing veggies. I wish I planted more herbs this year, got a late start in my spring sowing and now I’ve run out of steam. Too hot!


  3. That is a beautiful garden! Your garden is so well designed and productive!

    Have a nice Sunday. I hope it won’t be as hot and humid for you today as it will for me. I don’t think it cooled down much at all last night.

    Thanks Cameron, now I need to get the front beds tidied up before the neighbors start noticing. 😉 It’s suppose to be even hotter today than yesterday, YIKES!


  4. Hi Racquel, Your veggies are looking fantastic! I’m in awe of them, actually. I do have zucchini blossoms right now so those are coming along, and there’s 1 small tomato on my patio tomato plant, and I have a bunch of cuke plants w/lots of leaves…but didn’t plant peppers and it looks like they would do well here. It’s probably too late to bother with them at this point. I had radishes that the squirrels dug up, all but 1, which isn’t looking so hot itself. And my lettuce didn’t do well. Herbs are doing great, however. I’m not sure I’m a good veggie gardener, or else my squirrel-filled yard is just not the right place to grow them (even in pots on my deck!). Can’t wait to see your harvests of all those veggies. Sorry to hear it’s been so H, H & H there. It’s similar here…although I have enough shade that I feel I can endure it better when working under the trees!

    Sorry to hear that the squirrels make veggie gardening such a difficult process for you. They’ve been somewhat a nuisance for me this season, digging up bulbs while looking for their fall buried nuts. 😉 Peppers do very well here, last season I had a great harvest of Jalapenos & Bell peppers. Looking forward to seeing how my Banana peppers I get this year. The areas I really need to get some work done are unfortunately in full sun! 😦 Wish me luck! lol


  5. Hi Racquel,
    When I read your comment about frying squash, I thought of your Mom. I used to really enjoy reading her blog and loved her recipes. I was just wondering if she is OK.

    Hi Balisha. Yep my Mom is doing well, she just isn’t blogging anymore. Guess she felt she felt blogged out. 🙂


  6. This year I am growing my squash in a pot. I can’t believe how much better they are doing than in the ground.

    I’ve always grown my in pots and they do pretty good. 🙂


  7. The veggies look great! Since we are not growing any this year, I went to the local produce stand and bought peas, green beans, potatoes and squash this weekend. So..we are having fried squash along with you! And, tomatoes from East Texas! (do you remember how good those tomatoes were?) I love summer veggies. It’s hot here too–seems like August instead of June! 🙂

    Thanks Linda. Well at least you are able to get some fresh produce in your area. Around here you almost have to grow it to get locally grown stuff. Yum, I love fried squash, I miss it in the winter & spring when it’s not in season. Oh yeah I remember getting lots of tomatoes & other yummy veggies at our local farmer’s market every Saturday. 🙂 It really did feel like August here this past week, it rained last night which cooled things down a bit. Yay!


  8. Awesome!

    Thanks Tina! 🙂


  9. Your veggies look great, Racquel! I’ve been harvesting a little spinach and lettuce, but nothing else is anywhere near as mature as in your garden.

    I may not have many vegetables yet, but I do have some hydrangeas blooming, too. I have to agree with your last post–they’ve become my favorite in the garden as well. It’s funny, though, you are hoping for pink blooms, and I’m hoping for blue:)

    Thanks Rose, I got a late start so I didn’t plant any of my spring veggies before the heat set in. Maybe I’ll do some lettuce & other stuff this fall. Don’t worry I’m sure it won’t be too much longer before you are able to harvest your own summer veggies. 🙂 After all these years of enjoying Hydrangeas in my garden I couldn’t imagine it without their beautiful blooms. See it’s just like people with curly & straight hair, they always want the opposite of what they have, lol!


  10. You are so far ahead of us. I wish my tomatoes were that far along.

    It’s been very hot lately so I would give anything to have a longer spring at this point. 🙂


  11. Those veggies are just as pretty to me as flowers. I have a few tomatoes formed on my patio tomato plant on the deck. My cukes and squash just got planted in the last few days. It’s been hot here, too, in the upper 80s, but it has cooled down to the upper 60s at night, so the mornings have been good to garden on the days it wasn’t raining.

    I hope you have some cooler mornings, too.

    I think so too Sue. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to the cukes and squash, their a bit behind the rest of the garden. But I grow them from seed vs the transplants of the peppers & tomatoes. We are getting a storm tonight I think, it’s been cloudy all day. Crossing my fingers, we need it.


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