Plant Shopping

(From L-R: Evening Primrose 'Twilight', Delphinium 'Delfix Blue' (back ), Penstemon 'Red Riding Hood' (front) and Abelia grandiflora 'Little Richard')

On the way home from dropping my son off at work yesterday morning I stopped by Walmart just to look at their perennials.  Yeah I know, lol, I was planning on doing more than looking but that’s beside the point.  Anyhow after a few minutes I found a few good things tucked in and behind some annuals that desperately needed to be watered.  These perennials however looked to be in pretty good shape and the price was pretty good as well.  The Abelia is an ornamental shrub that could be evergreen in my area depending on how mild our winter is I guess.  I couldn’t get a great shot to show you the true color tones.   So the Primrose is a pale pink, the Abelia is a shade lighter even and the Penstemon is a deep rosey red tone.  Everything I bought had blooms except the Delphinium which is full of buds.  There was one already blooming, but I decided to get the one that had blooms yet to come instead.  It’s a nice shade of blue that I just love in the garden.  Considering this was my first splurge since earlier this month when I bought 3 things at the Learning Garden Plant Sale I think I’ve done well.   🙂

Note:  All of my new additions were planted last night except the Abelia.  I’m still thinking about where I want to put this pretty shrub.  It says full-part sun so that gives me more options. 


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  1. Whew! Nice haul. I just got done planting a ton of stuff that’s been sitting out for weeks, Tomorrow, I’m planting/transplanting seedlings! (Oh, wait. I guess it’s already tomorrow.)

    Thanks Monica. Sounds like you have and will be quite busy. But that is my favorite type of busy work. 🙂


  2. Very nice..I have found that full-part sun means about 4 or 5 hours of morning sun here.

    Such is the case here with some things too Darla. I did some research and there was someone in Virginia that planted this in full sun with good results. She’s in zone 7a and I’m 7b so I might do the part sun thing still…. 😉


  3. I can’t believe you found primrose at Walmart! I need to try the Walmart by me. Those pretty flowers grow by the roadsides here. I also pass them on my evening walk. Let me know if they are invasive…I would love to grow them!

    I was surprised too Linda, never seen this plant at Walmart let alone Lowe’s. They get some great stuff in sometimes. I found alot of nice things there last year. I’ll keep you updated on whether their a thug or not. 😉


  4. Great plants!

    Abelia is very tough and versatile. Just make sure you give it enough space, which became the downfall of mine. Our landscaper planted three inside our fence, squeezed in where they shouldn’t have been… and I was constantly having to prune them …which destroys the beauty, so I moved them to the outside where the deer continued to prune them. They were finally shovel-pruned, unfortunately.

    Thanks for the timely advice, I will keep that in mind when planting it. Sorry to hear about what ultimately happened with yours.


  5. Great timing to hit Walmart when they had some plants. I always find their shelves empty.

    I just get lucky sometimes. Last week I looked and didn’t see anything I wanted. 🙂


  6. It’s always fun to search the shelves at Wal-mart or any of the home improvement stores. You just never know what you will come across.

    Yep, you’re so right Susie. I knew it wouldn’t hurt to just stop in for a minute and look and it paid off. 🙂


  7. That penstemon is gorgeous!

    And the color is richer than it looks in this picture Tina. 🙂


  8. It’s always exciting to get new plants! The penstemon is a nice choice. I’ve been trying to add more of them this year.

    I added 3 new ones last year and one so far this year. I’m loving the Penstemons, so easy to grow and great bloomers. 🙂


  9. I got that same pink evening primrose last year–can’t remember where. It has lots of blooms this year.

    You did really good. Our Walmart never seems to have plants like Penstemon or Abelia .

    Cool, this is filling in a spot where my Gerbera Daisy (that overwintered for 3-4 yrs) finally died. 😦 Thanks Marnie, I was impressed to find some decent looking perennials.


  10. Racquel, Our Big box stores never have much choice~Perhaps I don’t hit them on shipping day! The wonderful evening primrose does reseed and spread by runners~plant it where you don’t mind it being. Very nice penstemon! gail

    Hi Gail, ours have been so much better in the past couple of years. Thanks for the info about the Evening Primrose, I’ll keep an eye on it. 🙂


  11. Wow, your Wal-mart has amazing perennials Racquel. I haven’t seen any of these at mine. I bought an Abelia last year but I don’t think it likes Colorado weather at all. I bet it does way better in your garden.

    Thanks Kathleen, they’ve gotten better things in stock for the past couple of seasons. Guess their trying to compete with Lowe’s & Home Depot. 😉 I hope it does well in my garden too.


  12. Looks like you found some great buys, Racquel! You should see the front of my garage right now–I think I could start my own plant store:) I’ve been busy buying annuals for all my containers before the garden centers run out of my favorites, but I haven’t had time to plant many of them. I admire your restraint in plant shopping, but most of all I’m impressed you’ve planted all but one of them already!

    Didn’t that happen last year too Rose? lol Oh I don’t blame you about stocking up on the annuals, they do run out quick especially on the good stuff. 🙂 Thanks, I’ve been too busy lately to do any real plant shopping plus I’m trying to be thrifty with $ as well. 😉


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