(From upper L-R across & down: Allium multibulbosum, Allium unifolium, Alpine Rosy Bells, Allium christophii and Allium neopolitanum)

 Some of my favorite flowering  bulbs are the Alliums.   Most come in shades of pinks and purples.  However there are white and yellow ones too.  I leave the spent seed heads standing after they are done blooming for interest.  These large white multibulbosum have cool looking seed heads which attract goldfinches for some reason.  I’ve seen them balancing on these large heads like circus acrobats.  Very amusing stuff! 😉  The Rosy Bells are in the onion family as well and are quite petite in stature.  Mine are currently combined with pale pink Snapdragons in a large pot.  This brings them up to a level where you can enjoy their bright pink flowers.  Soon I will have the Drumstick Alliums and Yorktown Onion (that’s another post) to enjoy as well.  What are some of your favorite flowering bulbs?

P.S.   I changed my blog theme again as you can see.  The dark background makes my blooms pop I think.  Hope you like it, I was bored. lol  😉


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  1. I am convinced–I MUST plant alliums next fall! I love all of yours! I did not know they came in white-how pretty!!
    My bulbs are all gone now. It’s time for hot weather perennials and annuals!

    Yes you must Linda, you won’t be sorry once they start blooming. 🙂 There a few white ones, I got this cultivar at Lowe’s a few years ago. Fairly inexpensive and no maintenance other than trimming back the spent foliage in the spring.


  2. I only have one variety, good old purple drumstick alliums. But I love them. Always leave the seed heads out for extra interest even though my husband constantly nags me to deadhead them. He just doesn’t understand!

    I have the drumstick variety too, and they are one of my favorites. Yep I don’t do as much trimming back of spent things in the fall anymore, it gives the garden more interest in the winter months especially when it snows. 🙂


  3. What pretty pictures! I don’t think I have any of the same ones you do. Most of mine flower at this time of year but the drumstick alliums and the garlic chives bloom later.

    Thanks Marnie. I have Drumsticks that bloom later too as well as few others that have already bloomed. Now I don’t have Garlic Chives and that is something I would love to grow as well. 🙂


  4. Last fall I planted alliums for the very first time. The large “Purple Sensation” have already bloomed, but I have some smaller varieties still waiting. I don’t even remember what I planted, but I hope some of them are as pretty as yours!

    My Purple Sensation didn’t emerge this spring. 😦 I’ll have to retry planting them again this fall. Can’t wait to see what you planted Rose. 🙂


  5. Hi Racquel, Since Spring Fling last year, alliums have quickly becoming one of my favorite bulbs. I especially love the tall globes. I’m enjoying the blooms now, and look forward to seed heads later in the season.

    Hi Linda. They really are spectacular when they are in full bloom and no maintenance other than the initial planting. 🙂


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