Bloomin Tuesday

(From upper L-R across & down: Rosa 'Morning Magic', Allium multibulbosum, Iris pallida, Baptisia 'Purple Smoke', Siberian Iris 'New Wine', English Bluebells, Mountain Bluet, Allium neapolitanum and Rhododendron)

(From upper L-R across & down: Rosa 'Morning Magic', Allium multibulbosum, Iris pallida, Baptisia 'Purple Smoke', Siberian Iris 'New Wine', English Bluebells, Mountain Bluet, Allium neapolitanum and Rhododendron)

It’s been looking like rain for the past few days and the cloudy weather gave me an opportunity to get some nice closeups for today’s post.  I’m very excited to see flowers on my Baptisia ‘Purple Smoke’ this spring.  The flowers remind me so much of Snapdragons.  Don’t you think?  My white variety still hasn’t shown up.  Oh well.  The white Alliums are another one of my favorite additions to the garden.  They bloom a bit earlier than the purple varieties.   I love the pretty shell like pink blooms on the rose ‘Morning Magic’.  So much that I added another one to the other side of the arch it grows on.  To see more Bloomin’ Tuesday posts or to join in this week please visit our gracious host Jean @ Ms Greenthumb.

P.S.  I changed my theme again as some of you may notice.  This was a new one that was added by WordPress this weekend and it has some cool new features.  Tell me what you think about it.  😉


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  1. You have a nice collection blooming now. My Baptisia is just budding. I feel cheated of rain, it was enough to make everything look wet, without the deep soaking we need.

    Thanks Les, I feel a bit cheated too. After putting down all that mulch it would of really made my day to get a thorough soaking. 🙂


  2. You have a lovely assortment of blooms. I’m not sure what kind of baptisias I have. That one you have is a different color of mine. It sure is pretty, and does look like snapdragons.

    Thanks Sue. This one I picked up last summer I think so it will be the first year it has bloomed for me. 🙂


  3. I kept waiting for that rain….it never really amounted to much. We could use more than what we have gotten so far.
    Your photos look great. Lots of great blooms.

    It was such a tease wasn’t it? Especially after putting down all that mulch it would of been nice to get a good soaking rain. Thanks Janet. I’ll try to stop by Sat to see you at the LG sale. 🙂


  4. I love all the lavender colors you picked for your mosaic picture! They are all look so lovely. Great up close shots!
    Happy Bloomin’ Tuesday…

    Thanks Ann, they compliment your Lavender Trumpet vine today. 🙂


  5. A beautiful bloomin Tuesday post, Racquel.

    Thanks Joey. I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂


  6. Hi Racquel, the lavenders are singing about spring in the air. Baptisia is a love/hate for me, love the flowering, hate the big hulk of green afterwards that takes up so much room. Love/love the white alliums. 🙂

    Their does seem to be a pattern of color to my garden right now. This is my first time growing Baptisia, I’ll have to make sure their is lots of other stuff blooming around it I guess. Yep the white alliums really make my day since they are the first to bloom here every year. 🙂


  7. It’s good to keep the theme fresh–I often forget to do so! Your post also reminds me that my baptisia is late this year–I went out and didn’t even see stalks–and then noticed they were buried under a huge layer of leaves, which I removed. I really need to get out in the garden this week and do a lot of work!

    I think so too Monica, plus I get bored and like to try new things. 😉 Well I’m glad I reminded you to look for your Baptisia and you were able to uncover it. Poor thing was probably smothering under that blanket of leaves. lol I need to finish up my mulching, hubby just brought me a new load yesterday. Time to get busy….


  8. Baptisia is on my list – I just haven’t seen it anywhere but in the catalogs. I may have to make an order! Everything looks great including your new theme!

    It was on my list last year and I found a White one at the Native Plant Sale & Purple Smoke at the Smithfield Gardens (when we visited Les). Thanks Dave. 🙂


  9. I can’t believe how beautiful your baptisia is. Mine is about 3 feet tall but no buds. Last year it was pretty new so I’m hoping it will bloom this year.

    I’m very pleased with the blooms & the color! Mine was planted last summer so I thrilled to get blooms. 🙂


  10. Posted by Bonnie on April 27, 2010 at 9:03 am

    I love the photo of your Mountain Bluet. It looks like it is folding its hands with its petals.

    Thanks Bonnie, I loved this photo too. I’m letting it go to seed a bit so I can get more of these fun blooms in the garden next season. 🙂


  11. Beautiful, beautiful flowers!! I love purple, and all your flowers are wonderful. I am wondering if your Baptisia ‘Purple Smoke’ is in the same family as False Blue Indigo plant. It seems to look similar. Mine here in VA is looking good but not started blooming yet. Thanks for joining in Bloomin’ Tuesday.

    Thanks Deb, I saw a theme when I uploaded my photos yesterday. It worked out well huh? Yep it’s the same plant family. Some are natives while this one is a cultivar. 🙂


  12. It looks great Racquel…and so do your Tuesday flowers! gail

    Thanks Gail for the nice comments today. 🙂


  13. Beautiful blooms Racquel. I am also lovin’ the white alliums ~ I need to remember to try some in my garden. I planted English bluebells last fall and hope they bloom ~ I see foliage so far but no buds yet. Interesting comment from Frances about the Baptisia. I’ve planted it before but didn’t stick around long enough for me to know it’s habits.
    ps. Those buds on my Virginia bluebells are on very small plants. I was amazed to find them. Maybe there’s still hope for yours to bloom??

    Alliums are some of my favorite bulbs. I’ve tried to add more and different varieties every year. I think these English Bluebells are adorable, they are much smaller than the Spanish Bluebells. Yep I found Frances’ comment about the Baptisia interesting too. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for the encouragement, I hope my VA Bluebells get a few blooms this year. 🙂


  14. Oh what stunning iris. I have planted a Siberian Iris “Ceasar”. You have some really pretty blooms. Stunning rose too. Can’t wait to see more.

    Thanks Becca. I have another variety that I planted too called ‘Moonsilk’ (yellow) which hasn’t bloomed yet. 🙂


  15. gorgeous:-)

    Thanks Jan. 🙂


  16. Racquel, your garden blossoms are lovely! A beautiful lavender palette. Your baptisia is ahead of mine. Our weather has been cool and damp…perhaps mine is waiting for a warmer day to pop open. I look forward to watching your garden progress during the season! ~~Rhonda 🙂

    Thanks Rhonda. Can you tell I tend to gravitate towards certain colors while plant shopping? lol It’s been cool here early in the morning and evenings. Hope it warms up a bit more soon. 🙂


  17. LOVE the colors! Makes me anxious for my flowers to finally bloom…thanks for sharing, Paula in Idaho

    Thanks Paula, hope you get some color soon. Crossing my fingers for you. 🙂


  18. I Love you post. Makes me a bit more patient as to what lies ahead. Your garden now looks like mine does in July. I wish spring would last a bit longer though since it seems like we wait forever for it to arrive. Thanks for letting me visit your garden. Fondly Meg

    Thank you Meg, I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I’m loving how long it is lingering this year. Sometimes by this time summer is trying to get an early start. 🙂


  19. Your garden must be beautiful with all the blues and purples! Great collage! Happy Bloomin’ Tuesday! Jean

    Thanks Jean, you see my obsession with this color range huh? 🙂


  20. Great photos! Do you like purple? I notice you are really using it alot. 🙂 Like me and red and yellow. I noticed the other day everything I have is red or yellow.
    Like your new banner, but then I like all the ones you have used. I have got to try allium next year!

    Yep I tend to gravitate towards the purple and blues, lol. It works with the yellows, oranges, whites and pinks that are sporatically throughout my yard as well. Thanks Linda, it’s fun to have a header photo that I can change out. 🙂


  21. Love the Purple Smoke Baptisia, I shall have to add it to my ever growing wish list.

    I saw a mature specimen of this growing at the Garden Center and just had to get it. It’s spectacular in full glory. 😉


  22. Racquel, gorgeous!! I love those English bluebells. Will have to look for them. They are so delicate. I have thought baptisia looks a little like snapdragons. Enjoy your gardens-they are lovely. 🙂

    Thanks Beckie, I think I either got those from Dutch Bulbs (online) or Brent & Becky’s bulbs (online). 🙂


  23. great blooms and photos! I like the color scheme that you have in your garden.

    Why thank you Cameron, I’m glad you like my color scheme & photos. 🙂


  24. Love all these shades of purple and pink–my two favorite colors in the garden! I always enjoy seeing your blooms for another reason, Racquel: you’re a few weeks ahead of us, so it gives me an idea of what I have to look forward to in my own garden. My baptisia isn’t blooming yet, but it looks like it’s right on schedule.

    Mine too Rose! 🙂 I enjoy sharing my garden with all of you every week. I’m glad my blooms give you something to look forward to. 🙂


  25. I love your collage! Your garden must look so pretty with all those flowers blooming.

    Thanks Chris & Laurie. 🙂


  26. Thanks for posting the beautiful collage of pictures. How pretty!

    You are quite welcome. 🙂


  27. What beautiful photos. I wish I would have gotten some English bluebells last fall. Hope I remember to order some this year. Yours are lovely. Baptisia is another plant I want to add. I have seed for the white variety, hope they sprout and do well.

    Thanks Marnie. Aren’t they cute, I need to add some more to different areas of my yard. I have the white variety in my garden, it just sprouted recently. 🙂


  28. Hello!

    It`s some really nice flowers in your garden! I love the spring! But almost nothing is flowering in my garden yet, because it has been a long cold winter, and even if the snow is gone, it still is rather cold!
    Now, in the evening, it`s raining and it is a bit warmer
    (You must excuse me my bad english…) I`m from Norway! =)
    I wish you a nice day!

    Thank you Krepsemor. I’m glad you were able to enjoy my garden blooms while yours is still dormant. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  29. Posted by Betty819 on July 31, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    Okay, I’ve seen several plants that I have to add to that Wish List of mine…There’s scilla, english bluebells, spanish bluebells, Virignia bluebells and they all look the same to me. Our plant swap hostess had the most beautiful gardens and she had some of the above planted among her peonies and allium(Globemaster I think)and it was a breathtaking picture, and I didn’t have my camera with me. Her gardens were to die for!

    Glad I could help your wishlist grow a bit more Betty. 🙂


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