Another road trip…

Yesterday me and my garden blogging buddy Janet The Queen of Seaford got together for another mini road trip.  First she took me on an official tour of the Learning Garden in York county.  It was an educational experience to view all the different gardens at this time of the year.  Can’t wait to go back in the spring to see what it looks like then.  I came home with a zillion photos and some seeds from a Camellia and a pretty annual Salvia.  Can’t wait to try my hand at growing a Camellia from seed.  Thanks Janet for the tour and the free seeds.  🙂

Yorktown waterfront

We also made an excursion over to the Yorktown waterfront, pass the battlefields to check out the cool plantings.  I was quite surprised to see how many changes they had made to the area since Hurricane Isabel wiped this beach out in 2003.  It has a quaint feel to it that reminds me of Colonial Williamsburg.  I’m sure the shops and boardwalk have been a lovely tourist attraction, but the locals enjoy it as well.  Couldn’t get over these Rudbeckia still blooming. 

Spaz checking out my pass-a-long plants

And of course I didn’t come home empty-handed since me & Janet did a mini-plantswap of our own.  I shared some of my favorite Phlox ‘Robert Poore’ and a division of the Walking Iris (that Darla sent me).  She generously gave me some divisions of Verbena bonariensis and Green Coneflower.  I meant to get them planted before it started pouring last night.  I’ll get on that today.   Looks like even Spaz approves of the new additions for the garden.  🙂


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  1. Great road trip Racquel. Your video is terrific ~ so much to see. I’m guessing that chrysalis is one that didn’t make it since it’s kind of late in the year???? or am I wrong? The Learning Garden looks like a wonderful place. I have always thought it was very beautiful in your area and these pictures reinforce that. Good luck growing the camellia from seed! Nice plants in your swap too. I am hoping the verbena bonariensis seedlings I started this summer (and learned on your blog aren’t hardy here) by some stroke of luck, make it thru the winter. My fingers are crossed!

    Thanks Kathleen, I’m glad you enjoyed the slideshow of the Learning Garden. I don’t know if the chrysalis will make it or not. Such a shame if not. I’m crossing my fingers for your VB seedlings. I’ll keep you updated on the Camelia seeds once they sprout. 🙂


  2. I just finished watching the doom and gloom weather forecast. I hope that the beach at Yorktown makes it through this Nor’easter. Let me know if your camellia seed sprouts, I have never tried one.

    It’s a doozy of a week huh? Hope you’re not getting too much flooding Les. Newport Schools were the only ones that didn’t close, my son was bummed! lol I’ll keep you updated on the progress of my Camelia seeds once I get them planted and germinated. 🙂


  3. Yay, it’s always fun to do road trips! Looks like great gardens. P.S. While dogs do make excellent plant inspectors, cats are in fact more thorough! LOL

    Yes it is Monica. 🙂 It was educational as well as entertaining. LOL, I’ll keep that in mind about the cat inspectors. My cat Mooch is pretty nosy too. 😉


  4. Good morning Racquel, great photos! Sure wish I had my camera in the LG. Guess what, I steered you wrong on the Camellia…it is not Mrs. Charles Cobb. She is a japonica and red, must have been thinking of the one next to the white one. Hope you can change your slide show names?!?! Sorry. Jan at Always Growing had one in her post last night and I double checked the name…Oops.

    Hi Janet, lol, that’s okay. I fixed the slideshow names. 😉 It’s a beauty regardless of the name. Hope the see germinates & takes hold for me.


  5. Oh lucky lucky lucky! Both of you! Thanks for the great slide show, Racquel. I had no idea Camellias had seeds either, those look very promising. Good luck with them, how exciting! 🙂

    Thanks Frances, it’s nice being able to get together and talk about plants. 🙂 I didn’t either so it will be fun seeing if they sprout and take hold.


  6. It will be interesting to see if you can get the Camellia seeds to sprout.

    Yep looking forward to giving it a try Susie. I’ll keep you all updated on the progress. 🙂


  7. Thanks for sharing all these images with us, Racquel! I’ve often heard of the Learning Garden through Janet’s blog; it’s great to see its autumn colors here. This reminds me of the Master Gardeners’ Idea Garden near us that my friend Beckie and I like to visit frequently. It’s really interesting to see how it changes through the seasons, and we always come home with a few new ideas. And best of all, it’s great to have a good blogging buddy to share the experience, not to mention some passalong plants!

    It was my pleasure Rose, I’m glad you enjoyed seeing all the fall color in our Learning Garden. It was my first official trip other than the plant swap last May. I loved seeing all the plants (native/exotic) in person. Janet was a great tour guide. 🙂


  8. Great slide show. Sounds as if you had a great time. I’ll be curious to see if the Camellia seed is true to the mother plant. Camellias grow so darn slow….I am so pleased that your Walking Iris is doing well enough for you to pass some along…this makes me smile!

    Thanks Darla. We had a wonderful day. 🙂 It should be fun seeing if I can get it to sprout and grow that’s for sure. Yes I was happy to share a piece of your garden with another friend. Janet was thrilled to have it.


  9. I’m so jealous of you gardeners that can grow camellias;)

    You both did pretty well in the plant swap. Nice to have flowers that came from a dear friend.

    I’m sure there are plants that do better in your area too. Lilacs maybe? Thanks Marnie, it was fun day and I’m excited about having some new plants from her garden. 🙂


  10. Looks like you had a great day for a road trip Racquel! What do green coneflowers look like? Interesting! 🙂

    Yep it was the only nice day this week, what with the Nor’easter that is currently bombarding our area. You can see a photo of the Green Coneflowers in the slideshow above. 🙂


  11. Walking Iris~~what a great name, now I must google it! I love getting together with other gardeners…Although, none of my local gardening pals are as passionate about their gardens/gardening as my blogger friends! You’re going to love the green coneflower! gail

    Yep it’s an interesting plant with a pretty exotic looking bloom. I’ve found the same thing Gail, garden bloggers are the best and most passionate. 🙂


  12. Darn…another opportunity missed! You probably knew I couldn’t make it down, though:-( My 12 yr old keeps me here during the week so it is tough to get down there! Anyway, looks like you guys had a great time! NOW, how are you faring w/this nor’easter? I read Janet’s and Les’s posts, and know they’re close to the water…not sure how close you are. I hope you don’t get much damage…preferrably, NONE! My daughter at CNU said the kids have been shimming and the classes have been cancelled. I hope it will calm down by tomorrow! Take care!

    Sorry Jan, maybe during springbreak before Janet moves we can all get together. 🙂 Actually I’ve been quite lucky, no flooding just a boggy backyard. A few dead limbs came down from the wind but all and all I faired well. Take care Jan.


  13. I love it when I happen upon perfect photo shots, which is not as often as I would like. I like the video clip too. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos 🙂


  14. It looks like it was a wonderful trip! How nice to have a friend to get you out of the house and into the gardens!


  15. Posted by Betty819 on July 31, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    Curiosity killed the cat! When you speak of York County..are you in Virginia or Pennsylvania? Queen of Seaford (Va. or Delaware?)Or none of the above!
    Wished I had somebody nearby that would be interested in touring public gardens in nearby states. I think I see a trip to Longwood gardens in the spring. That’s not too far away for us.

    I’m speaking of Virginia Betty. 🙂


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