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Pecan Harvest page

Last week while sitting outside I happened to look up at the Pecan Tree and was thrilled to see Pecans ready to be picked.  The timing was perfect, the outer green shells had opened like the petals of a flower (first upper left photo).  I ran inside for this colander and grabbed a tall stepladder on the way out.  Every branch I could reach was enough to fill this container.  There are still plenty left since the tree is very tall so I’ll need a taller ladder to harvest more.  I rinsed this batch and laid them out a dish towel to dry.  These are the best nuts, they have a paper like shell that makes cracking them a breeze.  I’m so thrilled to have harvested a few before the selfish squirrels had a field day.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind sharing since there is more than enough to go around with the wildlife & us.   Plus it keeps them from digging up my flower bulbs over the winter.  🙂  Oh if you want to learn more about this tree you can check out  my fellow VA blogger  Janet @The Queen of Seaford’s post Tuesdays Trees-Pecan carya.  She does this post weekly about a local tree and it is very educational.  Or you can check out a post I did last year about this wonderful native here.

note:  by the way I changed the theme of my blog to reflect the season.  oh and the pecans were tasty, tried some last night.  yum!  🙂


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  1. Yum, Racquel. Pecans are my favorite nut. I remember when you harvested last fall. Glad you got some before the wildlife cleaned them out.

    Mine too Kathleen. Last year’s harvest wasn’t as productive as this one. Thanks me too. 🙂


  2. I am glad you got a jump on those pesky little squirrels.

    Thanks Les, me too! 😉


  3. I like your new fall look Racquel. How nice to get a harvest of pecans like that. I know you will enjoy them.

    Thanks Susie, it was time for a change. I will definitely enjoy them. 🙂


  4. UMMMM, warm pecan pie!! Love you new look..

    Ooh that’s my favorite! Thanks Darla. 🙂


  5. You are so lucky to have your own pecan tree! I bet they are the best!

    I do feel blessed Tina, especially when I am able to get some. 🙂


  6. We can’t grow pecans up here but we do have walnuts. How lucky you are to have your own tree.

    Ooh Walnuts are in my top 5 faves too. Thanks Marnie, I feel lucky when I beat the squirrels. 😉


  7. Looking good!!! Like the new look. The picture of the hull opening for you to get to the nut is great! Thanks for the link.

    Thanks Janet, I needed a new look for the season. Yep I love that shot, it really looks like a flower opening huh? You are quite welcome, it was timely on my part. 😉


  8. They are so pretty, I never knew what a pecan looked like au naturale. Can’t help but think that they would be pretty in a flower arrangement.

    They really would be a fun display huh? 🙂


  9. The squirrels picked all the walnuts, almonds and pecans this year. They were busy way before they were ready! Oh well. (-:

    Those greedy little buggers! That’s what happened to me in the past few years. 😦


  10. How wonderful to have your own tree! They look delicious!

    Thanks Kanak, they are mightly tasty indeed. 😉


  11. How lucky you are to have your own pecan tree! I can almost taste the pecan pie:)

    Thanks Rose, I felt pleased this year to finally get a nice harvest. 🙂


  12. Sweet! I’ve never seen pecans being picked… I’m pretty sure we’re one zone to cold for them.

    I’ve seen it done commercially which is interesting. Their hardy in zones 5-9 and their native to the central US. 🙂


  13. I think that I remember something on TV about them using a machine to shake the tree to make the pecans fall to the ground. My old neighbor used to send me pecans every year. I made pecan pies with them.

    I saw a ‘Gardening by the Yard’ episode of them doing this method with Almond trees too. My grandma made the best pecan pies, yum! 😉


  14. They are my favorites….roasted and toasted over salads and soups…Sigh, how wonderful to have a tree! I was wondering how the squirrels felt! gail

    Yep mine too Gail. I think the squirrels were doing a big harvest of their own today. 😉


  15. I used to travel to South Georgia (for business) during pecan harvest time. I can eat and eat pecan pie. The recipes I like the best are the less sweet ones. I have a friend whose wife shared hers with me and it is awesome.

    Lucky you to arrive at peak season. 😉 Me too, I prefer the less sweet ones myself.


  16. There’s not much better than fresh pecans. Thanks for showing folks how to harvest.~~Dee

    YW Dee, I love just going right outside to my backyard to pick these. So fun. 🙂


  17. As it happens I made a Pecan cake at the weekend. Very tasty it was too – it must be lovely to have your own tree.


  18. Posted by John Elders on July 18, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    They should come up with a pecan that has poison in it….just to get the squirrels!


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