Veggie Garden Update

OnionsI planted onions last spring in 1/3 of this bed and harvested them early summer.  Last month I noticed this small cluster popping up after clearing out the remaining spent tomato and pepper plants.  They are loving these cooler temps and extra moisture.

'Black Seeded Simpson' Lettuce, 'Celebrity' Tomatoes, Green Bellpeppers, 'Purple Podded' Beans, and 'Roma' Tomatoes

Here’s what else is still going strong in the veggie garden this month.  From upper left-right across: ‘Black Seeded Simpson’ lettuce, ‘Celebrity’ tomatoes, bellpeppers, ‘Purple Podded’ bean seedling and ‘Roma’ tomatoes.  I’ve cleared out most of the summer veggie crop but these few plants are still lingering on a bit.  I’m harvesting what I can for the moment.  The bean seedling probably won’t do much beyond this but I’ll leave it for now.  If anything the roots will add some much needed nitrogen back into the soil.


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  1. One day, we too, will have a veggie harvest……now that I have said one million times to the husband, ‘we need to amend the soil.’ He now has said to me, ‘Do you think we should amend the soil?’ sigh

    LOL, well at least he has the idea now in his head. Better yet try some raised beds and you can do it even easier. 🙂


  2. Racquel girl I am so impressed with your veggie garden .. I’m still limited to pots but I wonder if it is too late to plant a few garlic cloves ? Could you let me know ?
    Joy : )

    Thanks Joy, I would think if the ground isn’t frozen you should be able to still plant some garlic. Here’s a website with some good info I found for you:


    • Racquel thank you so much for the site link ! I am going to try and get a few bulbs in this weekend when we do the last of the clean up .. we are supposed to have good weather then and we have had a couple of hard frosts so that is what the link advised to wait for .. I might just get some garlic going ? LOL
      Thanks again
      Joy : )
      PS .. am I slow at seeing this or what ??? haha


  3. Looks good Racquel. I am impressed with you planting onions…one day I would like to plant garlic…maybe in SC.

    Thanks Janet. I was happy with my experiment with the onions, planting garlic would be something to try as well. 🙂


  4. You should be able to grow a lovely veggie garden in the winter. It is a past time that helps to satisfy the cravings for real gardening, albeit in a small and yummy way! I’d be cutting those onion leaves to use in salads. Love the smell of fresh cut onions-just not the kind that grows in my lawn.


  5. How nice you have some produce growing Racquel. I planted a couple of brussel sprout plants about a month ago and they are just sitting there. I think I’m going to just pull them up. I’m tired of looking at the pitiful things.

    Thanks Susie, I’m surprised at the lingering summer veggies. Sorry to hear about your BS plants. I’ve never tried growing them before, but their also not one of my favorite veggies to eat either. 😉


  6. Veggies are done here, except garlic chives which are still going strong. And onions probably would be, too, had I not pulled them early because I was replanting the bed they were in. 🙂

    I’m planting some garlic chives next spring. If anything the blooms are interesting huh? 🙂


  7. It’s good to see all these veggies still growing in your garden, Racquel. Mine is done for the winter, although I still have some parsley going strong. I’m going to leave most of it and see what happens. Someone commented on one of my posts that they had parsley all winter, but they were probably in a much warmer zone than my zone 5 garden.

    Thanks Rose. I would be curious to see how the parsley does over the winter for you too. Keep us updated on whether it survives and bounces back next spring. 🙂


  8. Hi Racquel, those onions look good. The gardens here are long gone, even the swiss chard gave in to the last freeze. You are lucky to have a long growing season.

    Hi Marnie, They do seem pretty happy at the moment. I don’t think my lingering summer veggies will be with us come the end of the week. Looks like it will get down in the 30’s at night.


  9. From someone who has zero growing now, I’m impressed! Happy late harvesting Racquel!

    Thanks Kathleen, you can share in my harvest vicariously. 🙂


  10. I don’t have veggies, but I noticed that my parsley and basil are still looking good (before the frost expected later this week).


    Here’s hoping that the parsley & basil keep on going a bit longer inspite of the expected frost later this week. 😉


  11. Hi Racquel,
    Somethings just keep on growing. I think they like the cooler weather. I have herbs still green in the garden, but the tomatoes were brought in and put under newspaper in the basement. They all ripened and we ate the last one….so sad. Today, I bought tomatoes from the store.

    I agree Balisha, some things do prefer the cooler temps right now. I don’t think the tomatoes & peppers will tolerate it after today though. 😦 Yep I have a bunch of maters ripening on my counter as we speak. Can’t wait!


  12. Garlic chives are wonderful, chopped fine and sprinkled over a nice baked potato!

    Yum, my favorite way to top a potato! 😉


  13. That’s some vegetable garden still growing strong!!

    Indeed it is NG, thanks! 🙂


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