Having fun with a new camera…

(From upper L-R across & down: Lantana, Gentian, Buddleia, Echinacea 'Harvest Moon', Clematis 'Niobe', Salvia 'Black & Blue' (large center), Coleus 'Watermelon', Canna and Toadlily)

(From upper L-R across & down: Lantana, Gentian, Buddleia, Echinacea 'Harvest Moon', Clematis 'Niobe', Salvia 'Black & Blue' (large center), Coleus 'Watermelon', Canna and Toadlily)

Over my 3 week absence many other things happened like my youngest son got his driver’s license.  Oh man am I a bundle of nerves everytime he leaves the house now. 😉  And he also dropped my point and shoot camera with the lens open. Oops!  So needless to say I decided it was time to invest in something a bit better.  I upgraded from my bottom of the line Nikon L11 to a Nikon S570.  It’s still a point and shoot but it has more features and a much better zoom for the closeups.  Plus it captures the elusive colors of Black & Blue Salvia and other shades of purple perfectly.  Here’s some of my latest shots.  I love how you can see all the detail inside the petals of the Gentian blooms.  It’s as if someone took a fine tipped paintbrush and dabbed those dots there by hand. 

Salvia elegans 'Pineapple Sage'

Salvia elegans 'Pineapple Sage'

Not only do I love the fragrant foliage & stems of this herb but the blooms this fall are spectacular.  I planted two small 3″ pots in late spring and they are both over 3′ tall now and in full flower.  After doing some research online I’m going to experiment to see if these survive our winter.  They are hardy in zones 8a-11 and I’m zone 7b.  Some gardeners on  davesgarden have had it survive in their zone 7 gardens if slightly protected.  These are nestled up near the privacy fence in the back corner of my Arbor Garden. I’ll give them a nice blanket of fall leaves to keep their roots warm this winter.   So I’ll let you know if they make it come next spring.  Too bad they weren’t blooming while the hummingbirds were still visiting my garden.


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  1. Just beautiful….oh, new drivers!!! I’m jealous of your new camera, I need one as well…Pineapple sage roots really easily from soft cuttings…and if you look at the bottom of the plant you should see some little roots on the bottome of the stems…snip them off and over winter incase yours outside don’t survive. I did four like that last winter.

    Thanks Darla. I’m a nervous wreck, since my oldest son doesn’t drive this is a new experience for me altogether. 😉 I’m still playing around with it, need to read the manual soon. lol Thanks for the tips about the Pineapple Sage. I’ll have to give that a try.


  2. if your readers are looking for more information on USDA plant hardiness zones, there is a detailed, interactive USDA plant hardiness zone map at http://www.plantmaps.com/usda_hardiness_zone_map.php

    Thanks Paul for the helpful link. 🙂


  3. Congratulations on your new camera and new driver. The Pineapple Sage at work has come back for us and Suffolk is definately a 7b, so it should work for you, just mulch it well.

    Thanks Les, it won’t be long and you will have the joys of this to look forward to. 😉 I appreciate the info about the Pineapple Sage too. It’s great to know someone in the nursery business.


  4. Your new camera takes great shots Racquel. I need to write down the kind you bought for future reference. My camera is just a little inexpensive canon…one of these days maybe I will get a better one. I really like the pineapple sage. I have several salvias, but not this one. I think they do good in Texas too so I’ll be on the look out for one.
    Have a great day–so glad you are feeling better!

    Thanks Linda, I really love Nikon products. This one has good features for a reasonable price. It should be hardy in your area as well. Salvias are great for the hotter parts of the country, they hold up well. Plus a fall bloomer is always a welcome addition to any garden don’t you think? Have a great day yourself and yes I’m glad to be feeling better. 🙂


  5. Morning Racquel, a new driver in the family….wooo whoooo. Good for him. Your collage is beautiful, great closeup photos and super color. I know you will make good use of the new camera for many years to come. I am still finding features on mine. Have fun exploring.

    Yep exciting stuff Janet, he’s a good driver so that helps alot. Thanks I’m loving having something new to play with in the garden. Glad you enjoyed my collage of closeups. 🙂


  6. New camera!?!? How fun! It did a great job capturing these beauties Racquel! Very nice collage.

    Yep I’m loving my new gadget. It’s fun experimenting with different shots. Thanks Susie! 🙂


  7. Congrats on your son’s license. We are trying to convince our teenager to study for his test but so far he is not too interested. A relief for sure. And getting a new camera is always exciting. You might want to take a few cuttings just in case the pineapple salvia does not make it. I winter mine in my garage with no extra heat but the garage is attached. I have a flat that is about 8″ tall and blooming right now. They’ll be fine with only a bit of water and light from a window.

    Thanks Tina, that’s how my oldest son is, he’s 20 and still doesn’t have his license. He has emotional issues so we haven’t pushed the subject either. I’m thrilled to have a new camera at last. I’ve wanted some for sometime but couldn’t justify spending $ when my other one was adequate. 😉 Thanks for the tip, I might try that with the Sage.


  8. Ooh, you’re going to enjoy this new camera, Racquel! The close-ups of the “Black and Blue” and the Pineapple Sage are gorgeous! I find that my little point-and-shoot doesn’t always capture colors accurately, and if I get too close, even with macro the pictures turn out blurry. I hope Santa is reading this comment:)

    I know how you feel with son driving, but eventually you get used to it, and it’s so nice when you don’t have to drive them everywhere anymore! In Illinois, it’s now required that students spend 25-30 hours driving with an adult supervising them before they can get their license. Youngest daughter was the only one who had to fulfill that, but spending so much time riding in the car with her at the wheel gave me a lot of confidence that she was a good driver and reassured me when she finally got her license.

    That’s how my old camera was Rose. I could never quite capture the deep blue tone of the Black & Blue. I was very pleased with these shots especially since I enlarged them afterwards. Hopefully Santa gets the hint, lol. 😉

    We have the same requirements here, and after doing the time with him the past 9 months that he had his learner’s permit I feel confident that’s he a pretty responsible driver. After my eldest almost scared me during the few months he tried driving I wasn’t sure my heart could take anymore. 😉


  9. Beautiful photos. I love them all together in the collage. Your camera does a real nice job. Mine isn’t real good with reds or blues.

    Thank you Marnie. I’m glad you enjoyed the collage of photos. My old camera had the same limitations with reds & blues.


  10. Congrats on the new camera! Great shots!

    I have a 3 year-old pineapple sage that is five feet high and wide and looks like a blaze of red outside my window (I can see it from my garden room). It is protected by an evergreen clumping bamboo in winter TOO CLOSE TOGETHER… by accident! I planted the sage first, then added the bamboo, thinking that the sage wouldn’t come back! LOL


    Thanks Cameron, I’m pleased with my purchase so far. 🙂

    Good to know info about the Pineapple Sage. We live in the same zone so that is quite helpful. Are you going to move the Sage so it has more room?


  11. Congrats on a new camera! I’m always dreaming of a lens upgrade. Photography is so expensive, though, especially when the hobby budget is already getting spent on the garden!

    Thanks VW. I hope you are able to make your dream come true soon. Maybe Santa is listening? 🙂


  12. Your new camera captures the colours perfectly (how kind of you son to drop the old one).
    I’ve taken cuttings of my Salvia elegans but I’m tempted to dig the plant up to overwinter in the greenhouse. Unfortunately, like yours mine is in full bloom at the moment so I’m reluctant to disturb it. No doubt it will get frosted and I will miss my chance 🙂

    Thanks EG, lol, I guess that is one way to look at it huh? 😉 I guess I best take some cuttings this week just in case the plant doesn’t overwinter. It is hard to think of digging up something in full bloom huh?


  13. Racquel, glad to hear all is well with you-even if it is a nervous time. I am sure your son will do fine. Just keep reminding him how proud you are that he is careful and he may be more apt to do just that.

    New cameras are such fun. I am still learning with mine after several months. Yours does a great job with the often hard to capture blue. Mine is not the greatest there. And don’t yo love, love, love the macro and super macro features!!

    Thanks Beckie, that’s what I keep telling myself & him. 😉 It’s hard for us Mamas to let go sometimes, especially of the youngest.

    I’m enjoying playing around with all the cool new features on my camera. Hubby said I should read the manual, but that thing is boring as can be. lol


  14. Wowee kazowee, Racquel, those images are fantastic! Maybe a good thing the camera was dropped? But the driving is nerve wracking, I feel your pain, er stress. The pineapple sage blooms so late here too, whether it winters over or not. As a matter of fact, the new planteds in spring bloom sooner than the ones that occasionally winter over. Your still have many beautiful flowers, and that camera relly does them justice! Hooray!

    Thanks Frances, sometimes things just turn out for the best huh? 😉 Thanks for feeling my pain & stress. It’s hard to watch them grow up so fast. That’s interesting to know about the spring planted Sage blooming sooner. Hmm… I’ll have to experiment a bit I guess.


  15. Hi Racquel…Welcome back.I missed you. I went through the new driver in the house bit three times and I’m still here to tell it. LOL Your collage is beautiful. The colors are so true and bright. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks Balisha, it’s good to be back in the blogging community. Bless your heart, this one time is more than enough for me. I didn’t have to do this with my oldest son since he’s disabled. You are quite welcome, glad you enjoyed my collage of macro shots. 🙂


  16. Amazing shots, Racquel….

    Thanks UG. I’m glad you enjoyed them. 😉


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