Fall Containers continued…

Fall Container Plantings continued page

Last week I showed you my fall containers that I had potted up.  Here’s an update on the Snapdragons  in my patio container showing what’s started blooming thus far.  This soft pink color looks great with the existing dwarf caladiums.   And the red washtub has been planted with some fall pansies that will give color to the garden through next spring.  This red shade looks great but I might pick up a 6 pk of solid yellow or orange for some contrast.  I’ve decided to make this a seasonal container from here on out.  Next May I will exchange the cool season Pansies for some summer lovers like Angelina and/or Nasturiums.  It should be fun experimenting from season to season with different displays.  I like the effect that a single specimen or color can make, but it will be nice to mix things up a bit with some combinations too.   Plus I finally was able to get some looseleaf lettuce planted in the Lettuce bowl container between rainshowers.  This is my favorite variety ‘Black-seeded Simpson’.  I also need to plant a gourmet blend (which includes Prizeleaf, Royal Oakleaf, Red Salad Bowl and Ashley) like asap.   Hope everyone is having a nice weekend in the garden…


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  1. Posted by nancybond on September 13, 2009 at 11:55 am

    Your containers look great! I envy your ability to be planting new containers right now — once things wind down here, Puffs of Snow will be the only thing our containers grow, I’m afraid. But that’s a loooong way down the road just yet. I LOVE your red tub! 🙂

    Thanks Nancy. That’s what I love about living in zone 7b, the season is a bit extended. We don’t get much snow here. 🙂


  2. A reminder for me to get my lettuce in soon!

    Glad I could remind you Tina, I planted my mixed looseleaf today. 🙂


  3. I love to check out your blog. So many interesting things going on at your house.

    Thanks Balisha, I’m glad you enjoy the stuff I post about. 🙂


  4. I planted my lettuce last week….ready to eat?? hahahaaa. Finally separated my containers and planted the heuchera, hosta and ferns in the garden….now to fill the containers with fall color. Maybe pansies???

    It shouldn’t be too much longer, did you plant looseleaf or headtype? I found pansies at Home Depot, haven’t been back to Lowes yet.


  5. Great fall containers. Seems so odd for someone to be planting at this time of the year-but I know your mild winters allow you too. Where did you find dwarf caladiums?


  6. I need to change out my containers too. There aren’t any pansies or violas to buy yet though.


  7. Lovely. They look great, Racquel. The ones I have planted are growing slowly but steadily. Hope to share some pics soon.


  8. About the only thing I’ve gotten done in the garden lately is picking more tomatoes and watering–we could use a little rain! I don’t do much in the way of planting fall containers, other than some mums–we could get a hard frost in October. Your red washtub really sets off those pansies!


  9. I planted a flat of snapdragon seeds a couple of weeks ago and they are sprouting. Our lettuce, onions, radishes and greens are up as well. Ready for a small change in the weather!!


  10. The color of your wash tub and the pansies are a perfect match.


  11. Reminds me I need to plant lettuce seeds, and you answered my question–yes, I can plant them in a container! I need to get that done this week..so many things to do! 🙂


  12. You’ve been busy and what great containers!

    I haven’t started on my fall containers, yet. My summer containers are still producing, except for the ones that burned out on my front porch from the intense heat.



  13. Aw, the eeny beeny pansies are so sweet!


  14. Love seeing how people design their containers. I’m always looking for ideas and good plants for container growing. Those snapdragons are lovely.


  15. Racquel, your fall containers look fab. My summer containers still look good, there has not been much cold weather yet, and I am reluctant to take them out when they still look great. I am sure that over the next couple of weeks we will get some cold weather, and everything good will be gone at the garden centre.
    I will never learn, I don’t buy winter boots either until I need them, and then there is only ugly ones left.


  16. I want to try my hand at some fall containers too Racquel. Keep up the posting about it ~ you’re inspiring me!


  17. Hi Racquel, your containers make me need to go plant shopping! The red tub will look great with some other colors added, good idea. Black seeded simpson is a good tasting easy to grow leaf lettuce. Another job goes on the to do list! I want to try snaps too, after seeing them used at the Chicago Botanical Garden to wonderful effect, in containers. 🙂


  18. What an awesome surprise~I love snapdragons, especially this light pink. Makes them look very dainty and elegant.


  19. Looking good Racquel!


  20. great fall planters. Inspired, i am going for some pretty fall containers myself.


  21. Posted by Racquel on September 20, 2009 at 11:16 pm

    Thanks everyone for you nice comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the containers. 🙂


  22. Yes I love Snapdragons too! Those are one of my dads favourites too.

    I think this year in my garden I will try and grow some lettuce. I haven’t yet before but your blog inspired me to do so.

    Great blog!

    Jamie Boyle
    Hypertufa Gardening

    Learn How To Make Hypertufa and Enjoy Gardening This Summer


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