2 down 1 to go

Left- After a light cleaning and Right- Uncleaned

Left- After a light cleaning and Right- Uncleaned

I had a few projects on my list of things to do this season.  One was painting the shed which I posted about here.  The second was to powerwash and reseal the deck.  I’m glad to say these two things are checked off the list now.  Whew! It feels great to complete things doesn’t it?  My next big project involves doing something with the concrete patio.  We recently invested in a powerwasher, just another toy for hubby to play around with and so useful.  I’ve hated this concrete for sometime and have considered staining or painting it.  But after hubby did a little powerwashing sample spot for me I was impressed with what was underneith the grime & gunk.  And wow is there some gunk on this old slab.  Who knows if it’s ever been cleaned.  The house is over 40 years old and I don’t know when the slab was put in but it’s definitely old.  Instead of being a yucky plain gray concrete it has more of a tan tone with pebbles & stones for texture.  I never realized there was something interesting underneith all that dirt.  It’s going to be a job that’s for sure, because there is the botched faux brick paint job to remove and some stains from other projects. Hubby had alittle fun with the powerwasher as you will see in the photo below:  

fun with powerwasher

Aww…isn’t that sweet? 🙂  After 21 years of marriage and the man is still romantic!


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  1. A man always hides the romantic side but he does, he shows it in big and bold letters!! haha….. Cheers ~ bangchik

    So true Bangchik, so true. 🙂


  2. Oh, how romantic! I wouldn’t do anything with that part of the floor! I’d just clean around it.

    That’s a lovely idea Tatyana. He will be quite pleased with your suggestion. 🙂


  3. I’m with Tatyana on this one.

    We both are lucky huh? 🙂


  4. What a nice guy.

    Yep he’s a keeper! 🙂


  5. That is too sweet Racquel! What a special hubby to do that.

    He’s always been very sweet…but this really touched me. 🙂


  6. He is a keeper!!

    He sure is Darla. 😉


  7. How funny and sweet in a manly way.

    Yep that’s my hubby alright Deb! 😉


  8. That’s great! 🙂 It is the time of year. My “to do” list and my husband’s “honey-do” list will take us awhile!


    I have more things to do but not quite as demanding as these three projects that’s for sure. Have fun with your Honey Do Lists! 🙂


  9. Oh, how sweet!

    I know right? 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Karen.


  10. That Is sooooo ROMANTIC!!!!!! Lucky you!!!!
    Dont clean it!

    Thanks Linda, hubby was real tickled when he read all the comments. 🙂


  11. Both the hubby and the original patio material are indeed sweet!

    Thanks Monica, I think so too! 🙂


  12. Ok, that is really sweet. H.


  13. I’m with Tatyana too ~ that’s such a sweet message I wouldn’t want to wash it off! Amazing the difference some power washing makes. I’ve been thinking of staining/painting my concrete too. One of my neighbors painted his driveway a reddish color and in the winter it really helps melt the snow.


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