Last of the Summer Veggies

Yellow Straightneck Squash, Green Bellpepper, Roma Tomatoes and Jalapenos

Yellow Straightneck Squash, Green Bellpepper, Roma Tomatoes and Jalapenos

Here’s what is left of the summer veggie garden.  We’ve been getting alot of rain this week which has made it seem truly like fall is here and summer is gone.  I’ve been harvesting daily for winter storage.  Other than that it’s been too wet & yucky to do any real gardening.  The perennials are loving this cooler weather we’ve been getting with a few hours of sunshine scattered here and there.  In the photo below you’ll see how much precipitation we’ve had so far this week…

Water for this week

I don’t know if you can make out the line of water that is just below the 5 1/2  inch mark.  This is the total accumulation we’ve had thus far since Sunday.  To say the least it was a wet Labor Day weekend.  I’m not complaining however since dragging hoses & watering cans isn’t my favorite garden task.  🙂


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  1. Wow! I’d love to see 5 inches of rain here. I know those veggies are loving it!

    It’s been a bit much believe it not. But everything seems to be doing well, especially the last of the veggies. 😉


  2. It all looks so healthy and fresh, Racquel. We could use five inches of rain too. The peppers are so pretty this time of year and your tomatoes are impressive. Most of ours have been pulled already.

    Thanks Frances, I’m impressed with the stuff that is lingering still in the summer veggie plot. The Romas & Cherries are the only maters still hanging on strong at this point. 😉


  3. Hola, jalapenos! Yum yum yum… OH! I have to go water my tomatoes and peppers, now. 🙂

    Guess my raingauge was a reminder for you Monica huh? lol 😉


  4. Yup that seems about right!! A little sun would be nice now.

    And it looks like we are in for some more rain next week…okay some sunshine would be nice is right! 😉


  5. Dry spells stretched for a couple of days here…. I had to drag hose around spraying any green on sight.. I just read seven oak’s post how our bodies are designed for tough physical activities… then I thought, it’s ok to get sweaty abit… aha. Love the look of your end of season veggies! … Cheers, ~bangchik

    Guess we are having opposite weather right now. I’m glad not to be dragging hoses, that’s for sure. Thanks Bangchik. 😉


  6. Raquel, it has been very dry here as well, there has been no rain since August 29th (I remember this as it was my nieces wedding day, it rained on the bride, and hasn’t rained since). I noticed the ground cracking when I was up on the weekend. The only veg I have are tomatoes and they are finally starting to ripen. Your veggies look beautiful!

    Looks like everyone is having a dry September except me. Glad to hear your tomatoes are starting to ripen. Mine are lagging a bit now with all this rain & no sunshine. They prefer the heat of August. 😉 Thanks!


  7. Racquel, I forgot to thank you for adding me to your blog roll, I will add you to mine.

    YW Deborah, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. 🙂


  8. I can’t believe you have gotten that much rain Racquel! Glad to see you still have veggies going strong. How nice!

    Me neither and it doesn’t seem to want to let up anytime soon either Susie. Thanks! 🙂


  9. OMG! You guys are “drowning” it wet! Send some this way. We’ve had “nada” for way too long!

    Yes we sure are and I would gladly send some your way if I could. 🙂


  10. I’s a wonder youaren’t floating away. 🙂 Your veggies look pretty good for as late as it is. Especiallt that squash. Hope it dries out a bit for you and you can get back in the garden soon.

    That is so true, my yard is squishy at best right now. 😉 I’m most pleased with the peppers and hope to harvest quite a few more in the next few days. Me too, I’m ready for some sunshine for a change.


  11. Oh my goodness, you have had a lot of rain! It’s been so dry here the past week I need to thoroughly soak everything tomorrow before it all dies. My veggie garden is winding down, too, especially the tomatoes, which unfortunately have a bad case of blight.

    It seems everyone else has been dry while we’ve been getting more than necessary. Mother Nature is so unpredictable huh? 😉 My maters are winding down quickly too, the romas & cherries are the only ones left with fruit.


  12. they look lovely Racquel, I would love to try to grow that squash next season, what a yield.

    I wish you a great weekend/ Tyra

    Thanks Tyra. This is Parks Straightneck Squash. I ordered the seeds from Have a nice weekend. 🙂


  13. Great veggies!! We are supposed to be getting rain this weekend. Hopefully it will be a light rain for a few days and not ALOT in a short amount of time. Been thinking about you….

    Thanks Darla, I’m pleased with the yield I got this season. Hope you get a nice rainfall without overkill… Have a nice weekend! 🙂


  14. Your veggies look great. I agree with you, watering is something I just don’t do so this unusually wet year has worked out well. Tomorrow I’m going to a seminar about the blight that has hit tomatoes in several parts of the country this year.

    Thanks Marnie. I’m always glad when Mother Nature decides to give me a hand & a break at the same time. 😉 Hope you post about the seminar, sounds very educational.


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