Fall Containers

Patio Container

Patio Container

As promised I stopped by Lowe’s yesterday to check out what they had in stock for fall.  No signs of Pansies yet, but there were lots of other things to choose from such as Mums and perennials.  I decided to pickup some large potted Snapdragons full of promising buds to put in this large pot by the deck. The plant in front is a miniature Caladium that I picked up at Brent and  Becky’s Bulbs this summer.  Isn’t it cute?  Since it is so unique I’m going to let it die back, dig up the tubers and store them in the garage this winter.   I removed the spent Dicentra (Bleeding Heart) and planted them in a shady spot in the Hydrangea bed.  Since they are spring ephemerals I figured I would cameoflage the dying foliage behind some Heucera ‘Palace Purple’.

Woodland Garden Container

Woodland Garden Container

This planter had a Coleus that was starting to look a bit ragged so it was replaced with these bright purplish blue Aster novi-belgu ‘New York’.   I kept the existing Asparagus Fern and Dracena.  There is also some dormant ‘Elfin’ Thyme that I’m hoping will perk back up now that summer is almost behind us.  To see what this container and the one above  looked like this summer click here

Shed Containers

Shed Containers

For the containers in front of the newly painted shed I found some great fall blooming perennials.  I love the contrast of the purple Asters with the yellow Solidago ‘Baby Gold’ and the limey yellow foliage of this Sedum ‘Lemon Coral’.  Is this plant aptly named or what?  🙂  Since I had two of these pots to plant up I wanted to be somewhat economical.  More on that tomorrow when I explain how to get more bang for your buck with potted plants. So does it look like I’m ready for fall now?


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  1. The goldenrod with the asters sure makes this last pot. What a great idea!

    Thanks Tina, that’s my favorite of all the containers. 🙂


  2. The asters brighten up all the pots! Your idea of mixing the plants works great!

    Thanks Chandramouli, they are a vibrant shade of purplish-blue huh?. 🙂


  3. Racquel: That’s beautiful!!! It’s a great combination. I love asters and the vibrancy it brings…give me more ideas…


    Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed my fall combinations. It’s fun gardening on a smaller scale. 🙂


  4. Looks like a good start for fall plantings. You are way ahead of me for sure. I was just wondering yesterday if there were any pansies out….it’s also time for us to plante petunias, mums, dianthus, alyssum, snapdragons………you get the picture.. I love your combinations here!

    Thanks Darla, I’m pleased with the stuff I picked out. Nope I didn’t find any pansies, but lots of the other stuff you mentioned. 🙂


  5. I love that minature caladium. I have had caladiums in my urns all summer, but I have never seen the minature. It is adorable! Great job on the pots.

    Isn’t it sweet? I had never seen one this tiny either. 🙂 Thanks!


  6. Racquel girl : )
    I love seeing this .. and for the first time this year I am planting sages I used in containers for the summer, back into the garden since they are hardy and keep the soil in good condition for Spring .. then I can pull them out and plant them again for summer pots .
    I saw some awesome planters at Costco yesterday .. loads of just mums .. but also BIG pots with purple fountain grass in the middle of beautiful mums .. I so want to get one of those puppies !! LOL
    I’m a happy camper getting into the swing of Autumn : )

    Great way to save some of your favorite container plants for next season Joy. Oh I saw some groupings at Lowes with Purple Fountain Grass in them too. They have such a nice autumn effect with the grasses huh? Hope you get one and show it off to us. 🙂


  7. Absolutely perfect!!! Just what I had in my mind. Now…let’s see a picture of the new containers by the shed. Maybe later with some pumpkins sitting by them….this is really making me feel fall!
    Thanks Racquel! 🙂

    Thanks Linda, I’m glad they turned out the way you pictured. I’m very pleased with the effect too. I’ll post a picture soon of them by the shed so you can see the nice contrast they make against the new color. Oh great ideas…keep them coming! 🙂


  8. Yum. I love snapdragons, need to see if any that were cut back and hidden under periwinkles are sprouting out yet for fall and winter.

    Goldenrod is such a thug here, sending out stolons in every direction. I never, ever thought of putting it in pots!

    Me too Nell, they always remind me of my grandmother’s garden when I was a girl. She always had these along with Petunias, Marigolds and Glads. I bet yours are starting to regain their former glory with the heat of summer soon behind us. I find the cultivars better behaved than the Native. I have tons of Solidago ‘Fireworks’ and it doesn’t reseed. But it does get bigger each year hence the tons I have. 😉 Pots are a great way of containing the more aggressive perennials, like Obedient Plant!


  9. I am inspired to get my containers refreshed for the fall/winter!!

    I’m always glad to inspire (if not enable) another gardener Janet! 🙂


  10. I’ve never used perennials in pots. Good idea and then you can just swap them out.

    I picked up another New York Aster at Home Depot Wednesday. It looks about the same color as yours or maybe it’s more purple. I love these asters, just hope they overwinter well here.

    Have a great weekend!

    Oh then you will love it Marnie, most of them work great in containers. And I find they’ll even last a few years sometimes. This way if you get tired of a grouping you can keep the plants by moving them into the garden. I hope so too, good luck with your Asters as well. 🙂 Have a great weekend!


  11. The asters and the snapdragons definitely look like fall Racquel. I like the solidago and the aster together. Blues and yellows are so nice to me.

    We haven’t gotten pansies in at work yet either. They have just started them in the greenhouse. It is still too hot for them here tho.

    Have a great weekend!

    I was so in love with this shade of purple I had to have these Asters. And together with the Solidago it’s a striking combo indeed. LSU’s colors, I’ll have to let my in-laws see them, lol. It is a bit hot for pansies you’re right, but I found some today at Home Depot, imagine that. 🙂


  12. Yes mam, that BES Vine is in a hanging container…turned out kind of cool didn’t it? I have a Monarch now!!! Am posting it’s birth tomorrow…..3 more to go……..and I just photographed a Monarch in the flower garden as well…….this is truly a Blessed day for me!!

    It’s gorgeous in a hanging pot, that’s a clever way to grow a vine! I’ll be by this morning to see your new babies. What a treat indeed! 🙂


  13. I love the way you’ve mixed the plants in your containers. They’re very pretty! And I’ve got the same caladiums…excited to see them!!

    Thanks Kanak. It’s been awhile since I put container plantings together. This year I’ve been having some fun with the combinations. 🙂 Isn’t that something, we have the same Caladium? I bet yours is hardy where you live. I’m going to try to save mine this winter so I can replant it in May. 🙂


  14. I really like the way the asters brighten up these pots. Thanks for some good ideas–my containers are looking a bit tired these days. Looking forward to your suggestions for economical replacements.

    Thanks Rose, I’m in awe of their bright blooms too. Glad I could inspire you to freshen up your containers for Fall. I’ll have my post together soon…stay tuned! 🙂


  15. simply beautifully captured shots….lovely!

    Why thank you Kalyan, and thanks for visiting today. 🙂


  16. Being a great advocate of container planting, i really like it. Asters, caladiums all are looking marvelous. I also use the same kind of containers although they are not as deep. In fall, i plant spring flowering bulbs in my large container plants around stem. The resulting effect is terrific.

    Thanks Muhammad. It’s fun to change things out for the seasons. 🙂


  17. It looks like you are ready for fall for sure Racquel with all your pretty containers. Of course, I’m dragging my feet going into the season (more than usual) because I feel so cheated out of summer. I had pansies and violas blooming all summer this year (with our cooler than normal temps) ~ pretty amazing. I walked thru the greenhouse at our Lowes over the weekend and noticed it does have a big assortment of pansies ~ I’m guessing because we’re a couple zones cooler than you? I bet yours has some soon.

    It was an odd summer here too. We had some hot days but lots of rain compared to summers past. I finally found some pansies at Home Depot the other day. 🙂


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