Seven Things You Don’t know about Me


Here’s a fun Meme that I was invited to by Cameron of  Defining Your Home, Garden & Travel.   I’ll try to be original and not list anything I’ve  mentioned in the past.  🙂

There were conditions with this Meme award. In order to participate I needed to: ( I copied this from Cameron who copied it from Helen of Gardening with Confidence

  1. Link back to the person who gave you the award.
  2. Reveal seven things about yourself.
  3. Choose seven other blogs to nominate, and post a link to them. There are so many good ones, this is difficult.
  4. Let each of your choices know that they have been tagged by posting a comment on their blog.
  5. And finally, let the tagger know, when your post is up.

Here it goes:

1. I was born in Ohio, then we moved to Texas when I was an adolescent.  I then ended up in Virginia courtesy of the United States Navy.  Here I met my hubby who grew up less than 100 miles from my home in TX and his family was originally from Ohio.  Is that destiny or what?

2. Not only am I passionate gardener, but I am a voracious reader as well.  I can get lost in a book and lose all track of time.  In fact I use to get in trouble as a student for reading novels during other subjects.  😉

3.  My father named me Racquel ( pronounced Ra-Kel) not after Raquel Welch (pronounced Roc-Kel ) as most people assume.  Growing up I’ve had my name slaughtered in all ways possible from Rachel to Reckel to everything in between.   Now I don’t even blink when people mispronounce my name, lol. 

4. Me and my brother were raised by my grandparents from the time I was 5 and he was 3.  These are the same grandparents who now reside with my family.  As in alot of families our roles have reversed. 

5.  My second toes are longer than my first toes.  It’s something that runs on my Dad’s side of the family.  Personally I would of prefered his hazel eyes, lol.  To cheer me up he use to tell me it was a ‘sign of intelligence’.  😉

6.  I joined the Navy at 18 to see the world and spent the entire 7 years in Norfolk, VA.  Now how’s that for irony?

7.  I’m very accident prone.  For example I’ve managed to slice my hand open not once but three times with my garden pruners.  And I always end up burning my arm on the inside of the oven when I’m cooking. 

This was very hard, I really had to put my thinking cap on!

Here’s the seven bloggers I choose to invite to the game:  ( no pressure to play, but I hope you do!)

Deb of Aunt Debbis Garden.  I’ve found a kindred spirit in this fellow drillteamer and mother of boys.  She always makes me laugh with the tales of those monkeys. 

Cynthia of Brambleberries in the Rain.  She’s one of the first few bloggers I met when I joined Blotanical and I’ve enjoyed learning about the many uses of herbs from her.

Kathleen of  Kaseys Korner.  She inspires me with her beautiful photography as well as her creative paper crafting projects that she makes. 

Joy of Garden Joy4 Me.  She is a passionate gardener, lover of cats, and the funniest garden blogger I’ve ever met.  She never fails to make me smile when she comments on my blog.

Dave of The Home Garden.  Now he’s one knowledgeable and busy gardener.  I’ve enjoyed reading his posts about the various projects he’s always undertaking in his own garden.

Darla of  Family and Flowers.  If there were an award for friendliest blogger, she’d get my vote.  I’ve enjoyed her generosity of plants and seeds for my garden. 

Rose of  Prairie Roses Garden.  Her lively banter on her posts is always entertaining.  This is one of the bloggers I would of loved to meet (along with her buddy Beckie) if I had been able to attend this last get together in Chicago. 

Wow this was hard too! There are so many great and interesting bloggers out there, choosing just seven was a feat!

18 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Ra-Kel, It is always so interesting to read the Meme. I like to get an image of the person behind the blog/garden. I am with you on number two. My problem is, I cannot give a book away. If I bought it or was given it, I still have it. Thanks for giving us a small insight into your life.

    Good Morning! I found this a fun & interesting Meme too. I’m not sure if my life has been as adventurous as some, but it’s mine all the same. 🙂 I know what you mean, I share my books with my son’s girlfriend who is also an avid reader. Then we donate the ones we don’t want anymore to charity. Some I just can’t part with though… lol


  2. R-A-C-Q-U-E-L
    I have gotten up this morning with one of the worst case of bed heads after an impulse hair cut yesterday.
    Now my heart is off to the races because we have a flooring guy coming in to rip up a bathroom floor and replace it .. I have to run around and do a quick tidy but now my heart is lurching forward with what brain cells I can collect from gulping coffee way to fast and almost visiting the land of the dead from choking …
    I WILL GET YOU FOR THIS GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrgggghhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just about worn myself out from this tirade … go figure ?

    lol, see what I mean Joy. No matter what I can always count on your for a early morning smile. This morning I was rudely awakened by my cat at 4:30 and then I couldn’t get back to sleep. Argggh is right! 😉 Hope you recovered from your early morning bad hair day & tirade by now, lol !


  3. Fun post Racquel! What an interesting life you have had. Thanks for sharing these things we didn’t know about you! 🙂
    (I am a big reader too!)

    Thanks Linda, glad you found my life interesting. lol You are quite welcome, thanks for visiting. 🙂


  4. Maybe I should come hide your pruners!! Mine are up………boring but posted!

    That might be a good idea Darla, before I lose a finger! lol 😉 Thanks for playing along…I’ll be by shortly to read your post.


  5. Very interesting. Destiny indeed. And you were in the Navy too! Spent your whole time right there where you live? Ironic indeed. You must have great grandparents.

    Thanks Tina. Yep it’s strange how things work out, but I’m happy here in Virginia. You can’t beat zone 7 for gardening either, lol. I thought I had mention my prior military service before, but yes I’m a former ‘Wave’. 🙂 My grandparents have been such a big part of my life, it’s hard to imagine them not in it.


  6. It’s still amazing to me that you have two living grandparents! I lost the last of mine in my 20s, and I was counting 5, not 4. Of course, you may be a lot younger than me…

    Their the last two I have and their lucky to still have each other. My great-grandparents were long dead before I was even born. I’m in my early 40’s if that helps. 🙂


  7. You know my father in law told me the same thing about the Navy. When he joined he too had hoped to see the world. I don’t remember where he told me he did his time but it was right here in the U.S.

    It happens more times than you think. 🙂 My husband was stationed here in VA his entire career (he’s retired) but he did alot of cruising so he saw the world.


  8. These are fun to read, I know some don’t participate but I like getting to know folks a bit better. We can get together but not all bloggers have that luxury. Fun facts!!

    They are fun, it’s a great way to learn more about other bloggers like you said. We are lucky that we live so close. 🙂


  9. Hi Racquel, we have a couple things in common. My second toe is longer than my big toe too. Books–I love reading and would rather do that than watch TV.

    Hi Marnie, isn’t that something! And don’t forget our passion for gardening. 🙂


  10. Racquel, I almost put numbers 2 and 7 on my list!! How funny is that?! It was fun trying to figure out these tidbits, though, wasn’t it? I love that you were in the Navy…really cool!!

    Great minds think alike Lynn. I enjoyed your 7 Things very much. You are one amusing writer. 🙂 Thanks!


  11. Hey! It;s Andrea, your other canadian gardener. You shifted sites, or I think? I’ve been a bit behind on things. 😀

    Hi Andrea, long time no see. 🙂 Nope I’ve been here on WordPress since Sept 08.


  12. Hi Racquel, I love getting to know you better! Funny thing, my second toe is just a wee bit shorter than my big toe, just like my mother’s. She said it meant we were more intelligent too. HA
    I have to say, joining the navy to see the world and never even leaving the town, let alone the state, let alone the country is very ironic indeed. If we ever meet, I promise to try and pronounce your name right. 🙂

    Hi Frances. Isn’t that too funny about the toes. 😉 I guess Moms & Dads always try to make us feel good about certain things, lol. Yep you can’t get more ironic than my Navy experience. But I enjoyed it nonetheless and met a wonderful soulmate in the process. Thanks I appreciate that about my name.


  13. I enjoy reading other people’s MeMe’s because I always learn so much! I love that you’re an avid reader. I am too. I get totally sucked in and lost in books. My husband can’t believe how quickly I read through them and move onto another one. Like you, I can pretty accident prone! Sounds like we’ve got lots in common!

    Me too Miss Daisy! It’s something else besides gardening that me & my Mom have in common (reading). We even like the same authors, lol. I’m the same way, speed reader. That’s why I pick alot of my books up at clearance sales, garage sales or Thrift Stores. I read too fast to pay retail price. 😉


  14. Loved reading about you! Your heart is huge and it shows in your garden and taking care of your grandparents.

    Thank you so much for your sweet words Anna. 🙂


  15. A fun post, Racquel…I’m looking at my toes as I write–one second toe is longer than my big toe, but the other one isn’t. Now what is that supposed to mean?? I always enjoy learning more about bloggers I read, and thanks for the kind comment about my “lively banter.” I don’t always feel that “lively”:) I would have loved to meet you at Spring Fling, too; maybe, one of these days….

    Thanks Rose. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Hmm…that’s a quirk indeed. Maybe it means you are a bit ecentric too? 🙂 You are a great writer whereas that is not one of my strengths. Your posts are like talking to you in person. Hopefully someday we’ll get to meet, it would be a treat!


  16. Norfolk is not so bad, even though this is my second time living here. However, I did swear I would never live here again after the first time, but things happen out of our control. It is a case of blooming where you are planted.

    I’ve never lived in Norfolk other than the few months I lived on base. But I’ve lived in VA Beach, Hampton & Newport News. And yep it’s not so bad after living in OH, AZ, and TX. This is an easier place to garden in that’s for sure. Good attitude Les. 🙂


  17. I did it. Now you will know the answer to that burning question- What is my shoe size?

    LOL, thanks Deb for playing along. 🙂


  18. How cute is this! I will admit, that c in your name kept throwing me – I just couldn’t figure out what to do with it. I have an e in my last name that throws people. Now I just say – it’s YOEST rhymes with MOST. Ha.

    I believe in destiny. Yours sounds just like it. I know your heart is huge. Bless you for being there for them as they were there for you. H.

    P.S. Watch those Falcos!

    Yep the ‘C’ throws everyone at first, it’s actually silent which is what confuses everyone I think. Ha, I guess you can relate to the whole name thing, good way to help people to remember. lol Thanks Helen for your kind words. I believe families need to stick together for better or worse. In the end we’re all we have and strength is in numbers. Yep I’m trying to be more careful before I give poor hubby a stroke, lol! 😉


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