August Surprises

misc 002I was sitting in the garden this morning with my coffee when I spotted something new blooming along with the Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ (in the background). Last fall I had moved these Dwarf Bearded Iris from the red washtub container into the center circle of the Arbor Garden.  They didn’t bloom this spring and I had completely given up on them until now.  That just shows how much attention I’ve been paying to the garden lately, shame on me.   Some are growing next to the Salvia ‘Black & Blue’ which is a striking combination as well.  What a nice surprise in late August to find these pale yellow beauties in the garden!  🙂

note: I’m playing catchup and responding to all your comments from my last post and I will be coming around to visit all your blogs in return. 🙂


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  1. I’d like my Iris to bloom anytime….if ever! This is beautiful. I hope all is well with you.

    Thanks Darla, hope yours blooms soon. 🙂 I am doing okay, thanks for asking.


  2. Lovely blooms Racquel, gorgeous color.

    Have a great weekend/ Tyra

    Thanks Tyra, same to you! 🙂


  3. What a lovely surprise in August!

    Indeed it is Tina. 🙂


  4. Irises this time of the year? What a great surprise!

    I know right? All mine bloom in late spring so this was great! 🙂


  5. You know, I have a few Dwarf Irises, will have to go and have a look to see if they are blooming!

    Hope yours are blooming too Janet, what a nice treat this late in the summer! 🙂


  6. I only have one reblooming iris, Immortality which is white. I love it, like you say, what a treat to see it blooming in August or September.

    I don’t have any reblooming types, but I’ve been considering adding a few which includes Immortality. Thanks Marnie.


  7. they look lovely! hope to see more…

    Thanks UG and thanks for stopping by today. 🙂


  8. That’s a lovely surprise to find~~ all my iris are early blooming German irises that never rebloom! gail

    Thanks Gail, it was a happy surprise indeed this late in the season. That’s how all of mine are too, this was a pleasant sight to see. 🙂


  9. I had a moment very much like yours this morning too Racquel. I was watering my containers and all the sudden see one of my amaryllis (that are spending the summer outdoors) has a bud on it! I was shocked. That hasn’t ever happened for me before. Anyway, I completely missed noticing it until now so I understand. Your iris are beautiful. I’d take them blooming anytime they want to ~ and paired with ‘black and blue’ Salvia would be doubly divine.

    That is a bit odd to see an Amaryllis budding up this late in the year huh? Nice surprise!!! Glad I’m not the only one who somehow overlooks these things, lol. 😉 It is definitely a striking combo, that pale yellow mixed with that dark blue color.


  10. Love the surprise iris. I bet their pale yellow would look stunning next to the black&blue salvia. (That’s one of those things I’d never heard of and then ran into three times in the last week!)

    Thanks Monica! 🙂 It really is a striking combination indeed. I first saw Black & Blue last year and was lucky to find a pot at my local Lowe’s last September. Since it is a perennial in my neck of the woods I had nothing to lose. The hummingbirds adore it too, bonus!


  11. What a lovely surprise! I love the pale yellow of these iris, and I agree how nicely they must complement the “Black and Blue.” I noticed this morning that one of my asters is in full bloom; I’m sure it didn’t get this away overnight, so I guess I haven’t been paying careful attention to the garden lately either.

    Thanks Rose, it was a nice surprise this late in August to discover a typical spring bloomer in my garden. 🙂 I’ll have to go give my asters a look, a noticed some buds earlier this week. Hmmm…glad to know I’m not the only one who completely overlooks things in the garden. lol 😉


  12. Iris in August? Wow, what a nice surprise..and treat!!

    Thanks Linda, I was pleasantly surprised! 🙂


  13. That’s a pretty color, too. I planted some iris from the sale table last fall, and they are just now blooming, too. Mine are next to black and blue salvia, also. They are white, though.


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