White Spotted Calla Lily

Zantedeschia albomaculata

Zantedeschia albomaculata

This Calla Lily was a pass-a-long plant from my neighbor years ago.  This is my original clump that I have divided several times now.  It also has sporatic white blooms in the early summer.  However I find the speckled foliage more interesting than the actual flowers.  It is grown in a variety of conditions throughout my yard which includes full shade to part sun.  Until recently I didn’t even know it’s botanical name or common name.  But after doing some googling online I was able to identify it.  According to the info I read it loves moist soil, but I don’t give mine any extra water during summer unless it looks a bit droopy.  For the most part it seems to be quite tolerant of the dry shade areas of my garden.  It combines well with other shade lovers like Hostas, Ferns and Astilbe.  This clump is in my Grandma’s garden bed and she surrounds it with pink Impatiens.  It gets to be about 24″ tall and can easily be divided in the fall by digging up the rhizomes.  You can also let the seed heads dry & propogate it that way.   Here’s some more information on this easy perennial:White Calla Lily

  • Hardy in zones 7a-11
  • Sun to Partial Shade conditions
  • All parts of plant are poisonous (wear gloves when handling)
  • Can be invasive in some areas (it hasn’t in my zone 7b garden)
  •  South African native species
  • Favored by the floral trade
  • Makes a great cut flower
  • Herbaceous perennial in my area, can be evergreen in more tropical zones
  • Bloom is white, some cultivars of this species come in yellows & pinks

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  1. Thanks Racquel, I will be adding this to my shade garden 🙂

    YW Mom, you will definitely have to bring these indoors. 😉


  2. Pretty foliage-love those white markings. I’d love to get some too. The white cosmos in your last post is a looker:)

    Aren’t they pretty Kanak, they give the leaves such an interesting effect. Thanks! 🙂


  3. Racquel girl ! … These are such gorgeous plants .. I have seen them in a lot of wedding bouquets and even as designs on cakes which were stunning .. you have me thinking of them for an all white garden section .. they are worth the trouble of lifting the bulb for the winter time : )

    Thanks Joy. They are quite popular for bridal bouquets lately. I’ve never seen them as designs on cakes though, I bet that is stunning! Oh they would be a wonderful addition to an all white garden bed. Yep their worth the trouble for sure. Can’t wait to see what you come up with, bet it will be gorgeous. 😉


  4. Racquel,
    We have White Giant but we haven’t been able to see it bloom yet. Maybe it will surprise us this year. 🙂 All of the other callas we had just couldn’t survive the sun.

    I hope your White Giant surprises you with lots of gorgeous blooms! 🙂 They really are shade lovers, especially afternoon shade.


  5. The bloom is just gorgeous. Perfect for a wedding bouquet! I do like the spotted leaves.

    Thanks Janet, it does seem to be a popular bloom for brides. 🙂


  6. Remember the yellow Calla that popped up from my pink Callas? It has the freckled foliage too. Mine are in full sun…oops!

    That’s cool Darla, you should definitely dig it up and move it where it can be multiply happily for years to come. Well yours seem to be doing okay in full sun, but they do prefer shade (at least from the afternoon heat). 🙂


  7. I’ve never grown callas before but think they are so pretty. We sold that spotted foliage variety at work this year. I agree with you, the foliage can add a special interest to the bed even without flowering.

    They really are an interesting & carefree plant from my experience. Or at least this variety is, lol.


  8. I keep saying I’m going to add these but haven’t yet. Shame on me. A garden club friend has them in her garden and like yours, hers does great. They are so pretty. Even not in bloom with that pretty speckled foliage.

    Well if you’re ever in the area Tina I’ll be happy to share a piece of this with you. 🙂 I really love the foliage & it makes a nice background in bouquets too.


  9. It’s beautiful, the white markings give it some interest even when it isn’t blooming. I’ve grown these as house plants but they wouldn’t like our winters outside.

    That’s what you call a great addition, interest regardless of blooms. 🙂 Nope they aren’t winter hardy above 7a but you could put them in a container that could be moved indoors to overwinter.


  10. I plant Calla Lillies and I live in Zone 5. They add so much sparkel to a landscape that I believe they are a must.

    I agree Jeff and no matter the zone they are worth planting for their great foliage. 🙂


  11. Hi Racquel,
    I didn’t know it was poisonous. They are using so many calla lilies in wedding bouquets. Such a simple flower.

    Neither did I until I did some reading about this plant. They are a beautiful choice for a bridal bouquet over the traditional roses. Their simple elegance makes a statement.


  12. They are gorgeous flowers and I always pass them by! They would look so out of place in this wilderness! Maybe a potted container would be fun? gail

    A potted container or mixed in with some hosta & ferns would be a wonderful way to enjoy these Gail. 🙂


  13. I planted some bulbs earlier this summer and mine look just like this one in your grandmas garden! One of them has a pink bloom, the other one hasn’t bloomed yet but the leaves are so pretty! I will remember how large they can grow and possibly invasive…and poisonous…I didn’t realize that part! Thanks for that info!


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