Cosmo ‘Psyche White’

Cosmos 'Psyche'As some of you might recall back in March I tried to indoor-sow these Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Psyche White’ seeds per the directions on the packet.  Which is a bit odd since I’ve always direct sown these annuals into the garden.  Well needless to say the indoor sowing was not successful so I ended up scattering a few of these into the Rose Garden this spring.  Here’s proof that it was a success! My first bloom with many promising buds to come.  It’s a bit tattered and torn from the rainstorm we had this afternoon but I’m sure future blooms will be even more spectacular.  I love the frilly edges that look as if someone took pinking shears to the petals.  🙂  It’s been years since I’ve planted these easy to grow annuals.  Now I’m trying to remember why I stopped.  Must remember to add more along with the Orange, Yellow & Pink ones that are popping up throughout the beds.  Oh and by the way we had a nice rainstorm with an accumulation of almost an inch this afternoon.  Hooray!  Plus there is some promise of more this week.  That means I shouldn’t have to water for awhile.   That should make my life a bit easier and with temps in the 80’s instead of the 90’s it won’t be so unbearable either.  Here’s some info on this pretty annual:

  • Flowers summer thru fall
  • Pure white semi-double & single blooms
  • Prefers full sun
  • Height of about 40″
  • Border or Cut flower
  • Sow March to May
  •  Hardy in zones 7-11 (supposibly)
  • Thrives on neglect

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  1. That is one pretty cosmos. I have not grown them in a while either. Need to plant some next year. Congrates on the rain and will some our way

    Thanks Deb. Isn’t it strange how we forgot about the simplest but easiest flowers sometimes. 😉 I’ll send some your way if I can.


  2. I always sow directly into the garden….cuz I don’t tend to the seed flats too well! 😉 How about that rain??? It is still raining right now, or should I say again. We lost power for about 4- 4 1/2 hours. Did you?

    Me too Janet, I have a hard time keeping indoor sown seedlings alive. 😉 Isn’t it great, we’ve been needing a nice amount of rainfall. My barrels are full again! Nope I was surprised we didn’t lose power with the storms we got. This neighborhood is so old we usually lose power if the wind blows, lol.


  3. Pretty cosmos! Aren’t they the happiest looking flowers. I don’t have white, but I see several colors in the wildflower seed catalog I might need to try next year.

    Thanks Linda. They really are a cheerful bloom and I love all the colors they come in. I will definitely be marking these on my list to add next year. Hope some of them reseed themselves! 🙂


  4. Racquel~~ My husband calls rain “free water”! I’m glad you received some much needed free water. As it turns out, it’s been raining here too. Since early afternoon, a constant downpour. Very strange for this time of year. But I’m not complaining. …. I am growing Cosmos ‘Double Click’ this year. I also took a hiatus from this genus for awhile. For me it’s all about placement. If I can situate them so that they complement their neighbors then we’re all happy. Looks like this year is a success–for both of us!

    The best kind of water for the garden too! I collect whatever I can get in the 6 rainbarrels in my yard. Now their all full again. 🙂 Thanks Grace, I am too. It means I won’t have to water for awhile, hooray for that. Lugging hoses & watering cans is not my favorite gardening task. Ooh I googled yours and it’s a beauty! With all the colors they come in it shouldn’t be too hard to find companions for them.


  5. Your cosmo is beautiful. I love the color!
    I did not have good luck with my seeds this year. Then when I went to plant seedlings in the garden the snails decided it was their dinner time. So I went and bought a few pony packs of flowers. Well they ate those too! So I got a few more and put snail bait out. That stopped them finally! So I am just now seeing some flowers from those annuals!!!! There has to be at least a 100 snail shells around the flowers where I put the bait! Its amazing!

    Thank you Cindee. Wow you had a hard time trying to get these things started this year. I don’t have problems with snails but the slugs can be an issue in the spring if we have alot of rain. Oh my, that is alot of shells for sure, looks like that bait did the trick. I’m glad you have blooms now. 🙂


  6. Racquel this is the first year I am growing these white ones myself .. no flowers yet but we are behind you a couple of weeks in general .. I love Cosmos and usually grow by direct seeding .. usually Sonata ? .. I have lots of foliage which is really pretty in any setting .. now I can’t wait to see the flowers after seeing yours girl !
    PS .. I thought the name was quite funny !

    The foliage is quite pretty isn’t it, almost fern like in its’ delicacy. My orange ones started blooming last week and I’m still waiting on the Pink Sonatas that I planted in Grandma’s bed. The shell type is pretty too, have you tried that one? The name is a bit weird I agree, lol. 😉


  7. I am really being pulled toward more white flowers this year. I love the white Cosmos too.

    It really blends in with other colors nicely and gives your eyes a place to rest between the bolder shades. 🙂 Thanks Darla.


  8. It is so pretty! I too love cosmos. I did not know there was a white. I tell you here in my garden the orange one just literally outshines all the perennials.

    Thanks Tina. The pinks seem to be more dominant than the whites whenever I’ve gotten a mixed packet. Kind of like the White Cleomes too. Your orange ones you sent me seed of are taking off I’m hoping they happily reseed themselves throughout the garden. I’m also going to collect seed from them this fall. 🙂


  9. Can you believe this is the first year I’ve tried cosmos. Reading all the posts like yours convinced me to try them this year. Tina gave me some seed and I tried starting them indoors with no success. Next I went to my local greenhouse and bought several cell packs. Now I’m so smitten with them I wish I’d gotten a flat.

    That is hard to believe Marnie. Next spring try direct sowing them right after your last frost date. They seem to be easier this way from my experience.


  10. I do like this white cosmos. This is my first year for planting cosmos, too, but I have–or will have since they’re not blooming yet–pink and orange ones. After seeing them in several gardens last year, I wondered why I had never planted them. I really like the airy foliage on them. This is also the first year I’ve planted nasturtiums, another “oldie” that I have re-discovered. I direct sowed all of them–I still have much to learn about the tricks of indoor seed sowing:)

    Thanks Rose. Looks like Tina was quite generous with the seeds from her orange variety. They must be scattered in gardens all over the country. 🙂 You know I tried growing Nasturiums this season and the birds kept eating them as fast as they sprouted! 😦 Indoor seed sowing isn’t my strength either.


  11. Cosmos are such great plants! I have not ever grown them before but have heard how easy they are. You received an inch of rain and expecting temps in the 80’s?!?!?!? I’m coming for a visit!!! lol

    They really are a great self-seeding annual for the garden. And once you plant a few they’ll come back for years it seems. lol, feel free to visit Susie! 😉


  12. I had no idea that cosmos came in white! I really like them, but all that we’ve tried have self sown so bad. I’m afraid they would take over.

    Oh I love the white ones the most and they don’t seem to be as prolific as their pink & orange cousins. At least the seedlings are easily pulled. 🙂


  13. That’s such a pretty cosmo. i love white flowers in the garden.

    Thank you Balisha, so do I. 🙂


  14. That’s really pretty! I’m trying to add white to the garden (gradually).


    It would mix so well with all the wonderful color you already have Cameron. 🙂 Thanks!


  15. Lovely! Save some of the seed for your mama 🙂

    Thanks Mom, will do! 🙂


  16. Hey Racquel,

    I love white in the garden..actually white is one of my fave flower colors, esp. for distance. My white cosmos did fairly well – seems the bunnies when for the cosmos with color first!

    Cosmos don’t do well grown in flats – or a least they don’t like to be transplanted. If you do start them in flats, transplant after the second leaf. Seems cruel, but necessary (its a tap root thing.) I wish the bunnies didn’t like them so much.

    I looks like I need to stay close to home this month so I will not be heading up your way. I’ll let you know when I can.


    P.S. We named our white Ford 150 Pick Up truck Cosmo!

    It really is a great color combined with all the bold colors of summer in the garden. Glad to hear the White Cosmos survived the bunnies this year. Weird that they went for the pink ones first, huh? 😉 Thanks for the info, like I said I always have direct sown these so they really mislabeled this seed packet. Next time I’ll know better. Sorry to hear you won’t be able to get down this way this month. I understand though. That is too funny about your truck, lol.


  17. I grew cosmos last year for the first time in ages and was so pleased with them. they are light and airy and bloom with no special pampering. My kind of flower. 🙂 Your white is really gorgeous and I know it will make you want to plant lots of different colors next year.

    I forgot how pretty their happy blooms & lacy foliage were in the garden Beckie. 🙂 This summer I have 4 different types (Pink, White, Yellow & Orange).


  18. Thanks for showing us this one, Racquel. I love the pure white and it will add so much to the blaze of color in the summer into fall garden. A calming island, so zen. My foolish attempt to start these in the greenhouse also was a failure. Lesson learned, right? 🙂

    You’re welcome Frances. 🙂 White is such a calming spot for the eye to rest amongst the chaotic summer colors as you said. Glad to know I’m not the only who made this attempt this year. Lesson learned indeed, next year I will scatter these after the last frost & let them do their thing. 🙂


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