Feeling a bit distracted…

Organic Purple Podded Beans

Organic Purple Podded Beans

I’ve been a bit distracted lately with the garden and other various things here at home.  That’s why I’ve been away from the blogasphere for a few days.   The heat and lack of consistant rain has kept me busy trying to keep things watered and alive.  It gets to be a bit much come August though.  🙂  The veggie garden and newly planted perennials are my main concern at this time of the year.  Look at these purple pole beans! My sons were surprised at the color when I picked a few this morning.  lol  I’ll keep you posted about the taste.  If anything they are interesting to look at don’t you think?

Giant Hyssop

Giant Hyssop

This will be the second summer for the Giant Hyssop I purchased last spring at a Native Plant Sale.  Originally I thought I had picked up the Purple Giant, but it turned out to be a off white color.  Now after doing some research I’m wondering if it’s actually the Yellow Giant or Agastache nepetoides.  As you can see it earned the common name of “Giant” since it’s a bit taller than the 6′ privacy fence in this corner. No sign of blooms yet though.  Something has been enjoying taste testing the foliage too.  Probably those pesky Japanese Beetles!  Hope everyone is having a nice weekend thus far.  I’ll try to get back in the swing of things again.  🙂


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  1. That is really a giant! wow!

    Isn’t though? 😉 I was surprised that it tripled it’s size from last year.


  2. Hi Racquel~~

    I grew Agastache nepetoides from seed last year. Neither the packet nor the proprietor mentioned “Giant” anything. Imagine my surprise. It was a one-year deal. I have very little room and giants take too much of it. 🙂 It looks like yours have plenty of room. Very nice green, I mean purple beans!

    Hi Grace, luckily this space has been a hard place to fill with other perennials from past experience. It is quite dry in the summer & the Agastache seems to handle those kinds of conditions better than most. Thanks! 🙂


  3. I’ve grown a purple green bean before Racquel (at least 15 yrs ago) and if I remember right, once cooked they’re green??? Did yours turn like that too? That giant hyssop is fantastic.

    That’s my understanding too about them turning green once cooked. I haven’t cooked them yet but will let you know. Thanks Kathleen, I didn’t know it would be so tall!


  4. Summertime sure is a busy time. Watering is such a pain! But on a good note, your plants look good. I do like that hyssop very much. I bet it tastes great to whatever is munching it, pesky bugs.

    It really is hard to keep up with all the tasks that summer requires that’s for sure. Thankfully we are getting some nice rain showers today which eliminates some watering for awhile at least, YAY! Thanks Tina, but really it is just surviving at this point. 😦 I guess the bugs like the tasty leaves, they avoid the Anise types. Guess it’s the scent, huh? 🙂


  5. Well, we all get distracted at times, Racquel. If the only time I had to get online was when I was at home you guys would probably never hear from me. LOL Thank goodness for downtime at work. :-)–Randy

    You are so lucky to have downtime at work! lol I am a stay at home mom and my life is busy with just the day to day living. 🙂 Thanks for understanding Randy.


  6. OMG Racquel ! I did not know about this hyssop .. I have Golden Jubilee and Anise … this one enormous !!! I had no idea what it was until I scrolled down and read about it ..
    Some native plants really rock our boats a bit ? LOL

    I’ve had the Blue Fortune in the past but when I moved it from the front door area to another spot it disappeared. 😦 Now I have several types since I’ve become quite addicted to them. The natives really are another thing unto themself that’s for sure Joy, lol.


  7. Looking for jack for the beanstalk! That is giant. Great purple beans.

    lol, I almost titled it something like that Darla! 😉 Thanks!


  8. Love those purple beans 🙂

    Arent’ they purty? Thanks Mom! 😉


  9. Have you tasted the beans yet? Wonder if they’re as good as the ‘green’ ones. I’ve had the Giant Hyssop before, it’s one of my favorites. Right now I have several but don’t think they’re the Giant form, cause they’re not nearly as tall as yours!

    Nope I haven’t yet, but I’ll keep you all posted. I know they turn green when you cook them that’s all. I have several types too, but none as large as this one is by far! It’s a beanstalk, lol. 😉


  10. That is a huge Agastache! I picked one up at the local herb sale this spring, but mine looks completely different. I was wanting something with blooms, but now I think it may be a different species altogether; I need to check this out. Love the purple pole beans! Let us know how they taste.

    There are so many types with a variety of leaf shapes yours still might be a Agastache. Keep us posted what it is once you do some research. Thanks Rose I’ll let you know how the purple pole beans taste when I cook them. 😉


  11. Must be tasting great too~~those purple beans!

    I haven’t tried them yet, but will tonight & let you guys know. 🙂


  12. I’ll be interested to hear about the taste of them. They remind me of purple hull peas. Those are delicious. I can feel your pain about having to water. I’ve been having to do that what seems like an eternity now!!!

    Promise to keep you all posted. I’m going to cook a few up tonight, there isn’t enough for a full meal though. Thanks goodness we got a nice shower this afternoon, hope it will tide my garden over for a couple days at least. 🙂


  13. Oh man, those are some beautiful beans and a giant hyssop is right! I had planned to get some to see if they turned green when cooked like some have mentioned. Be sure and let us know, also about the taste too. I never met a bean I didn’t like however. Can’t wait to see your giant bloom too. 🙂

    Thanks Frances. Looks like I should have some blooms on that Giant Hyssop to show you all soon. They definitely turn green when cooked but the color is not as bright as the Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans that I cooked with them. Plus the taste according to my son & I have to agree is not as flavorable as the KW. All in all their interesting to grow at least. 🙂


  14. I tried these beans last summer and darn I sure wanted them to cook up purple! Wow on the giant hyssop! Can’t wait to see it bloom…Dragging hoses and watering cans around does get tiring! We finally had some rain but I see that the temps are heading back up over the next few days. Maybe the rain will blow over your way gail

    Wouldn’t be something if they kept that color when cooked. My son was relieved they looked like green beans when I made some though, lol. Looks like we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer to see the blooms on the Giant Hyssop, I saw a few buds today. Looks like the rain you got blew our way. We got about an inch! 🙂


  15. Posted by Racquel on July 12, 2009 at 8:50 pm

    Update: I cooked a few of these Purple Podded Beans along with the Kentucky Wonders. Yes they do turn green when cooking and according to my son the flavor was okay, but he prefered the more flavorable taste of the KW beans. 🙂


  16. It is so easy to become distracted this time of year. I have been struggling trying to keep up with reading all my favorite garden blogs, and have finally talked myself into not stressing over it. The cold weather will be here soon enough, and there will be plenty of time to spend indoors then. In the meantime I will enjoy being out in my .garden.
    Those purple beans are awesome as is the Giant Hyssop, a plant I have never grown. I wonder how it would do here in zone 8.


  17. Your bean are as beautiful as any flower. I hope you have been getting some of the sporadic rains we have been having. It rained here 3 times in the last day, but not once at work.


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