Coming Blooms and Veggies

Lobelia vedraiensis

Lobelia vedraiensis

This shade loving perennial is new to the garden.  It was planted last fall and seems to be thriving in the Pecan Garden.  I planted two of them on opposite sides of this oval shaped garden bed.  This one is much taller & closer to the bloom stage than the other plant.  If  I remember correctly Mr. McGregor’s Daughter said she wanted to see the color of this when it finally bloomed.   Sorry about the quality of the photo, it was taken with my cell phone which actually captured the true shade of purple better than my camera.  Weird huh?

Veggies & Coming Blooms 003

Update!  Here’s a photo taken with my camera for comparison.  It opened an hour after I took the first shot with my cell phone. 

Yummy Veggies page

The veggie garden has been productive so far this season.  I’ve picked 4 yellow squash, 4 cucumbers and several jalapeno peppers so far.  The tomatoes in the top photo had to be saved when the limb broke they were attached to. Even though their a bit small I hope they will ripen soon.  The Kentucky Wonder Beans are quickly maturing, hope to have a decent harvest soon. 

Pineapple Lily

The Eucomis comosa or Pineapple Lily I picked up earlier this summer at Brent and Becky’s  is opening from the bottom up.  Here’s a closeup of the teeny tiny blooms.  I planted it in an area that gets morning sun only so I wasn’t sure if it would bloom or not.  It says it prefers full sun but it seems happy here.  Don’t you think it looks great with the Coleus ‘Henna’ that’s in the background of this shot?  🙂


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  1. The lobelia is very pretty. Funny that your cell picked up the color better than the camera. I can’t believe how good your veggies are doing. If your tomatoes don’t turn fried green ones are always yummy!

    Thanks Susie. Isn’t it funny, the cell phone camera doesn’t even have all the features of my digital either. 😉 That’s a good suggestion, I’ll have to get the recipe from my MIL.


  2. Lookin’ good Racquel! I may have that Lobelia…will have to look more closely. (Will call you later today! )

    Thanks Janet. Hope you had a good time last night at the light show. Guess you made it home okay last night. 😉


  3. Your veggies look so good! The pineapple lily looks most good too.

    Thanks Tina. I’m pleased with this since I’ve tried to grow Eucomis in the past unsuccessfully. 🙂


  4. I find that the camera not capturing certain colours is very annoying. Nice to see all the veggies starting to appear. At least most of them are green so pics are no problem (lol)

    Me too EG, me too! I have the hardest time with certain shades of purple & blue! Thanks about the veggies, lol, yep the color green is easier to photograph. 😉


  5. Racquel, I thought you had picked the tomamtoes green so you could fry them. 🙂 I would bet you are loving all those fresh veggies-they taste so much better than canned or frozen and even better when they come from your own garden. I have the Henna Coleus too and love the color. In fact, I have taken several cuttings and have it in 3 or 4 containers.

    Well that’s a great suggestion Beckie, maybe I’ll have to tried Fried Green Tomatoes. Never had them, but my hubby says he did when he was younger. Guess I’ll have to get the recipe for them from either my MIL or my Mom. 😉 They really do taste better than anything you can buy in the store. I’m going to try taking some cuttings of my ‘Henna’ Coleus as well as some of the others this fall to save for next year I think.


  6. How bout fried green tomatoes? Love the squash … and of course I always love seeing your blooms 🙂

    You are the third person to mention frying them. 😉 Guess I’ll have to give it a try, lol. Thanks Mom!


  7. Hi Racquel, a beautiful flower and some good looking produce too! Hope your tomatoes ripen, they look big enough for sure. Getting the colors true with the camera just seems to be an impossible mission, or make that mission impossible. 🙂

    Thanks Frances. If they don’t looks like I’ll be having some fried green tomatoes instead. 😉 Glad to hear I’m not the only having problems capturing some colors.


  8. ooooh, that lobelia is gorgeous. I’m a sucker for lobelias so I’ve had quite a few but I’ve never seen this one before. The purple color is wonderful. I’ve also never had a pineapple lily. It’s really got an unusual but pretty bloom. Is it hardy in your zone or will you have to overwinter it indoors? Your veggie garden has been a big success I would say. I wish some of your magic would rub off on me because mine has stalled out!

    This is my first time growing Lobelia, believe it or not. I was always under the impression they needed a wet wet spot to be happy. Not so! I’m use to the reds but I love this purple shade more. I’ve tried in the past quite unsuccessfully to grow Eucomis so hopefully this one overwinters. It’s suppose to be hardy in my area, we’ll see. Wish I could tell you the secret as far as the veggie plot goes. It must be a combo of things from good location, good soil & watering it regularly. Could be your odd weather causing yours to stall out.


  9. Posted by greenwalks on July 6, 2009 at 2:53 am

    My camera has trouble with some blue/purple flowers, not to mention focusing well on white. Ugh. Interesting to see the two shades constrasted, thanks for showing how different the shades look depending on the device used to capture it. I saw a pineapple lily at a nursery the other week and thought of you! Yours is super cute with the coleus.

    Yep white can be a bit tricky too! You are quite welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed the contrast of tones. Weird that my cell captured it a bit better than the digital camera did though. Thanks Karen, I’m loving my Pineapple Lily & the way it looks paired with the Coleus. 🙂


  10. Agree with Karen about capturing colour with different devices. Nice purple, the shade reminds me of wild balsam. They come in exactly the same colour. But your veggies…! Look at the size of the tomatoes! What a harvest!

    You are so right Kanak, I knew that color reminded me of something. 😉 Thanks I’m very pleased with my produce this year.


  11. I’ve noticed, too, that a digital camera doesn’t always pick up the true color of a flower, no matter the lighting. Your veggies are looking great! We had a steady rain on July 4, which ruined the day’s festivities, but the garden sure appreciated it.

    Glad I’m not the only one with this problem Rose. Of course I need to upgrade to a better camera soon. 🙂 Thanks I’m pleased with my first season of having a designated veggie garden. That’s a shame about the weather ruining your 4th of July festivities.


  12. Love your pineapple lily. Haven’t heard of them before. Nice vegetable harvest so far. My tomatoes are just sitting and not getting ripe. So frustrating.

    Thanks Marnie, I’ve tried to grow Pineapple Lilly in the past very unsuccessfully. So I’m quite pleased with the bloom on this one. 🙂 Mine are doing the same thing (Tomatoes). Of course today I went out & my cherry tomatoes are finally getting a hint of red to them. Soon…


  13. Wow! Your veggies make my mouth water. Is that long pepper leaves on the second left photo from bottom? We use long pepper leaves to make a spicy, tasty paste.

    Do you mean Yardlong Beans? A hint of their foliage is in the photo. I remember you telling me how you prepared these beans. 🙂


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