Steely Blue Spheres

Echinops ritro

Echinops ritro

I planted three of these perennials this spring.  This is the only one of the bunch that has made it to blooming status.  It’s planted out front in the border bed which is in full sun and pretty dry location.  I’m pleased with how well it is doing as a drought tolerant specimen.  The tidewater area has been hot & dry for the past few weeks with not a drop of moisture in sight. 😦

Echinops ritro (1)

Here it is mingling nicely with the Coneflowers (Harvest Moon &  White Swan).  There’s also some of the standard Purple Echinacea to the far right that didn’t get into the photo.  The leaves are a bit scary with their spiky tips and rough texture, but it’s an interesting plant all the same.


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  1. That is gorgeous Racquel! I bought one itsy plant in May and it’s kind of sitting there. Now I hope to heck it blooms. It’s so different looking, but fabulous isn’t it?? Maybe your others will come along later??

    Thanks Kathleen. I hope yours does something soon. It really is a cool plant. My other two are way behind this one. 🙂


  2. So are you glad you got it? I think it looks great! Mine didn’t do anything this year, maybe next?!?!?!?

    Seeing the blooms on this one and how well it has done in this spot, yes I am. Thanks Susie. That’s what I’m hoping with the other two I planted in the back garden. 🙂


  3. Those are too cool. They really look great with the coneflowers. I think anything drought tolerant is a great thing. I’ve had to water and I am a bit miffed since I said i would not. Two weeks no rain, but there is some in sight tomorrow (4th of July of all things-might mess up fireworks-a good thing) so hopefully we’ll get some. I’ll send it your way afterwards okay? Have a safe holiday and look for some rain soon:)

    Thanks Tina. I know what you mean, I hate dragging hoses at this time of the year. It’s been very dry & the garden is starting to show signs of it. Hope you do get some & send it my way!!! I would appreciate it, lol. Have a safe & Happy Fourth of July Tina. 😉


  4. I saw that plant today and thought it was so cool! It was covered in bees.

    Yep those teeny tiny little star blossoms are a bee magnet! Thanks for stopping by Robin. 🙂


  5. Very sweet little flowers…
    ~ bangchik

    Thanks Bangchik! 🙂


  6. Very different! it does look great with the coneflowers though. I’m with you on the leaves-they look like thistle leaves. Someone else had the Harvest Moon coneflower on their blog and I fell in love. I have Sunset and just got the double pink. But am going to have to have more of these great colors. Hope you have a great 4th!

    I love the way it looks with the Coneflowers. Yep I adore my Harvest Moon and the Sundown I planted last fall. This fall I would love to add some of the others, since they’ve done well. Thanks Beckie, hope you have a happy 4th too! 🙂


  7. I grow these Racquel – they are great bee magnets for the garden – they look good with the coneflowers

    Thanks Karen, I’m pleased with the location of these. I noticed all the bee excitement yesterday when I was watering. 😉


  8. This reminds me–I *used* to have some echinops and now I don’t, though I didn’t remove it. Hmmm… The heads of rattlesnake master are similar, and I do have that! 🙂

    Seems to be that most are saying it’s difficult to grow. I’ve seen the Rattlesnake Master, it’s a very unusual plant too. 😉


  9. Yes indeed we need some rain. I thought you got some Wed. night when that storm came through that did a number on the pumps in the Hampton Roads bridge-tunnel. I love the blue on the Echinops, but have never had any luck with them.

    We got what I call a teaser Les. Les than a 1/3 of an inch, not enough to make a difference at this point in the game. I’m craving a good long soaking in rain that lasts more than 5 minutes and gives us at least 2-3 inches! I put three of these Echinops in different locations throughout my garden and this one seems to be happy in the neglected raised bed which gets full sun. I might move the others up here since it likes the conditions of this area.


  10. The globes look dramatic against the coneflowers. Great-looking blooms, Racquel. Happy 4th to you!!

    Thanks Kanak for the Happy 4th wishes. I really love the striking combo this plant makes with the Coneflowers too. 🙂


  11. hi Racquel, those are the coolest blooms!! I tried them one year with no success and hadn’t tried again. Maybe will try once we get to SC. They do look great with the coneflowers.

    Thanks Janet, I was so surprised how well this one did compared to the other two. Don’t know what the trick is other than this bed gets full sun, well draining and mostly neglected. 😉


  12. Wonderful hot blooms, Racquel! Your garden is chock-ful of colors…just the way I love it!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Thanks Lynn, your garden is pretty colorful right now too! 😉 Happy Weekend!


  13. The bees love the echinops, so it is one of my favourites too. Mine has grown to a sizeable clump over the last 5 years, so that I would need to put both my arms around it (if I dared!). I try to find homes for all the seedlings. Enjoy!


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