Butterflies, Beans and Blooms

It’s a good thing I was out front yesterday trying to get a shot of this beautiful flying beauty on the coneflowers.  Ten seconds after I took the shot my cat Mooch was trying to catch it.  I shooed him away and the Swallowtail escaped safe and sound. 

The beans are finally blooming which means soon I will have some delicious pods forming.   This year I’m growing this organic purple podded bean since it looked interesting in the catalog as well as my old standby ‘Kentucky Wonder’ pole beans.  Here’s hoping it’s a good season and we get a large harvest.  Fresh beans from the vine, yum!

The Rose Garden is smelling pretty good right now since the Phlox ‘Robert Poore’ is starting to bloom.  In the evening & early morning it is the most delicious scent combined with the subtle sweet smell of the Knockout Roses.  Good thing too cause the middle part of the day is too hot & humid to even venture into that part of the yard.  Ten seconds out there and I’m a puddle of sweat.  However the morning & evening hours are still cool & pleasant.  Soon that will be a thing of the past & a wall of heat will hit you no matter the hour.  I’m enjoying it while it lasts.  🙂


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  1. We are lucky here because it almost always cools down at night no matter what the daytime temperature is. I remember those days of sweltering all night tho. At least your garden is loving it. Things are growing so well. Great pic of the Swallowtail too and I’m glad your kitty didn’t get it!

    You are lucky Kathleen. Come this time next month we won’t have the luxury of cool mornings & evenings. It will be hot 24 hours a day! 😦 Well some of the garden is loving it, the veggies like the heat their maturing rapidly. Some parts are suffering too. Thanks, I’m glad Mooch wasn’t victorious yesterday. He’s a naughty cat! 😉


  2. The heat is definitely here too! I spent part of yesterday out weeding and about collapsed when I got inside. I’m not used to the heat yet! Great butterfly picture.

    Be careful Dave, we’ve experienced several cases of heat exhaustion here in my area. I never get use to the heat no matter what month it is, lol. Thanks! 🙂


  3. I love Kentucky Wonder too, but keep thinking it would be easier to find all those beans if the beans were another color, like purple. Love the butterfly photo. I can never get my butterflies to sit still for photography.

    Wouldn’t that be something if they came up with a purple KW bean for that purpose alone? 😉 Thanks Daphne, this one was being a bit fidgety at first and they he (or she) finally decided to be cooperative.


  4. Racquel,
    It seems everyone has butterflies but us! I’ve only seen one humming bird and zero butterflies this year. I don’t understand it. Your swallowtail photo is perfect!–Randy

    Hi Randy, I haven’t seen alot of butterflies this year. Just a few Painted Ladies & this Swallowtail. No signs of the Monarch either & the Buddleia is blooming! And I only had one Hummer visit my garden & the feeder this year. 😦


  5. I have seen a ton of these large Swallowtails this year! Wonder what their host plant is? I should check on that huh? Beans look good. I so want that Phlox!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

    Not me Darla, this was my first and I chased him from the backyard to the front to get his picture. 😉 Here’s a site I found that gives good info on host plants http://www.thebutterflysite.com/create-butterfly-garden.shtml. Thanks I’m happy with the bean plants I have this year. Robert Poore is a wonderful Phlox for the garden & quite mildew resistant compared to some of the other garden phlox. This year is the first time I’ve seen any mildew but our spring was unusually wet. 🙂


  6. That phlox is so awesome! Beans are looking good too. I only just planted mine. Kind of late this year. Glad you saved the swallowtail. Bad ole cat.

    Isn’t it a pretty color, I love it and it blooms forever. Yep I got mine in the ground in a timely manner & now I’m trying to patiently wait for the harvest. 😉 At least I saved his life for the moment, hopefully he moved on to greener pastures so the cat wouldn’t get a second chance. Mooch is a meanie!


  7. Very very pretty!!

    Thanks Janet. 🙂


  8. Oh the butterfly is perfection! So glad you were there for the resuce too, silly kitties. The heat does seem to be making the scents of the garden more apparent here too. I love your Robert Poore.

    Thanks Frances. Yep that Butterfly was having a lucky day. 😉 Robert Poore is the only Phlox that seems to thrive in my garden, I’ve planted a few and this one survived.


  9. What a wonderful photo. Killer hot here too, even in the mornings. I’m a melted mess just going from house to car. The butterflies don’t seem to mind the heat or the birds. I don’t even want to stick my head outside until it cools off some.

    Thanks Marnie. I know what you mean, it’s hard to get outside to do any gardening. In the evening when the weather starts to set the bugs come out which makes for an unbearable time.


  10. What a wonderful shot of the swallowtail! The phlox looks really happy there. Beautiful pink! Bean vines/buds look very promising.

    Thanks Kanak. That Phlox has been there for many years and I just dug up a bit to move elsewhere last fall. I’m hoping for the best with the beans, the buds are always a promising sight. 😉


  11. This is the second swallowtail that I’ve seen (online) today so I guess ’tis the season for swallowtails! I myself have only two caterpillars, so I’ll be keeping a close watch to witness their transformation.

    You shouldn’t have to wait too long for your little critters to transform! I had Monarch caterpillars last year on my Milkweed & it was fun. 🙂


  12. Nice photo of the swallowtail! Glad it escaped too. I must have killed several hundred butterflies last week in Yosemite, we saw at least 10,000 California Tortoiseshells on June the 18th, way too many in the road.

    Thanks Randy. I’m glad it escaped too, that darn cat! 😉 Oh my, that is a shame what happened to you. I’ve never seen that many of any species in a single day. How amazing!


  13. Love the butterfly! How cool that you were able to capture, great photo daughter 🙂

    Thanks Mom. I’m pleased with this shot after following it from the backyard to the front for about 20 minutes. 🙂


  14. My butterflies are slow in coming. I’ve raised two black tiger swallowtails, but that it, cept for the cabbage whites. H.

    I haven’t seen any Monarchs here yet Helen. It’s a bit weird how they’ve been a bit scarce this year. Last year I saw several types in a day.


  15. Beautiful butterfly pic Racquel. I’m glad your beans are performing for you. Mind pretty much fizzled.

    Thanks Susie. It’s been a workout keeping everything watered with the heat & lack of rain lately.


  16. Posted by mothernaturesgarden on June 25, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    That is a lovely yellow swallowtail capture, Racquel. It is the first butterfly I can remember photographing. I found one that had just emerged from a chrysalis and went running back and forth to find information and make photos before it flew away.

    Thanks Donna. I think the first shot I ever captured was of a Monarch. Such beautiful colors on these winged creatures. 🙂 That must of been something to watch the total transformation from chrysalis to beautiful butterfly.


  17. Bad kitty–stop that! 🙂
    Pretty flowers–love the phlox! Doesn’t it smell wonderful? I tried to cut them and bring them inside, but the scent is almost too strong indoors–but just perfect out in the yard!

    Isn’t he a minx that cat of mine? I’m not too upset, it’s there nature afterall. Thanks Linda, it is the most wonderful spicy scent, I just love it. You’re right it would be pretty powerful in the house. 🙂


  18. That’s a great butterfly photo!

    Robert is starting to bloom here, too. It’s one of my favorite phlox selections. Perfect color and blooms and blooms!

    Stay cool!

    Thanks Cameron. 🙂 It is one of my favorites too, since the others were not successful, lol. It is a great color combined with so many other things though. You stay cool too & have a nice weekend!


  19. Racquel girl that is a gorgeous picture .. I so wish I can capture one when my cone flowers bloom !
    I was a human sweat bag yesterday when hubby and I were working in the garden .. I came in at noon and melted on the floor .. I hate this kind of weather ! YUCK !

    Thanks Joy, I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 They seem to adore the Coneflowers right now. It really is just too hot to be out there right now. I’m doing my best to get up early and do what I need before the heat kills me. Yuck indeed!


  20. Hi Racquel,
    I saw this same butterfly on my orange lily. I tried to go in the house and get the camera, but It was gone when I came out. You captured it…nice photo.

    Hi Balisha. Same thing happened here but luckily it had moved from the back garden to the front when I grabbed my camera. Thanks! 🙂


  21. Ooh, I love the butterfly. My cats, however, also want to see a photo of Mooch. 😉 My beans are starting to curls up the teepee, but now buds yet. However, my zucchini *and* pumpkin have flowers. Mt tomatoes still look so puny; the soil isn’t the best in my new garden bed.

    Thanks Monica. I emailed you a photo of my fat cat lounging on the computer printer, lol. 😉 It shouldn’t be much longer & you will be seeing bean buds forming. Sounds like things are starting to do their thing in your veggie garden.


  22. Glad you were able to capture the swallowtail–what a beautiful butterfly! The coneflowers always seem to attract all the lovely winged creatures. It’s been scorchingly hot here, too, all week; the only time of day it might be considered “pleasant” in the garden is at dawn–and I’m not up that early–or dusk, when I can’t see the weeds:)

    I’m glad I was able to capture this shot too. I initially saw this winged beauty in the backyard and of course my camera was inside. By the time I ran in to get it he had moved on to the front garden. That’s about it here too, the evening isn’t too bad but the bugs are out then. Yuck! 😉


  23. Wonderful photo of the butterfly, and the phlox looks lovely – great color.

    Always Growing

    Thank you Jan. I love this Phlox, it has a great color & scent. 🙂


  24. Posted by greenwalks on June 26, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    That whole “wall of heat” thing means that I will probably never live in your climate! I am such a weather wimp, don’t like extreme cold either. Looking forward to seeing my own phlox and coneflowers, since they have buds at least now. What a lovely swallowtail, and I hope you get a big bean harvest! I found the purple ones not as tasty as the regular green (plus they lose their color when you cook them), but it was fun to grow them a few times, they are so pretty when they’re raw. I’ll be curious to see/hear about your comparison!

    My Mom says the same thing Karen, lol. My family is originally from Ohio which is totally different climate altogether. I don’t care for snow so I put up with the heat for a few months each year. 😉 Thanks I hope I get a big bean harvest too. My son will be pleased when he gets back from visiting family to see their progress. He’s crazy about them! I’ll try to do a post comparing the taste of these two beans. I love KW so that’s a no-brainer already, lol.


  25. What a superb photo of the butterfly! I don’t get those up here, at least not in my yard! I do see the Black Swallowtail’s which are basically just opposite of that in color. They’re beautiful too, as they have the blue accent. I think some of my phlox must be Robert Poore. I didn’t save the tags to 3 varieties I planted several years ago. I just love my phlox…they bloom so well all summer long. Your garden looks wonderful!

    Thanks Jan. I’ve never seen the Black Swallowtails in my garden so I guess it’s a trade off, huh? 🙂 Well I’m glad I might of helped you identify your Phlox. Robert Poore is a great specimen, it blooms for such a long time like you mentioned and is pretty resistant to mildew. This year was my first signs of mildew since our spring was unusually wetter than normal.


  26. I love the three B garden melange! The butterfly is wonderful…they seem to be absent from this garden and I noticed that one of the species phlox is blooming white where once it was magenta! I love the summer fragrances in our gardens! Glad you saved Madame Butterfly! gailgail


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