Color Harmony

Agastache 'Sunset' & Sedum 'Variegata'

Agastache 'Sunset' & Sedum 'Variegata'

 Sedum ‘Variegata’ was one of the new plants I picked up Monday during my visit to Smithfield Gardens.   As you can see it’s still in the pot, but I think this is the ideal spot for it.  Doesn’t it look nice paired with the Sunset Hyssop I purchased a couple of weeks ago during another shopping trip?  I love the texture of these two plants together as well as the color echoing from the deep orange of the Agastache to the paler version in the Sedum.   Yes I know that Spaz managed to plant herself in the photo too, lol.   Maybe she’s giving  her seal of approval on this plant combo.  That dog always manages to get in every other photo.   She is my constant companion in the garden no matter what I’m doing.  🙂


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  1. Looks great!! Including Spaz in the photo! I do like the sedum with the Agastache….good color echoing.

    Thanks Janet, you helped picked this sedum out & you were right that it would harmonize nicely with the Hyssop. Yep Spaz is a hit with everyone I think, lol. 😉


  2. Racquel .. you know Spaz deserves to be in the photo since she keeps you company in the garden , right ? LOL
    I love those colours .. I think I have some plants that might just look perfect with yours ?
    I love trying out different hyssops but haven’t gotten to that one .. my favorite is anise though .. you can’t beat that scent !

    She is my little ham Joy, lol. Yep she enjoys the garden as much as I do if not more at times. 😉 What plants did you have that you felt would blend well with these? This one is an Anise Hyssop too, it has a lovely licorice scent that I adore.


  3. Love the contrast in texture of the two plants. The colors look great together. I am always cropping my two dogs out of my photos they seem to think I am taking photos of them .

    Thanks Stella, I love the contrast in texture too. 🙂 I gave up on cropping Spaz out of photos, she is determined to be in the shot. lol


  4. Sedum I know…not heard of the other plant..but I LOVE it! I’m afraid to buy anything now. We are under some kind of heat cap here. The temps are already 100 and climbing!
    Spaz is just too cute!

    I think Hyssops would do well in your garden Linda. It’s hardy in zones 4-9 and loves hot & dry spots. A good time to plant new perennials for you would be in the fall probably. Ouch, 100! I’ll pass your compliment on to Spaz. 🙂


  5. Great color combo! Color echos are just wonderful ways to match up plants. I think Spaz helped you show the true color of the agastache blooms by providing a nice background.


    Thanks Cameron, when Janet & I saw this sedum at Smithfield Gardens Nursery we both knew it would look good with my ‘Sunset’ Hyssop. lol, she does provide that dark background doesn’t she? 😉


  6. Those two planted together do like nice Racquel. Of course, Spaz adds much to the photo too!

    Thanks Susie, I think Spaz really was a popular addition to my photo today! lol 😉


  7. The orange in that sedum is very sweet. They both look super together.

    Isn’t that a cool color for the sedum, I knew you would like it too. 🙂 Thanks Tina.


  8. I love that agastache. Do you grow yours from seed. I can never find any in my area except Blue Fortune. I agree with Spaz, good combo.

    Me too, actually I’ve been quite lucky to find plants at my local garden centers & native plant sales around here Marnie. Blue Fortune is a wonderful cultivar that I had years ago & need to add again. Thanks I’ll let Spaz know what you said, lol. 😉


  9. Lovely orange! I agree with Cameron that the colour does stand out against Spaz. She does know where to plant herself, doesn’t she?:)

    Thanks Kanak, it reminds me of the colors of Halloween (Black & Orange). 😉 She is quite the ham when it comes to photos, except when I’m trying to get a shot of just her of course. lol


  10. Ooh, nice colors. I think Spaz fits into the photo nicely. 🙂

    Thank you Monica! Yep she makes a great backdrop for the orangey pink blooms huh? lol 😉


  11. Posted by greenwalks on June 24, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    I have some agastache that looks like that, maybe I’ll need to get that sedum and copy you. 🙂 Your dog is hilarious! I thought it was only cats that did that “appearing nonchalant in every photo” trick.

    Feel free to copy away Karen, I think it’s a nice combo. 🙂 She is a trip, that Spaz of mine. lol My cat is the opposite, he always manages to escape getting photographed. Odd couple of pets I have, huh?


  12. This is a great combo, Racquel! I still haven’t found this kind of agastache in any of the garden centers here. Spaz adds some interest to the photo:) While my dogs like to be outside with me, it’s usually the cat who manages to sneak into all my photos.

    Thanks Rose. I think you can actually order seed for it if you can’t find the plants locally. It’s called Anise Hyssop ‘Sunset’. She sure does ham it up when I’m trying to take pictures in the garden that’s for sure, lol. I was just telling Karen that my cat is the opposite. 😉


  13. Hi Racquel, too wonderful! I love that peachy pinky orangey color and those two look great together. How fun to go roadtripping with Janet and meet the other bloggers at that beautiful spot too. My daughter Semi has several very large Vitex and I was wondering if they should be limbed up a bit. Your photos show that yes, they limb up nicely, time for the pruning saw on our next trip up the interstate. No more plants? Impossible! 🙂

    Thanks Frances. I’m glad you liked my peachy-pink orange combo with the Sedum & Agastache. 🙂 It was a fun day and meeting other bloggers in the process was the best part. You can thank Les for that beautiful trim job on the Vitex. The form of it was so architecturally interesting. Glad my post gave you some ideas on shaping Semi’s trees. Exactly, how could a gardener pass up more plants, lol. 😉


  14. Who would have thought Sedum and Agastache would look so good together.
    I have Agastache ‘Sunset’ . Started it from seed and sorry to say with mostly rainy or gray days it’s just surviving like my other seedings.

    Not me that’s for sure Patsi. It was a happy pairing that’s for sure. I know that Agastache is not a big lover of too much moisture, but loves the heat. 🙂


  15. Yes-the right spot for it. A good combination, both color and texture.

    Thanks Beckie. 🙂


  16. Spaz loves you and wants to be with you just like Jack (-: Aren’t they just the most helpful critters?(-:
    The sedum will look lovely there! I love sedums!

    Yep she is a momma’s girl, that’s for sure. 😉 She is my constant companion indoors & out. Thanks Cindee!


  17. ….now if you could just teach Spaz to weed while she is out there 🙂 Love the new color combo!

    Wouldn’t that be something Mom, lol. 😉 Thanks!


  18. They look like they were made for each other Racquel! I started that ‘Sunset’ agastache from seed about eight years ago and still have it in my garden ~ different places than where it was originally but it’s spread about nicely.

    That’s what I was thinking when I found the Sedum & brought it home. 🙂 That’s good to know info about that Agastache. I wouldn’t mind if it spread itself around a bit too.


  19. Were these accidental purchases that just happen to look great together, or did you have this in mind while shopping? Beautiful.

    Actually the sedum was purchased purposely to combine with the already existing Hyssop. 🙂


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