Inspite of everything…

(Echinacea 'Magnus', Shasta Daisies, Echinacea 'Harvest Moon', White Buddleia & 'Robert Poore' Phlox)

(Echinacea 'Magnus', Shasta Daisies, Echinacea 'Harvest Moon', White Buddleia & 'Robert Poore' Phlox)

the garden keeps on going without me. The blooms I noticed today in the garden made me smile.  Of course I feel a bit guilty for the neglect it has endured but it seems to be suffering through it with grace.   

Veggies page

Even the veggies have been growing like gangbusters over the past couple of days.  My guess is that this ‘Lemon Boy’ Tomato will be the first large variety I will be harvesting this year.  And if you look closely just behind the Cucumber bloom you will notice a nice 3-4″ cuke forming!  The yellow squash is being difficult this year, they are getting blossom rot and withering up.  But this one might actually make it to a decent size. 

Salvia 'Black & Blue', Self seeded Cleome, Pineapple Lily and Echinops ritro

Salvia 'Black & Blue', Self seeded Cleome, Pineapple Lily and Echinops ritro

Then there are all the things that I’m anticipating.  Look Janet, the Pineapple Lily I picked up at Brent and Becky’s Bulbs is going to bloom!  Cleome has self-seeded in the Rose Garden which is a bit odd since I haven’t grown any in a few years.   Sorry that I’ve been MIA for a few days.  I’ve been  busy  caring for my grandfather who fell earlier this week.  Thankfully he didn’t suffer any breaks or fractures but his hip is bruised and sore still.  However my attention has been taken away from the garden and the blogasphere temporarily.  It’s hard to be away for a few days and get caught back up so bear with me please.  ~ Racquel  🙂


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  1. The clover is doing exceptionally well without my help! So envious of all your veggies!

    lol, my yard has patches of clover that thrive better than the fescue right now. Such heat! Thanks Monica. 🙂


  2. Hope your grandpa feels better real soon. Our gardens are forgiving and will wait for us to return. A little more work to catch up is all they need. You are so diligent with your gardening…I’m sure everything looks wonderful.

    Thank you for you kind thoughts & words Balisha. My garden has gotten use to the times of neglect, it knows it won’t last forever. Such a nice compliment, even I have areas that are a bit untidy. 😉


  3. I do hope your grandfather recovers quickly. Your garden is going great! My phlox ‘Robert Poore’ is just showing signs of bloom.


    Thank you Cameron, I hope so too. The Phlox is right on time, when I looked back at my blog a year ago it was in the same stages more or less. 🙂


  4. Your blooms are beautiful Racquel! Some things seem to thrive on neglect!
    I hope your grandfather gets better–bless his heart! Falls can be so bad!

    So true Linda, somethings do seem to thrive on neglect. 🙂 Thank you, I appreciate your kind words. It’s been really hard on him.


  5. I see a little pickle!!!!! A little gerkie…how fun. I am glad your Eucomis is blooming too. Mine is getting bigger and bigger. Looking forward to Monday, I get to see your garden, live and in person!
    🙂 Great.

    Isn’t it the cutest little pickle! I’ve never grown cukes before so I was quite excited to see my first one growing. Me too, hope mine is getting enough sun though. Thanks I’m looking forward to your visit and our trip to see Les & Helen. 🙂


  6. I can’t believe how great your globe thistle looks. Mine is about 6 inches tall. You are going to love those lemon boys. They are delish! This year I am growing Jubilee which is an orange/yellow variety. The plants look good but no fruit yet. I did enjoy my first cucumber this week. It was yummy!

    Glad your grandfather didn’t break any bones.

    Hope you have a good weekend Racquel!

    Out of the three I purchased last fall this one is the only one getting ready to bloom, the other two are small. Thanks I’m looking forward to my Lemon Boys ripening up. Good luck with your Jubilee. Yay for the first cuke, always exciting! Thanks Susie, I’m glad he didn’t break anything either, he’s real lucky.


  7. Hi Racquel, Your garden is looking great. And what lovely vegetables! Please take care and don’t worry about catching up with my blog (wish I had caught you before hand:) You have more than enough to do as it is. Best wishes for your grandfather to get well.

    Thanks Tina. I just miss seeing what’s going on in all your gardens when I’m gone. You guys & gals have made this past year of blogging fun. 🙂 That’s part of my personality trying to be all things to all people. Thanks for the nice wishes & thoughts.


  8. Hi Racquel. You’re such a great person to care for your grandfather. That’s definitely far and above blogging on the importance scale. I wondered where you were ~ isn’t that funny? I don’t “know” you but I knew you weren’t around from no blog posts or comments. I was hoping you took a vacation or something fun, not anything serious and scary. Best wishes to your grandfather for a full recovery and isn’t the garden wonderful for replenishing our soul? You have a lot of great things going in yours. Have a good weekend.

    Thank you Kathleen, it’s not an easy task but something I have to do. They took care of me all those years. It’s my turn I guess. 🙂 Wish I was on vacation, that would of been fun. But my garden is my therapy and gives me a sense of peace when I’m out there.


  9. My prayers for your grandfather. I too wish my plants bloom soooo wonderfully even with my neglect, but the heat doesn’t help 😦

    Thank you Chandramouli. It is hard to keep the plants going when the heat hits hard I know. We could use some rain here to cool things off a bit. 😉


  10. love the baby cuk. Your garden looks great. Get well soon to grandpa.

    Thanks Deb, I will pass on your get well wishes to Grandpa. 🙂


  11. Your blooms, your veggies! Everything in your garden looks great Racquel. The size of the tomatoes is enviable and the cucumber shows a lot of promise.
    Sorry to hear about your granpa. hope he feels better soon.

    Thank you for the kind words Kanak. I will pass on your good wishes to Grandpa, he is recovering slowly. 🙂


  12. Racquel, I wondered if anything was wrong, since you usually post every day…So glad your grandfather didn’t suffer a fracture, but I do hope he is feeling better soon. He is so lucky to have a caring person like you to help take care of him. Don’t worry about the blogosphere, because we all certainly understand. And your garden is understanding, too–just look at all those lovely blooms! Take care.

    Yep I normally am right on top of my blogging, but something had to give this time around. Thanks Rose, I knew you would all understand. I didn’t want anyone to think I had just disappeared from the face of the earth. 🙂


  13. Inspite of everything your gardens are thriving quite nicely. I was having some difficulty getting to the wordpress blogs for some reason. Your flowers are beautiful. Hope your veggies continue to do well. A Speedy recovery to your grandfather.

    Thanks Darla. I think there seems to be a problem with the WordPress feed. Thanks for the well wishes & nice comments. 🙂


  14. Racquel,
    I sure hope all is well with your grandfather. Your garden is looking very pretty. The veggies are so healthy and growing well.

    Thanks Meems, he is recovering very slowly. Thanks I’m hoping it continues to survive a bit of neglect especially since we aren’t getting any rain lately.


  15. The garden looks beautiful Racquel. Hope your grandfather is feeling better here soon. It can be so hard to keep up with blogging when life has got you busy. I completely understand. 🙂 If you slow down on posting that helps me keep up with reading all your wonderful posts! LOL 😉

    Thank you Cynthia. I will pass on your well wishes to Grandpa. He is recovering slowly from his fall. Yep it is hard to keep up with the blogging when life gets in the way. Something had to give this time & this was the logical choice. Glad you are able to catch up, lol. 😉


  16. Posted by skeeter on June 22, 2009 at 12:18 am

    You are such a wonderful grand-daughter to be at your grandfathers side! Dont worry about blogging, as much as we all enjoy it, there are just some things a bit more important in life. I miss it when I am away but dont freat as I did in the past now that I have had a deep soul searching with my inner self 😉 Your garden looks great and I am getting hungry looking at the veggies as i could use a snack about now. lol…. Hope your grandfather recovers to 100% and soon!

    Thank you Skeeter. I know that somethings in life are more important than blogging, but I do miss you all when I’m away. 😉 Right after I posted this I picked that cuke, it was yummy! lol


  17. Your garden is looking great. I only have a couple herbs and veggies but it looks like you will be eating well this summer. Hope your grandpa is doing better. A very frightening thing when an older person takes a fall.

    Thanks Marnie. I’m planning on feasting soon on some wonderful produce. Grandpa is a bit better, but the recovery is slow that’s for sure. You are so right, I’m glad someone was home when he fell.


  18. Posted by autumnbelle on June 23, 2009 at 11:30 pm

    Racquel, from the last set of photos, you have a plant ‘cleome’ . This plant really reminds me of my late mum. She used to grow some in her garden back in our village when I was little. Today, I found out the real name of this plant. Now I can try to look out for it at the nurseries and hopefully, get to grow it. Yes! Thank you for what I learnt today.

    I’m glad my post reminded you not only of your Mom but taught you something today. 🙂


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