Veggie Garden Update

(From upper left across & down: Green Bellpepper, Cherry Tomatoes, 'Lemon Boy' Tomato and Jalapeno Peppers)

(From upper left across & down: Green Bellpepper, Cherry Tomatoes, 'Lemon Boy' Tomato and Jalapeno Peppers)

I’m so pleased & proud of my little square foot vegetable garden.  This is the first year and  everything is looking real good this summer.  However to get the best production and most efficient use of the raised beds I am making notes to what I can change next season.  For example, I’ve already decided I want more space, my DH will be making two more beds this fall.   He didn’t even blink an eye after he noticed the prices of produce at the grocery store last week.  Now he’s rooting for a nice harvest right along with me.  Plus he kind of gets a kick out of building stuff  I think..  Afterall, that’s his contribution to the garden.  I come up with the project ideas & he makes them come to life.  We make a good team, don’t you think?   He’s even taken to reading my blog everyday.  🙂


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  1. Posted by greenwalks on June 13, 2009 at 9:19 pm

    I see some delicious salsa and salads in your future! You know I am super jealous of your hubby’s building abilities and willingness.You are a lucky duck there for sure! As of course is he, that you are up for all the other garden tasks and making something beautiful and now edible for your family to enjoy. Hooray for backyard veggies!

    Wouldn’t that be great Karen, I love the idea of fresh salsa! 🙂 You are so sweet, I know I am lucky to have a handy hubby to help me with some of my garden projects. We compliment each other nicely.


  2. Even if you do not save any money, you can’t beat home grown vegetables. We dined on crook neck squash from my garden plot tonight. I served it over pasta with chicken sausage and home grown basil. Tomatoes will be coming soon, I hope.

    You are so right Les! And your Crookneck squash recipe sounds delish. I’m looking forward to the future harvests of veggies too.


  3. Lucky you!

    Thanks Blossom. 🙂


  4. That is awesome that your husband reads your blog! My husband never does unless I make him. I think it good for them to read our blogs so they can know another part of their wives but I guess they get busy. If I had a car repair blog he’d read it I bet:)

    Thanks Tina, I was actually surprised that he had added it to his favorite sites list. He’s a non-gardener so I’m pleased that he tries to take an interest in my “hobby”. 😉 I bet Mr Fix-it would read a car repair blog, hey my hubby would too. lol


  5. Racquel, looks like you are going to have a bumper crop. So how are you on canning or freezing?

    I hope so Janet. 🙂 I’ve actually never done either one before so I’m hoping to freeze this summer for winter eating.


  6. Veggies are looking great!

    Thanks Beckie. 🙂


  7. Hey, it let me post a comment! I have been trying for weeks Racquel to get back on your blog. I am so happy. :0 Glad you are having such good luck with your first veggie garden. I figured if you did you would want more space next year. But starting out small and learning from it was the way to go. Hope you are having a great weekend.

    Hooray! I don’t know why it kept spamming you, sorry about that. You know I didn’t think I would become hooked so fast on growing edibles, I’ve been an ornamental gardener for the past 20 years. 🙂


  8. How wonderful that your hubby reads your blog now! I think reading a spouses blog would be very insightful. You two do make a good team. I’m glad your veggie garden is doing so well. I hope mine will follow in its footsteps.

    Thanks Kathleen, it is a great way for him to explore my ‘Obsessive Hobby’. 😉 Good luck with your veggie garden too.


  9. I’m glad your square foot garden is doing so well. Mine is giving me all kinds of problems, but I’m hanging in there!

    Thanks Sheila, it’s been an educational experience that’s for sure. And next spring I plan on doing some tweaking that’s for sure.


  10. Those veggies look very nice. I never grow bell peppers anymore. They just don’t like it where I live. I think it isn’t hot enough for them. You are lucky to have a husband that likes to build things. Mine would never even think of building something for my garden.

    Thank you Daphne, you are the queen of vegetable gardening so it means alot to me for you to say that. 🙂 I think you may be right about the peppers loving the heat. The ones that get the most direct sun of the day are producing like crazy. I’m grateful that my hubby is handy, because I’m too clutzy with sharp objects to get anything build without a trip to the ER. lol 😉


  11. Yeah for veggies in the garden! Everything is looking good Racquel, kudos to the bed builder and the bed tender 🙂

    Thanks Mom! I’m very pleased with my first real attempt at edible gardening. I will pass on the kudos to your DSIL. 😉


  12. Everything looks so promising! And to think your DH also contributes by building stuff for you. The great team-work shows. And how!

    Thanks Kanak. He is a trooper helping me with the hardscaping part of the work. 🙂


  13. Ooh, pout. Pout pout pout! I have no veggies yet, not even blooms. But that’s OK. I started from seed and it’s been cool. Today it’s supposed to be sunny and high of 78. 🙂

    Sorry Monica, I kind of cheated with the transplants I bought in April. The squash, beans, cukes and basil were all direct sowed in late April. I’m sure once your temps stay up there everything will start setting blooms fast. 🙂


  14. Your veg are doing very well. Nice that you have someone to carry out your projects. Gives you time to think up some more!

    Thanks EG. Yep I feel very grateful and you are so right about thinking up some more, lol. 😉


  15. Racquel, those veggies sure came out good in the dark! I’m envious, I’ve never had luck with bell peppers! Also I love your big clump of liatris and alliums…my drumsticks didn’t come back very well this year…I probably dug up alot accidentally while putting in new plants!

    Thanks Lynn, I’ve found it easier to take photos when the sun goes down. It’s too hot during the day! 🙂 This is my only pepper the four plants have produced, hopefully it’s not the one & only. That has happened to me in the past with the Drumsticks. I try to mark where they are so I don’t dig them up by mistake in the fall.


  16. I’m planning a veggie garden for fall. Just too hot here in summer!

    Good plan Brenda. Texas summers can be a bit brutal on veggies huh? 🙂


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