I’m a Plant-a-holic!

(From Back to front: Penstemon x mexicali 'Pikes Peak Purple', Agastache rupestris 'Sunset Hyssop' and Delosperma cooperi 'Kelaidis')

(From Back to front: Penstemon x mexicali 'Pikes Peak Purple', Agastache rupestris 'Sunset Hyssop' and Delosperma cooperi 'Kelaidis')

I’ve been a bit of a shop-a-holic this week when it comes to plants.  Tuesday on the way home from our nature walk we stopped at Walmart to get some potting soil and look what else jumped in my cart…lol  Actually I couldn’t believe the wonderful deal they had on these 5″ containers of  perennials, only $4.00!  Since I adore Hyssop and Penstemon this was a no brainer.  As far as the Ice Plant, the salmon color was interesting vs the standard pink.

( From Back L-R across: Stachys monieri 'Humelo-2, Hemerocallis 'Gordon Biggs', Penstemon Pinacolada Series, Angelonia-4 white & lavender, Thymus serpyllum 'Coccineus' -6pk, Lavandula augustifolia 'Hidcote', Playtycodon grandiflora 'Sentimental Blue' and Leptinella squalida 'Platt's Black-3)

( From Back L-R across: Stachys monieri 'Humelo-2, Hemerocallis 'Gordon Biggs', Penstemon Pinacolada Series, Angelonia-4 white & lavender, Thymus serpyllum 'Coccineus' -6pk, Lavandula augustifolia 'Hidcote', Playtycodon grandiflora 'Sentimental Blue' and Leptinella squalida 'Platt's Black-3)

Then today I decided to go see what Lowe’s & Home Depot had in stock at the moment.  It’s been awhile since I looked in the garden centers so why not?  Well of course I didn’t leave empty handed from either place because there was stuff I just knew I could find a spot for in the garden.  I didn’t buy much at Home Depot, just some Angelonia (which I love), the Daylilly  and 2 large tomato cages which are hard to find when I need them.  Then I stopped by Lowe’s and that was another matter.  All the good plants were at the back still sitting on carts waiting to be put out.   I was overjoyed to find the ‘Hummelo’  and who was I to pass up another Penstemon.  Needless to say I have a mini plant ghetto on the patio table waiting to be planted.  The ones from Walmart found new homes last night in the new garden.   Okay no more new plants until fall when I plant bulbs.  Was that convincing ?  😉


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  1. Ha! You’ll be busy planting. And hey, I think there are worse things than being a plantaholic. Wear your badge proudly!

    Yep I sure will, I got a few planted tonight. You are so right Tina, my badge is worn proudly! 😉


  2. Racquel you are indeed a plant – a-holic! The way you are going it won’t be long til you will have no more grass to mow. Of course, that can be a good thing!!!

    Yes I am Susie, and the no grass thing sounds pretty good. Don’t tell hubby though, ok? 😉


  3. Holy Spamolie you did go on a plant shopping trip! You got some awesome stuff there!!!! What a fun thing to do!!!!

    Yep when I go overboard I do it in a big way, lol. Thanks Cindee, I love everything I got. 🙂


  4. It never fails..I go for potting soil, and something jumps in the basket! I cannot help myself–if I see a new plant, or one I have been wanting, I have to buy it. I have no resistance at all..and I don’t even try to fight the desire to buy. Oh goodness….I’m a plant-a-holic too!! 🙂

    Same here Linda, welcome to the club! 🙂


  5. Posted by gailae on June 11, 2009 at 11:48 pm

    I have concluded that everyone else has better big box store s with better plants than we have in nashville!
    Racquel, you did get a good haul…don’t you love the stachys! gail

    I’ve been real pleased with the selections that our big box stores have in stock lately. In past years all you found were the typical marigolds, petunias and zinnias. I’m so in love with the Stachys ever since I saw it on yours and Cameron’s blogs. 😉


  6. Posted by greenwalks on June 12, 2009 at 1:13 am

    I’m right with you here. Got two more big shrubs today on a whim, not even sure where I’ll put them! Bad! I’m sure yours will find good spots in the near future – you are so much better about that than I am. Love penstemons too, I just planted one today and am still in mourning for the garnet-colored one I lost last winter.

    I’m sure you will figure out a nice spot for your new shrubs. What did you get? Thanks Karen, I try to be quick about getting stuff in the ground most of the time. Ever since my native Smooth Beardtongue Penstemon bloomed last month I’ve been hooked on getting more. 🙂


  7. I think all plant lovers are plantaholics: no matter where we see them, we fall in love with certain plants and just want to live with them. Hope you find space for all of yours…

    So true Pomona, it’s hard to be a passionate gardener without being a bit obsessive about plants & shopping for them. 😉 Thanks!


  8. Feeding that addiction are you? One this is for sure, you will get pleny of therapy turning the soil. Lovely plant picks!!! Can’t wait to see their forever homes.

    lol, yes I definitely binged on plants this week! Thanks Darla, I love digging so it will be good to get these new babies planted. 🙂


  9. Somewhat convincing…but I suspect that as soon as you set your sights on something else… 😀

    I’ve already begun starting my wish list of bulbs. Come fall, it’s going to be nothing but alliums going into the ground. Count me as another plant-a-holic!

    lol Rowena, my intentions are good, but you’re probably right! 🙂 I’ve already made out my bulb wish list too & plan on preordering soon. Welcome to the club!


  10. It was a bargain Racquel! I understand that you could resist them. Have a great weekend planting!
    Greetings from Vaxholm/Tyra a seed-a-holic

    I knew you would understand Tyra! 😉 Happy Gardening to you too!


  11. Wow, Racquel, I feel my credit card calling me from the wallet saying what are you waiting for!!! The Stachys is on our list of add mores, I bought one last year at the UT bloom day and just adore it. All the others are great also. Your garden will gladly accept those newcomers, no matter where they came from. HA Every one a gem. 🙂

    Well I’m glad I could be a bad influence on you Frances, lol. 😉 The Stachys are wonderful and after seeing them in Cameron & Gail’s garden I knew I had to have a couple myself. Thanks the garden is getting fuller by the minute with the addition of all these plants, the more the merrier I say!


  12. Well Racquel, admitting it is the first step. There are worse addictions though. 🙂

    Thanks Randy, lol. I don’t want any cure though! 🙂


  13. Racquel, you plant buying woman! Nice haul! You will have to let me know how the Leptinella squalida ‘Platt’s Black’ does in your garden. That is an interesting looking groundcover. So no more plants, does that mean when we go over to see Les you won’t be buying any???? ;-P

    lol, I’ve been very bad huh? 😉 Thanks Janet, I promise to let you know about ‘Platt’s Black’ progress in the garden. It really is a cool little plant, the foliage reminds me of ferns, but softer. Nope I know I won’t be able to keep that promise when we go see Les, cause if something catches my eye I’ll be picking it up. lol


  14. Hi

    I was happy to see that I will have company in the in the plantaholic ward at the local home centers. Have you found a hyssop that doesen’t flop in the garden? Drop bymy blog and visit if you have a moment.. starlightstella.blogspot.com

    Hello Stella, glad you stopped by today. I visited your blog & enjoyed your posts immensely! 🙂 Oh you are not alone in the plantaholic ward that’s for sure. You can’t be a passionate gardener without being addicted to buying plants, lol. Actually I have a native great white Hyssop that is sturdy as can be and must be about 4 – 4 1/2 feet tall at the moment. But the ferny leaf types seem a bit saggy.


  15. No it was not convincing, but then it is hard this time of the year to not want to have plants fall in our carts … nice group you have there. Now get to planting! LOL

    lol, I figured I wasn’t fooling anyone on that note Mom! 😉 It really is hard to just window shop at the garden centers, without finding something that calls to me. Thanks!


  16. I have said the exact thing (no more plant buying until bulbs) at LEAST a dozen times. My hubby just smiles and shakes his head. I blame it on my boss for ordering new things every week! I have to try them all…

    Great plant choices! Have fun digging!


    Oh my goodness if I worked at a nursery we’d really be in trouble! lol 😉 Thanks Heather!


  17. LOL, Racquel, is there a 12-step program for us? I think many of us have the same affliction. I’ve been trying to clean out the “plant ghetto” in front of my garage, but more and more plants keep appearing:) Looks like you got some great buys; just think of it as stimulating the gardening industry economy.

    If there is I’m not really to give it a try yet, lol. Welcome to the club Rose, I know you have the same affliction, the proof is your plant grotto. How’s that going anyhow? 😉 There you go, I told hubby what you said & he laughed his butt off.


  18. Fun times Racquel. Nothing I like better than a little plant shopping! You made some good choices. I’ll be interested in seeing whether your Delosperma overwinters or not. I bought some last year that was supposed to be hardy to zone 4 (one zone colder than me) and it did not survive. 😦
    You certainly cannot go wrong with penstemons and agastache! Have fun planting.

    It really is a blast buying new plants, my favorite activity of all. Thanks Kathleen. I’m curious about the Ice Plant too, I know they love to have their feet dry so hopefully they are in a great spot for that. And as far as Hyssops & Penstemons, they are my new favorite perennial along with Salvias. 😉


  19. Racquel….
    Look at it this way…this is your job, to beautify the world. Good choices.

    What a lovely way to put it Balisha. See I feel much better now! 😉


  20. Well, we can’t help with your addiction! 🙂 We’re enablers, ya know.

    I told my husband that HE can’t buy anymore plants for 30 days! LOL I’m actually sort of burned out right now from too much gardening. I’ll never get all of the trimming done. I’ve been at it for days. Japanese Beetles have arrived, so I took a deep breath and trimmed ALL of the blooms off of my roses so that I can spray them with a Neem oil mix tonight. Heading out of town for the weekend as the Musician is playing tomorrow evening.


    LOL, that’s okay Cameron! 😉 That is too funny about you telling Hubby he can’t buy anymore plants. There is always lots to do, I try to accomplish certain tasks everyday & there’s always tomorrow for the others. Ewww…don’t tell me the Japanese beetles have arrived! That’s all we need, I finally got the blackspot undercontrol. 😦 Have a nice trip this weekend, good luck to the Musician on his gig.


  21. This post cracks me up! I can’t walk into even a grocery store without wanting to buy plants:)

    lol, glad I could give you a chuckle today Jen. 🙂


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