Walking the Noland Trail

Noland Trail page

Earlier this year I mentioned that me & Hubby were trying to make healthier life choices.  We haven’t given up on that resolution either.  In fact we’ve been actively achieving these goals slowly by cutting out the processed food and getting plenty of exercise weekly.  We found another wonderful place to walk that is a short drive from the house.  It’s a nature preserve smack in the middle of the city.  The paths have been gently carved out in these wooded acres to make a 5 mile hike that is enjoyable as well.   This week I remembered my camera to capture some of the sights along the way to share with all of you.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Noland Trail Wildlife page

The amount of wildlife that call this nature preserve home is astounding.  Here’s just a few of the residents that happily live in these woods.  I know the shot of the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail is a bit blurry.  He was flitting around like crazy before he landed in this deeply shaded spot. 

The Noland Trail Plants page

Here’s some shots of the local vegetation.  From upper L-R across & down are: some type of Thistle, Gooseneck Loosestrife growing near water, an unknown wildflower, a gully of Swordferns, and a mass of Hellebores.  I also saw huge patches of Mayapples that had gone to fruit as well as trees & shrubs like Dogwoods and Azaleas.  For more information about this wonderful area you can click here.


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  1. What a fantastic place Racquel! How lucky you are to have it close by. I’d love to walk here. Good for you keeping up with the healthy choices. I stop and start, stop and start. But keep trying. Someday!

    It really is a wonderful place to take a walk, mix things up a bit you know? Thanks we are really trying hard this time around, hope we keep to it. 🙂


  2. Now that makes walking much more pleasurable. In areas like this you can walk miles before you even realize it. Thanks for sharing this trail that I would otherwise never get to see.

    It really did make the time go so quickly that’s for sure. You are quite welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed it too. 🙂


  3. Oh how I would love to have a place like this to walk that is convenient to my home. Glad you and hubbie are keeping up your healthy lifestyles.

    Thanks for taking us along on your hike.

    Thanks Susie, it really is a pleasure having a bit of the wilderness smack in the middle of my city. 🙂 You’ve inspired me a bit this year with all your running & hiking.


  4. I’m so out of shape I don’t know if I could do a five mile hike. Good for you for sticking to your guns! I’m trying to do better, but I “backslide” on the weekends. 😦

    Sure you could, on a trail like this you don’t even feel like your working out most of the time. 😉 Thanks Randy, we are really trying to stick to it this time around. We feel better too.


  5. When a walk is as beautiful as yours, it is much easier to get up and go! What wonderful flora and fauna! Five miles is a great distance to go. Just always take plenty of water. Have you looked into carrying a water platypus, which is flat and fits inside a backpack?


    It really makes it more enjoyable & less like exercising that’s for sure. We actually have one of those devices, it’s called a Camelback. 🙂


  6. Good for you and hubby! I don’t usually go to the Noland Trail, though even driving by it is pretty. Love the turtles on the log.

    Thanks Janet, we really enjoyed it. We are trying to get up there 1-2 times a week. 🙂


  7. After talking with you this morning the hubby and I have decided to make our Nature Preserve part of our daily walks … I will remember to take my camera 🙂 You got some great shots daughter, love the turtles sunning themselves on the sunken log.”

    That’s great Mom, look forward to seeing your photos of your Nature Preserve. Thanks, I like the turtles too. 🙂


  8. Every year we buy a membership to Brookfield Zoo; one of my favorite things to do there is hike around the lake and check out Dragonfly Marsh. Looks like you have your own version of that!

    That’s a wonderful way to spend the day Laura. Thanks for stopping by today. 🙂


  9. Wow, what great wildlife you saw, and what an ice place to go for a walk!

    Thanks Monica, I was amazed at all the wildlife too. 🙂


  10. Beautiful photos, Racquel! I’m impressed that you and Hubby are walking five miles–you must have been working up to this for quite awhile. Of course, walking in scenery like this would certainly make the time fly by.

    Thanks Rose, I’m so glad I remembered my camera this week. We have been working towards this for sometime, we were quite out of shape. It really did make it go quicker seeing all that natural beauty. 🙂


  11. I don’t think I enjoyed it quite as much as you, but did enjoy it just the same. What a great spot to walk and a bonus it is so close.

    Thanks so much for info on the collages. I may give it a try. Right now I’ve been a bit swamped. Maybe once the garden is finally planted and I can relax.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it Tina. It really is a lovely place to walk, so peaceful and beautiful. No problem, once you get some time have fun playing around with it. 🙂


  12. I just heard on WHRV today that there will be a series of concerts by the lake, and I think they said on Thursdays. The Mariner’s Museum is offering free admission after 4 before the concerts. They will also be offering adult beverages if you need one after your walk.

    That’s interesting bit of info there Les. Too bad Hubby works afternoons on Thursdays, we could go for a later walk & then enjoy the free entertainment. 🙂


  13. I can walk and walk at these natural areas and have the best time…it never feels like work or exercise; even though it is a great workout! The small purplish blue flower on the right of the collage is ruellia, sometimes called wild petunia. gail

    Me too Gail, so many wonderful views & things to see along the way. Duh, I should of known that was a Ruellia since I have one in my garden. 😉


  14. I feel like I went on the walk with you! Thanks for taking me along–it was beautiful!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the walk with us Linda. 🙂


  15. Hi Racquel, good for you both. I’ve made that commitment to a healthier lifestyle and broken it several times. It is great you both chose to do this together. You are there to reinforce the other.

    A beautiful, peaceful place to walk. I would be so busy snapping photos, I wouldn’t get much walking done.


    Thanks Marnie, the only way I can stick to something like this is to have a partner to encourage me. lol, I kept stopping so I had to tell hubby to keep on going & I would catchup with him. Lots of running for me. 😉


  16. Gorgeous trail…enjoyed these pics! Makes me want to go for a hike in the North Georgia mountains…I way over due! 🙂 Susan

    I’m glad you enjoyed the photos Susan. Sounds like I’ve motivated you to do some hiking soon. 🙂


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