View of the Garden in June

As you can see some beds are just starting to come into their peak season this summer, while some are in between flushes of color.  For example the Rose Garden has Knockout Roses which just finished their first flush of blooms recently.  In some beds, like the Pecan Bed and Fountain Beds, I rely on foliage color to keep them interesting all season long.  The only bed that wasn’t represented was the Woodland Garden which is filling in nicely on one end while the other is still a work in progress since the patterns of sunlight are different in three areas of this bed.  Hope you enjoyed my slideshow of the garden in June today.  🙂


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  1. It is all beautiful Racquel–love the day lilies! But, guess you know where you would find me if I were there! : ) It remains my favorite!

    Thank you Linda. If you were closer you could come have coffee in the Arbor Garden every morning! 😉


  2. Lovely … hard to pick a favorite this time of the year with all the blooms going on, but I am partial to the Hydrangeas 🙂

    Thanks Mom, I’m a bit partial to the Hydrangeas myself. 🙂


  3. I think I need to see these gardens in person!! They look wonderful. It is funny that you did a slideshow, I was Googling how to do that last night. (Apparently it is not too hard!) Your hydrangeas look great, love the blue! 🙂

    After getting the treat of seeing your garden Janet I would love for you to come see mine. Anytime! Thanks, if you want to know how to do it here is the url:


  4. Racquel .. I loved the show girl ! .. everything looks so good and healthy and growing wonderfully. You have such a nice large area to wander about and look at the different planting and beds you have created : ) .. I think I better organize a show like this too .. you inspired me girl !

    Hi Joy, I’m glad you enjoyed my slideshow today. The ample amount of rainfall we’ve had this year has really made the garden lush & healthy. 🙂 If I could talk hubby into it we would have more garden & less grass, lol. But the dogs need an area to play in the backyard too.


  5. Looks great! I like the slideshow very much. What is the yellow blooming thing in the border garden? It is neat.

    Thanks Tina, I’m glad you enjoyed the show. 🙂 That yellow flower is Euphorbia polychroma or Cushion Spurge. It’s everywhere in my garden since it is easy to divide.


  6. You have so many nice gardens! I like the different themed areas. The Arbor Garden looks so inviting.


    Thank you Cameron, I figured the different areas needed names to distinguish them from each other. 🙂


  7. Good morning Racquel. Enjoyed the slide show. Those cannas look so nice even when not blooming. Wonderful leaf color. Loved how the slide show worked, like pages in a book turning.

    Good Morning Marnie. I’m glad you enjoyed the show today. 🙂 Those Cannas are wonderful, the blooms aren’t that special so I grow them for the beautiful foliage. Thanks I thought this ‘Yearbook Theme’ worked well for showing the different areas.


  8. Racquel,

    Your gardens are looking great! I’m still tweaking and laying mulch down in many of mine. The arbor garden really stands out!

    Thanks Dave, I need to tweak a few of my beds still and the mulch is breaking down fast this season.


  9. Racquel you have such nice and tidy beds/lawn. Your home is one of those that people drive by and go “look how pretty that is”.

    Thank you Susie! How sweet are you! 🙂


  10. The slide shows are so fun–I don’t even have to page down! 🙂

    Thanks Monica, I’m glad you enjoyed the ease of the slideshow today! 😉


  11. Racquel, I loved the slideshow. Your garden is so beautiful!

    Thank you Kanak! I’m glad you enjoyed the slideshow of my garden. 🙂


  12. Perfection is what you have created! If only……….

    What a nice compliment Darla! 😉 If only what?


  13. Your gardens are really pretty and do look very full. I really enjoyed the slide show.

    Thanks Catherine, some of the more established ones like the Border Garden & Arbor Garden are fuller than others. 🙂


  14. Posted by skeeter on June 8, 2009 at 11:16 am

    Great Slide show! Everything is growing so well for you and looking wonderful!

    Thank you Skeeter. I’m pleased with most of the garden beds this season. 🙂


  15. I’ve never tried to do a slide show on my blog before but what a terrific way to show a lot of areas/plants. I want to sit at your patio table and relax ~ it looks so pretty there. Everything is looking so great Racquel. Your raised beds look good too. I tried one this year, it’s in the center of my backyard tho and is kind of stalled out at the moment. Too much cool, rainy weather for squash & tomatoes I think??

    Thanks Kathleen, it’s quite easy actually. Just go to and it works with Blogger, WordPress, Typepad etc. 🙂 That is my favorite spot to sit & just look at the garden. I’m sure once it warms up a bit your raised bed will perk back up and start growing like crazy.


  16. Your gardens look simply beautiful, Racquel!

    Why thank you Nancy! 🙂


  17. Excellent Racquel…the beds look great (and the slide show is quite clever). The in between times are green here Nashville …very green! But i see that a few daylilies are opening; there’s hope. gail

    Thank you Gail, I’m glad you liked my slideshow presentation of the garden. We have times like that here too, mainly in the spring though. Yay for the Daylillies, they’ll save the day with some color. 😉


  18. Such a great slide show!! Looks beautiful!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the slideshow Kara. Thanks for stopping by today! 😉


  19. Everything has really filled in and looks beautiful!!! The slideshow was fun(-:

    Thanks Cindee, I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😉


  20. What a great way to see your garden. Thanks for the show.

    You are quite welcome Les, glad you enjoyed it! 🙂


  21. That was a nice slide-show of your garden world….a view of the whole landscape. I have to say your gardens look much neater than ours! The arbor garden is my favorite from the pictures — such an inviting “room” effect.

    Thank you Chris! I’m glad you enjoyed the slideshow. That seems to be everyone’s favorite garden, including mine. 😉


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