Morning Magic

Rosa 'Morning Magic'

Rosa 'Morning Magic'

My newest climbing rose is from the breeder of the Knockout series.  It is a small compact climber reaching only 6-8 feet in height.  In addition it is extremely resistant to black spot and repeat blooms throughout the summer into fall.   Another positive is that it is winter hardy to zone 5.   The habit seems to be bushy and no signs of disease or pests so far.  The blooms are a pretty shell like pink that really look ethereal in the morning light.  Unfortunately it has no scent that I’ve noticed.  However it looks great on the other side of my arch in the Arbor Garden.  In fact it looks better than it’s companion ‘Bonica’ on the opposite side.  It is currently suffering from a severe case of being stripped of  disease ridden foliage due to heavy rains this spring.  Therefore I am considering moving ‘Bonica’ to another location this fall and replacing it with a second Morning Magic for a nice full & healthy arbor of blooms.  If it’s anything like my Knockouts it will be a welcome addition to my garden for many years to come.  🙂

Update:  Due to rain I wasn’t able to detect any fragrance yesterday but today I did notice a slight sweet scent on Rosa ‘Morning Magic’.  Another great bonus from a hardy disease resistant climber.



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  1. Racquel that looks like a beautiful rose girl ! I can’t seem to find the Knockout series here at all for some reason .. I may if I ask for a special order. I have stuck to the Canadian “Morden” series which I hope they will develope a climber in soon. Now those ones are VERY winter hardy being developed in Manitoba ! haha

    It really is a pretty little climber that should work out great on my small arch. They might not be hardy in your area Joy that could be why you haven’t found them. They are only winter hardy to zone 5. I’ll have to check out your Canadian Morden Series, I’ve never heard of them. Hope they make a climber soon. 😉


  2. The shell like pink looks beautiful. Reason enough to add another one to your garden:)

    Thanks Kanak, I love this delicate shade of pink. 🙂


  3. What a great Rose! I need to look into climbing roses….man when the computer has issues it’s heck trying to catch up!!

    I’m quite pleased with it Darla. Your lattice fencing would be a good area for some climbers. It really is tough being without a computer, hope it gets straightened out soon. 🙂


  4. That is a very pretty color too! Sounds like a perfect choice.

    Thanks Janet, I’m pleased with this new rose so far. 🙂


  5. It’s so pretty with that sweet blush. I will keep an eye for it. No bad foliage is always a good thing for roses.

    Thanks Tina. If you are interested I mail ordered it through Jung Seed Company. You are so right, clean foliage is a wonderful benefit. 🙂


  6. I’ve not heard of the climbing KO and it sure is lovely. For the first time, I noticed a faint sweet fragrance on the first blooms of my KO Radrazz this year. The fragrance only lasted a day or two even though they’ve been blooming non-stop since then. I thought I was crazy, but my husband confirmed the fragrance on the first days and none later.


    Thanks Cameron, I found it in the Jung Seed Company catalog this past winter & had to have it. 🙂 I noticed a slight fragrance on my Knockouts this spring too. Especially in the early morning or early evening.


  7. Oh how pretty. I really love climbing roses, but I just couldn’t plant a rose without scent. To me it is really their raison d’etre. I might forgive a good arbor rose though. Maybe. :>

    Thanks Daphne, actually I was mistaken about the lack of scent. It has a light fruity fragrance and with that clean foliage it’s a keeper. 🙂


  8. Really pretty–and what a good rose to have. What is in the background Racquel? (to the left) It almost looks like a cream brulee coreopsis.

    Thanks Linda, that’s actually a stand of Liatris you see in the background. 🙂


  9. Love those knockout roses! Didn’t know there was a climber. The color is really perfect. Good idea to move the fussy one…your arbor will be stunning with two of these beauties.

    Me too Balisha, less work & more blooms. 🙂 I just found this beauty this past winter from Jung Seed Co. and had to order it. Thanks I think it will too.


  10. Pure morning magic indeed Racquel, really pretty.

    Greetings from Tyra in THE GREENHOUSE

    Thank you Tyra, the name says it all doesn’t it? 🙂


  11. A climbing knock out….no way ! That;s a gotta have. Your Arbor garden must be beautiful.

    That’s what I was thinking when I saw it in the Jung catalog this past winter. Thanks Patsi! 😉


  12. What a lovely bloom, I really have to look for a knockout rose 🙂

    Thanks Mom, they really are wonderful roses. 😉


  13. I love how soft the pink color looks. Glad it has a little fragrance for you.

    Thanks Susie, I’m pleased with the color & light scent. 🙂


  14. Such a soft shade of pink on this climber! The foliage looks great too! I’m enjoying my roses in bloom but most of my foliage are eaten up by aphids…the sprays haven’t worked too well this spring…even my knockout…which is supposed to be easy care…doesn’t look good. Enjoy your roses, Racquel!


    Thanks Lynn. It’s been a good year for Roses here this year other than the Hybrid Teas which are suffering from Blackspot since we’ve had lots of rain.


  15. oooh, gorgeous color Racquel. You know I love that and it’s a double bonus that it repeat blooms all summer. We are lucky that we don’t have to worry about disease, black spot, rust, etc., in this dry climate but I know that’s a BIG bonus for you. Have a great weekend.

    I knew you would love this shade of pink since it is your favorite color in the garden Kathleen. 🙂 It has lots of benefits and the disease factor is a big bonus you’re right. Have a wonderful weekend in the garden.


  16. I didn’t know there was a climbing rose from the breeder of the Knockout series. That would certainly be one I would look for! I love the blushing pink color, too.

    Neither did I until I saw it in the Jung Seed Company catalog this past winter. I just knew then & there I had to have this pretty pink rose. 🙂


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