Squash, Beans and Peppers

'Park's Straightneck' Squash

'Park's Straightneck' Squash

Is it my imagination or is that a small yellow squash forming under that spent bloom?  Look at all those buds forming, such hope and promise. 

'Kentucky Wonder' Pole Beans

'Kentucky Wonder' Pole Beans

My pole beans are growing nicely on their upside down tomato cages.   Do you think 3 tubs was enough? lol  I really love beans and I’m hoping for a decent harvest this summer. 

Green Bell Pepper

Green Bell Pepper

My little bell pepper is getting alittle bigger everyday.  I have lots of blooms, but some are turning yellow and falling off.  Since I’ve never grown peppers before I’m baffled.  Does anyone know why they would do that?  We’ve been getting alot of rain this month.  I wonder if that’s the problem.  So far so good with the veggies, no signs of tomatoes yet, just blooms.  🙂


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  1. Posted by greenwalks on June 1, 2009 at 12:24 am

    Hm, I’m no expert on peppers, so can’t help you there. I hope you get a great harvest from the beans – can’t tell how many plants per pot you have but if they grow tall as expected, I’m sure you will have plenty. That’s one cute pepper!

    That’s okay Karen. Thanks I hope I get a great harvest of beans this year too. 🙂 Actually I have four plants per pot and these are extra large cages so they should be tall enough.


    • Posted by Joe Snyder on June 14, 2012 at 10:41 pm

      I’ve read up on pepper plants some and it looks like epsons salt is the answer to healthy plants lots of blooms and large healthy fruit. You can apply it to the top of you soil now just covering it with loose soil and you can also spray the foliage. I’ve grew the giant marconi last year and this year and by far since I starting using the Epson salt the Marconi pepper has reached its full potential. the Epson salt is also good for tomatoes and various other plant. research it like I did and there are folks out there that are more versed than I am.


  2. Hi Racquel~~ I too am no expert on peppers either but I know an eensy bit of botany. The flowers falling off could be the male flowers–just like on the squash. Only the female flowers will produce fruit. It looks like you’ll be eating well this summer. Yum.

    Thanks for that information Grace, I never thought of it that way. I hope you are right about eating well this summer! 🙂


  3. Looking good!

    Thanks Janet! 🙂


  4. Wow your beans are really growing …. I had the same problem with my peppers last year, that is why I passed on them this year. The squash plant looks good and healthy!

    Thanks Mom, once they start they just keep on going. 🙂 Kentucky Wonders are so easy & disease resistant I enjoy growing them. Plus they are pretty tasty too. I’m not giving up on my peppers yet, the Jalapenos seem to be doing a bit better. Yep I hope to get a nice harvest of squash this season too.


  5. Racquel .. that may be the problem .. the soil is wet constantly ? or a great deal of the time and not enough heat with the sunshine lacking for a few days ? .. I know we have had a lot of days without good heat and sun .. some veggies NEED that to produce good solid peppers especially .. we have gone COLD and gray here with more rain .. the weather is not normal for us at all !

    Earlier in the month it was that way Joy, but now it’s just hot as well you know! 😉 I think they are just being a bit fussy at the moment. No cold & gray weather here, summer has arrived kicking and screaming in my parts.


  6. Looks like you have a baby squash! Don’t worry about getting too many beans–they freeze so well and are so easy to freeze–you’ll have beans all winter! 🙂
    Have a great day Racquel!

    Aren’t they cute! 🙂 I’m not worried about getting too many what with two big old boys to help eat them, lol. Hope I get plenty to freeze for the winter months that’s all. Thanks Linda.


  7. Your garden is thriving. I’m so glad you posted those upside down cages. I’m going to borrow your idea for my sugar snap peas;)

    Thanks Marnie, feel free to borrow my upside down cages idea. 🙂


  8. I don’t know about the pepper, but some of the comments above sound good. If you want MORE peppers, grow banana peppers. Oh, my are those things prolific. I think I got about 30 peppers off my one plant last year, and they were all good sized.

    Doesn’t it feel good to see things growing and to see baby veggies appearing?

    Thanks for the suggestion Kim, I almost bought two Banana Pepper plants a couple of weeks ago. Kicking myself now, but there is always next year! 😉 That is quite a harvest from one plant. It feels great to grow my own food, can’t wait to eat it now, lol.


  9. Oh there are so many things that can cause flower drop in peppers. It is very common early in the season when the plants are smaller. This prevents them from setting too many fruit that the plant can’t support. If it happens later it is usually caused by stress on the plant for a myriad of issues – too much or too little water, too much nitrogen, too hot or too cold, excessively windy – really anything that can stress a plant. Since you had a lot of rain recently it would be a good bet.

    Thanks for the helpful information Daphne. I knew someone out there would be more educated about these things than myself. I’m an amateur vegetable gardener at best. 🙂


  10. Looking good!! Don’t know why, just know that the blooms fall off sometimes. Make sure it’s getting plenty of sunshine to go along with that rainl!!

    Thanks Darla. Here lately we’ve had a bout of nice warm sunshine, so hopefully it all balances out soon. 🙂


  11. Posted by skeeter on June 1, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    Our squash did not do so well last year. I guess the male female bloom thing was going on as we had tons of blooms but few veggies. We also lost some pepper blooms. Not sure of that as this has never happen to us before.

    My squash plant did well last year until the dreaded squash borer set in mid summer. 😦 Thanks for stopping by Skeeter.


  12. Love that tomato cage idea. How clever!

    Thanks Balisha! 🙂


  13. It all looks great! Hope you harvest tons of beans! And squash! And tomatos! I planted 2 tomato plants. Last yr. I actually had the tomato cage in the pot, the right way…but then, because they got so tall, I added more cages by taking one, turning it upside down, and wiring it to the bottom one. The tomatos continued to grow up it and were still supported further up. I like being creative with things too!

    Thanks Jan, I hope you get a huge harvest too! 🙂 I’ve done that layering of cages in the past too, it’s a good way to give them the extra support they need. We are creative aren’t we, lol!


  14. Good to see your vegetables doing well. Our beans are only just above the ground and the squash have probably been killed by cold weather. Good thing we have extras waiting to take over….our new summer squash plants should be fine – just a little later this year.

    I’m sure you will get a lot beans — then you’ll know how many you need next year.


  15. Posted by CornDog on January 13, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    Banana pepers are freakishly prolific. I haven’t had ANY luck with tomatoes, but my Granny has. She has three cherry tomato plants and you can get three pounds of tomatos some days. I think it helps if you plant them in the ground and fertilize them. Hope you have a good harvest…!


  16. Posted by Nicole Eldridge on June 9, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    i came across your website when I searched Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans. I was wondering if you know why my beans are not flowering. They are really tall (at least 5 feet), and are healthy looking but have no flowers? this is the first year I have planted them so I
    don’y know much about them.

    thanks –


  17. Posted by Stephanie on May 23, 2013 at 6:16 pm

    how many beans did u plant per bucket? i’m thinkin i’m gonna give that a shot this yr. 😀


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