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Well the new little additions to my garden that I picked up yesterday with Janet are all tucked into the garden.  I thought I would share their new homes with all of you.  I patted myself on the back yesterday for being frugal with my purchases, but now I wish I had picked up at least 2 more of those cute little yellow Superbells ‘Saffron’  for the front edge of the New Garden.   Isn’t that how it always goes, should of, would of, could of.  lol  They should make a nice sprawling groundcover in front of the purplish-pink Angelonia.  Don’t you think?  The teeny tiny Caladium humboldtii was a perfect accent for the patio shade container.   It looks great combined with the green foliage of the Dicentra ‘Rosea’.  After planting the Eucomis cormosa (Pineapple Lily) I noticed how the burgundy stem picked up on the foliage of the Heucera ‘Plum Pudding’ as well as the purplish stems of the Lobelia ‘Vedraiensis’ behind it.  That worked out well on my part.  lol  🙂  Hope everyone is having a good weekend in the garden.


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  1. Nice job Racquel. I’ve been eyeing those Pineapple Lilies for a while now. Thinking I “need” one but I’ll watch yours and see how it does first! Can it overwinter in the ground there? I think I’d have to haul it into my basement here? Anyway, nice new plants and good job planting them already.

    Thanks Kathleen. According to the research I’ve done it is hardy in zones 7-11. Which means it should be hardy here. You could grow yours in a container & overwinter it in your basement. I think I should of planted mine in a sunnier spot though. Maybe I’ll mulch it good this winter to make sure, huh? 🙂


  2. Posted by greenwalks on May 31, 2009 at 2:11 am

    I love that pineapple lily, so exotic and tropical looking! Is it hardy in your zone? Same question as Kathleen, I just now see. You are so good, always getting everything into the ground right away (unlike untidy me). That’s probably why your plants look so much healthier than mine! Gorgeous weather here, everything is growing like gangbusters!

    Thanks Karen, it does have a tropical look about it doesn’t it. According to the research some say hardy in zones 7-11 (I’m 7b) and some say zones 8-11. I’ll give it alittle protection this winter and we’ll see. Maybe I should of waited a bit on this one though since I think it needs more sun than it’s going to get here. Oh well, I can always move it later, huh? 🙂


  3. Very nice. It’s going to be gorgeous when it all fills in.

    Thank you Darla, that’s what I’m hoping for anyhow. The Pecan bed was redone last fall so some of the plants aren’t even a year old yet. And the new garden is only a year old but the annuals will help fill in until the perennials get more mature. 🙂


  4. Your plantings looks great Racquel! The Saffron stands out well, good color. I got mine in the ground yesterday. I was able to divide my little Caladiums into two clumps. 🙂

    Thanks Janet. I’m pleased with the yellow color of the Saffron, thanks for helping me decide on this one. 🙂 I almost thought of separating my clump of Caladiums too, but I didn’t.


  5. They look good – I think you found the right spots for them. Want to come help me? LOL.

    Thanks Kim, I hope they like their new homes. 🙂 Sure I would love to come help you, lol.


  6. Posted by mothernaturesgarden on May 31, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    The super bells will fill in nicely.

    Thank you Donna! 😉


  7. I like the way you plant the Lily then notice the relationship with surrounding plants. Any planting design miracles I achieve are always accidental – just like yours 🙂
    I like the foliage on the Caladium – I prefer green and white to green and yellow.

    Thanks EG, isn’t that just the way it goes. lol 😉 I prefer the green & white too.


  8. That IS the way it goes Racquel. But now you have reason to go back! 🙂
    Everything looks great. I love the new plants you bought. Hope to see pictures later in the summer too.

    So true Linda, so true. 🙂 Maybe I can talk hubby into a short ride back over to Gloucester this week.
    Thanks, I promise to share their progress this season.


  9. Great spots for all your plants, love the pot!

    Thanks Mom, I’m glad you loved the pot. 🙂


  10. Wow! What a brilliant idea to put your beans on upside down tomato cages! Now I know what to do with my extra ones! Thanks! And, oh, I so know the excitement of waiting to see if there will be a little bulge below the flowering squashes and pumpkins. Sometimes it’s the later ones that pop, right? Kathryn xoxo

    Thanks Kathryn! I’m glad you liked my upside down tomato towers. The credit has to be equally shared with hubby though. He figured out how to mount them to the containers, lol. 🙂 It really works out well for the beans, so feel free to borrow the idea. 🙂 I just love watching all the new baby veggies grow and can’t wait to eat them.


  11. Posted by skeeter on June 1, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    Everyone looks so cozy in their new beds!

    Thanks Skeeter, I hope they love their new homes. 😉


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