Road Trip with Janet!

Brent & Becky's Display Garden page

I met up with Janet this morning for a short excursion out to Brent and Becky’s Bulbs  in Gloucester, VA.  We were going to visit Les at Smithfield Gardens, but he was off today.  So we will be visiting you Les another time which just means we will get to take another roadtrip. 🙂  We had a good time exploring the display gardens and picking out new goodies to bring home.  It was also fun seeing plant combinations such as the two Asiatic Lillies in the photo collage above.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find a name for these two but I love how the dark colored pink is echoed on the edge of the Lily in front.  The Foxtail Lillies above caught my eye as well, this particular one is called ‘Cleopatra’ and there was a yellow in the photo below called ‘Lemon Meringue’ .  I will be ordering both of these for fall planting. Plants of interest page

In the display bulb field the varieties are labeled so if something was blooming it was nice to look down and see the name.  The Alliums had interesting seed heads as well as blooms.  And me and Janet couldn’t figure out why the Mimosa Tree in the upper left photo had this lime green foliage, this lighter foliage looked like blooms from a distance.   It doesn’t look like the weedy Mimosa we see growing along the road everywhere.  Could it be the new growth that is lighter in tone? 

New Plants for the Garden

We also stopped at another nursery we spotted on the way back .  Here’s my new purchases from both places, I showed great restraint don’t you thing? lol   They are as follows: the two yellow bloomers are Proven Winners Superbells ‘Saffron’ or Calibrachoa, Eucomis comosa (Pineapple Lily) in the back, and the tiny white & green foliage is Caladium humboldtii.  Isn’t it a cutie?  🙂  Sorry I realized after I uploaded this photo it was a bit blurry.


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  1. Sounds like fun! Wish I could have joined you guys! Maybe sometime;-)

    It was fun Jan & we would love to have you join us sometime. Hopefully before Janet moves to SC next year. 😉


  2. Yes Racquel~~ That caladium foliage is to die for! Second to spending time in my own garden, visiting nurseries is one of my all time joys. Looks like you and Janet had a blast.

    I knew you would love it too Grace. 😉 Yep that’s my second favorite pasttime too and I got to take a peek at Janet’s garden which was fun & educational as well. She has some nice plants too.


  3. Road trips can be fun. I’ve only spent about 20 minutes at one garden mart this year…gotta get out there.
    Proven Winners seem to always be good plants.

    Yes they can Patsi. Only 20 minutes? You really have been depriving yourself girl! lol PW plants are the best, they never fail in the garden. 🙂


  4. Sounds like so much fun Racquel! Two garden bloggers in the local area meeting up for some plant shopping. Yup, definitely my type of a day!

    It really was fun Tina, and next time maybe I’ll get to meet a 3rd local blogger. 🙂


  5. Hi guys! We both bought some fun plants. I will get mine posted in a few. Racquel didn’t mention my car died…..twice!! So tomorrow after I hand over lots of $$ I will have a new alternator.
    Had a good time none the less! Fun getting to visit in person. We will get to bother Les another time.

    So it was your alternator afterall. I wasn’t going to mention that Janet, but I was hoping it was something simple like not getting a good connection due to corrosion. It was fun anyhow and next time I’ll drive when we go bother Les, ok? 🙂


  6. I know you girls must of had a great time. That is a cute little caladium. Never seen it before.

    We really did have a nice time today Susie. Isn’t it the sweetest little thing! I had never seen it before either and I’m not fond of Caladiums normally, but this one is so cute. 🙂


  7. Glad you had a good time, love the superbells .. so dainty 🙂

    Thanks Mom, aren’t they sweet, their tiny bells! 🙂


  8. I am glad you two had a good time, and I am glad you will come see me one day when I am working. This will give a little time to get the place picked up before you get there. Could the Mimosa be a Sunburst Honeylocust or a Mimosa in need of fertilizer. I tried to enlarge but it did not help the ID.

    Thanks Les. I look forward to our next trip when we get to see you. 🙂 I’ve never been to Smitfield Gardens, so it will be fun to see what you have & maybe bring more goodies home. Hmm, that’s a good question. I assumed it was a Mimosa but you could be right. Sorry the collages aren’t capable of being enlarged. We meant to ask about that tree when we were inside & forgot.


  9. Racquel,
    Sounds like you had a good time. I’ve never seen a mimosa tree do that… it could be one of those ney hybrids. You know they have the Chocolate Mimosa they sell in store now, maybe this is new?

    Hi Randy, yes we did have a good time. I’ve never seen a Mimosa do this either. That’s a good suggestion you brought up too. Don’t know, I meant to ask before we left but forgot. 🙂


  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful day Racquel. I love your you know where you will plant them? You have so many options in your yard. Have fun finding them the perfect spot!
    Have a great weekend!

    We really did Linda. 🙂 Thanks, yep I actually have them all planted now. I will have to take some photos so I can show you all their new locations. I hope you have a great weekend too!


  11. How nice to get to visit B&B’s. Thanks for sharing. Many a plant in my garden came from them.

    The funny part is Kim I’ve ordered from them for years and this was my first visit. They are only about 20 minutes from my house, lol. 😉


  12. I know that was fun. The mimosas new growth is a lighter green, we have those trees everywhere here. Very invasive. Love your new plant purchases, yes, you did show great restraint.

    It really was Darla. 😉 Thanks I didn’t realize that their new growth came in much lighter. We have them everywhere here too, very weedy tree. Yep I could of gone hog wild in both nurseries, lol. 😉


  13. Sounds like a great day! Some great plant finds.


    Thanks Cameron, it was a great day! 😉


  14. What a pretty place Racquel! I planted fox tail lily ‘Cleopatra’ last fall and I’m even more excited for it to bloom after seeing your photo. Only one bloom head but it will still be great. Looks like a great place to order bulbs and all the more fun to go with a fellow blogger. 🙂

    It really was fun seeing my favorite mail order souce in person. 🙂 I am definitely ordering Cleopatra & Lemon Meringue for fall planting.


  15. Posted by skeeter on June 1, 2009 at 12:42 pm

    Ah, you ladies had a nice road trip! You did show restraint and I am impressed. I tend to buy more then I should with others around as they may spot something my eyes did not see. 🙂


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