Tour of the front beds in May

I spend the majority of my time in my backyard in the summer due to the heat.  The front beds are looking fabulous this year so I thought they deserved a chance in the limelight for a change.  So here’s a quick tour of the Rose Bed, Foundation Beds and Border Bed:  (all photos can be enlarged by clicking on them)

Border & Rose Garden Beds 5-15-09

Border & Rose Garden Beds 5-15-09

Although the Peonies in the Border Bed are long since spent there are other things that will soon open such as the Drumstick Alliums, Asiatic Lillies and Coneflowers.  Currently the Daylily ‘Stella’ is putting on a great show at the front of this bed.  The Rose Garden is filled with two hybrid Peace Roses, Knockouts, Purple Coneflowers, Purple Blazing Star and the Phlox ‘Robert Poore’.  My plan is the deepen this bed by at least 18″ – 2′ in the future. 

Foundation Bed

Foundation Bed 5-15-09

 As you can see the front foundation bed is pretty simple and low maintenance.  I have a white flowering Buddleia, four ‘Emerald & Gold’ Euonymous, and three Clematis ‘Niobe’ planted here.  ‘Niobe’ seems to be happy in her new home on the double white trellises and has already climbed almost half way up.  The Buddleia is cut back 12-16″ from the ground every spring and it  tops out at about 7′ come summer.  When I finally have the time I plan on expanding this bed (maybe in the fall) to include the sidewalk. On the other side of the steps you can just barely make out the other smaller foundation bed which is filled with Nandinas, Canna ‘Purpurea’,  Creeping Phlox, Solidago ‘Fireworks’ and Euphorbia polychroma (Cushion Spurge).   It also has a small waterfall fountain that I enjoy listening to early in the morning while sitting on the stoop with a cup of coffee.  Hope you enjoyed the tour!  🙂

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  1. They look very nice and neat and tidy. Mine look like a jungle.

    Thanks Deb, you want me to come down to TX & help you get them tidy again? 😉


  2. Oh it’s all so neat and tidy. Just beautiful. Including the sidewalk will make a great addition to that front bed.

    Thanks Darla, I really think it will make the sidewalk not look like it is just floating out there in space. 😉


  3. Yes, they do look tidy and oh, so pretty. Makes me think I need to get busy!

    Thanks Kim, I’ve seen your beds and they are pretty neat & tidy too. 🙂


  4. Racquel .. I think you are managing your garden amazingly ! .. Everything is so neat and tidy .. we are still in the throws of getting a landscape company in to brick my perennial beds for us .. plus the shed is still on hold until our shed-guy gets back .. so things are piled up on the patio half in and out of a big blue tarp (I think it is all getting to me again .. can I come over to your place and enjoy it with you ? ) LOL ! .. Hey .. I have Niobe too and I’m waiting for her to grace me with some nice blooms : )

    Why thank you Joy! I can’t wait to see all the finished brickwork that is going around your perennial beds, that will make for a very neat & tidy garden. Sure, feel free to come over to my place to catch your breath & take a load off, lol! You will love Niobe, she is a prolific bloomer and my easiest Clemmie. 🙂


  5. Your garden borders are so neat and tidy! You have such control! 🙂

    I love your combinations and look forward to following the blooms. I do hope you’ll take photos from the same spot each month so we can see the progression. You’ve got some great plants in those beds!


    What a nice compliment coming from the Queen of beautiful gardens! Thanks Cameron! 🙂 I actually have been taking a progression of photos of the Arbor Garden since January but I will try to remember to take shots of the front garden beds to show all of you. 🙂


  6. Don’t you just love the cushion spurge? Its color is so vibrant and even after bloom, cut back, it still delivers a lot of foliage all season.

    It really is a great perennial. I picked up my first clump of it 10 years ago at a garage sale (believe it or not) for 50 cents. Since then I have divided and multiplied it 20 times over. After it blooms I cut it back and it gets bushier and just keeps on looking great throughout the hot months of summer. 🙂


  7. Your gardens are very pretty, very neat and orderly– well tended. (maybe you shouldn’t see mine! :-0) Mine are a mess.

    Thanks Janet, I am somewhat OC when it comes to my garden. Sometimes I wish I could let things be a bit more natural, it would be a surprise at least, lol. 😉 I bet yours are neater than you are aware of, we are very hard on ourselves when it comes to our own gardens.


  8. They do look fabulous. Everything is so happy and colorful. Your rework last fall made a nice difference close to the house. Beautiful!

    Thanks Tina, I’m pleased with the work I did on this front bed. There is always more to accomplish though..maybe this fall when it cools off a bit. 🙂


  9. Your beds do look tidy & healthy & lush Racquel. A result of all your efforts and hard work I’m sure. The addition of the white trellis on the front of your house was a great idea. I think it’s very attractive and will be even more so smothered in red blooms from Niobe. I can’t believe your peonies are done already! You’re so far ahead of us. Mine are budding but not close to opening yet!

    Thanks Kathleen, it was some effort getting this area to have the look I was going for but I’m happy with the results so far. Definitely want to expand on that front foundation bed this fall (hopefully) to make space for another row of ornamental shrubs (evergreen). Yep the white trellises help break up that large expanse of brick and Niobe is so happy having all that space to expand. Guess I will get to enjoy a second flush of Peonies via your garden. 🙂


  10. LOL .. my first thought was how tidy your beds look, not a weed in sight : Love the roses!

    Thanks Mom, that’s a nice thought but I’m sure there are some hidden weeds in there. lol 😉


  11. Your front beds are looking great! I’m reading through blotanical, so when I clicked on a photo to see it larger, it got huge! I had to use the scroll bar to see everything.

    Thanks Sue, I guess that made for some interesting viewing! Sorry about that. 🙂


  12. It’s always nice the visit the other beds. You have a great looking front for your home. I bet it will be fun when you finally extend the garden there. We are working on adding to our front garden…hopefully things pull through and put on a show later in the summer.

    Thank you Chris. It will be nice to extend the garden out and give it the much needed curves it needs. 🙂 Can’t wait to see all the work you’ve been doing to your front garden and I hope they put on a great display for your this summer.


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