Welcome back Mr. Sunshine!

Astilbe arendsii - Mother Nature's sparklers

Astilbe arendsii - Mother Nature's sparklers

After six days of rain I was so glad to see the sun come out this morning.  It was a beautiful day and I spent it outside.  There was tons of stuff to do and see.  It started off with watching two little yellow  Finches doing a balancing act on my Allium multibulbosums which was amusing to say the least.  By the time I ran in to get the camera they were gone of course.  I wasn’t aware that ornamental onions attracted these tiny flyers.   Anyhow many things are coming into bloom now and have grown like gangbusters with all this wet weather we’ve had lately.  The Astilbes are such moisture lovers they are really looking their best right now.  In fact all of the shade loving plants in my garden seem quite happy for the most part. 

Pass-a-long Peony (It's a pink one!)

Pass-a-long Peony (It's a pink one!)

The Peonies survived the downpour this week (barely).  Thank goodness for those grow-thru grids I keep over them, otherwise I would have had a sad state of affairs to clean up.  My pass-a-long plant that I moved last fall has the first bud ready to open.  I’m thinking maybe it will tomorrow.  Yay!  It’s definitely pink and I’m wondering if it might be the Sarah Bernhardt which is a popular variety at the local stores. 

Calla Lillies -late risers in the garden

Calla Lillies -late risers in the garden

So with the sun coming out it was time to catch up on some much needed tasks such as mowing the lawn which looked like it had grown 6″ in the past week.  Then there was weeding, deadheading, and well you get the point.  Some late risers that I spotted emerging from the soil were the Calla Lillies.  This is another pass-a-long plant from my neighbor.  I love this particular plant in the shady areas of my garden and spread it around generously last fall. The foliage is a nice deep green with white speckles and the blooms are a creamy white.

Grandma's two-toned Dianthus.

Grandma's two-toned Dianthus.

Believe it or not this is only one plant and yet it has this two toned looked with the pink & white with some of them being a bit of both.  These have been coming up happily in Grandma’s garden bed for a few years now.  Last of all I would like to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day weekend.   🙂


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  1. Happy Mother’s Day weekend to you too. I was very surprised to see the sun today. Your garden and flowers seem to be enjoying the sun. The two-toned Dianthus are gorgeous!

    Hi DP, wasn’t it great to see something other than rain today? 🙂 Thanks!


  2. We are finally getting a break in the rain today too. Yay! Just in time for the weekend! I once tried to grow Astilbe but it was such a water hog I could never keep up with it. Your peony leaves look so healthy and I love the dianthus. It is one of favorite perennials.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you as well! 😀

    Looks like a nice weekend is ahead of us. It will be great to get out there & enjoy the garden again. Astilbe can be quite moisture driven but given ample shade and sometime to mature it does pretty well. Thankfully our springs can be quite wet which is about the time it blooms. I like Dianthus too, it is a nice cool season perennial. 🙂 Thanks Cynthia!


  3. My grass grew a foot from the rain. It was a welcome thing though.(-: Your blooms are looking great!!!!

    Same here Cindee, I know the garden won’t be getting all this moisture come July. 😉 Thanks!


  4. Rain and sunshine! What a magic they do to the plants! Nature has many ways to amuse us. Love your dianthus blooms!

    Such a perfect combination at this time of the year. Everything is really coming to life quickly now. 🙂


  5. Lovely Racquel so now your garden is newly showered and your plants looks really happy too that the sun is back.


    Thanks Tyra, I think the garden was happy to see some sunshine again too. 🙂


  6. Hi Raquel~~ Your peony looks like Sarah to me also. Mine are still tight buds. Funny we live miles and miles away from each other but our weather is so similar. Today was sunny after days and days of rain. I hope your weekend is also sunny.

    Hi Grace, thanks for the confirmation on my Peony. It seems everyone in the country has been having unpredicatable weather lately, it is funny. Have a nice weekend in the garden! 🙂


  7. I have Dianthus that are two-toned as well. Glad the sun is back for you. We may actually break a record high today………….!

    They are pretty aren’t they? 🙂 I’m glad the sun is back in your garden too, stay cool today! 🙂


  8. Enjoy the sunshine, Racquel. Your garden is looking lovely 🙂 Happy Mother’s Dayl!

    Thanks Joey. It’s another beautiful day here in Virginia. Happy Mother’s Day to you too! 😉


  9. My pink peony doesn’t look ready to bloom yet. However, I haven’t checked it today! The garden is so lovely right now. Lush and beautiful.

    Hope you went out there & checked on it Brenda! 🙂 Mine opened today & smells heavenly.


  10. The peony is going to be beautiful! Glad they survived the rain!

    Happy Mother’s Day Racquel!

    Thanks Linda. Happy Mother’s Day to you too! 😉


  11. Yes indeed it was nice, I spent the whole day in the garden. Did you get walloped with rain overnight? We had a bed shaking storm and tons of rain.

    That’s a good day Les! Yep we had the same nasty weather here & it’s been doing a bit of it tonight too.


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