A forgotten pass-a-long

more-plant-photos-0041It’s been raining for 3 days and inspite of the weather the blooms keep coming.  This charming bearded Iris opened today.  The funny thing is I forgot all about this pretty bi-color bloomer.  How bad is that?  Last fall a few of my neighbors and I swapped some rhizomes.  This is one I’ve always admired in my one neighbor’s garden each spring. Can you imagine my surprise when this one opened?  The name is probably long since forgotten but the memory of generous gardeners will live on everytime one of their shared treasures blooms.  I started thinking how lucky I am to have some the wonderful plants I adore thanks to this same neighbor.  She has shared Calla Lillies, Daylillies, Peonies, and Irises which all still happily exist in my garden to this day.  Long live the tradition of pass-a-long plants!  What are some of your favorite pass-a-long plants?

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  1. Hi Racquel, that is a pretty two-tone iris! I’m just starting to appreciate them and added a few last year so I can’t wait to see them in bloom! One of my favorite pass-along plants is Rose Campion. They bloom for a long time and the color just grabs your attention. And it always make me think of my friend, who’ve moved, but her pass-along will always be a treasure.

    Thanks Lynn, it is the first bi-color bearded iris I’ve ever had in my garden. 🙂 What a nice plant your friend passed along to you. Anything that blooms for a long time is always a welcome addition!


  2. Posted by Cinj on May 5, 2009 at 9:19 pm

    I only have my transplanted peonies growing right now that were pass alongs, but I hope for my seed exchange seeds to start sprouting soon. It’s warming up and I’m starting to see a bunch of little sprouts poking up out of the ground where my perrenials stood last year.

    You are a lucky lady, it’s not often that Peonies are shared. I have one too. 🙂 Good luck with your seeds & congrats on your emerging perennials!!!


  3. Posted by greenwalks on May 5, 2009 at 9:23 pm

    It’s funny, this is the exception rather than the rule in your garden, to be surprised as something opened. For me, it’s the total reverse – I’m amazed if I remember where and what something is! I love passalongs, most come from my mom but I have a few dayliles from the neighbor that just got planted last fall so I’ll be curious to see what colors they are. Someone just gave me some sedums and sempervivum, they may run wild but so be it.

    It is kind of funny isn’t it? 😉 You are too hard on yourself Karen, I’m sure you are much more organized than you give yourself credit for. Sounds like you have some wonderful pass-a-longs to treasure in your garden too thanks to Mom & your generous neighbor.


  4. How pretty this is, Racquel! It sounds nice to have the memory of your neighbor to associate it with. I hate to admit this, but I don’t think I have any pass along plants here in my garden. That is sad, isn’t it? I’m not in any gardening groups, and none of my neighbors garden…so, that’s my explanation. I need to think about exchanging stuff with my new online gardening friends;-)

    Thank you Jan, it really is nice to look out at the garden & remember my generous neighbors. 🙂 I can’t believe none of your neighbor’s garden. That is so sad. Some of mine got addicted to improving their yards because of mine, lol. That’s a good idea to start swapping with online friends! 🙂


  5. Wonderful! The white is so bright and sure contrasts nicely.

    Passalong plants, too many to count, but I guess I’d have to say a peony. Only one gardener has ever given me a peony and I feel honored. It is not often you get passalong peonies at all and I only just met the lady. She offered me part of her red peony and trusted me to divide. She’s probably really glad I am honest and did not take the whole clump!

    Thanks Tina, it’s actually a pale lavender that didn’t quite show up right in the photo. You are so right, Peonies aren’t that common as a pass-a-long. I felt quite thrilled when my neighbor shared a piece of hers with me. 🙂


  6. It is fun to share plants among gardeners…I think I planted some irises in the fall, but I don’t see them yet. I always admire them when walking down the street.

    It really is fun to share with other plant crazy people isn’t it? 🙂 I’m sure it won’t be much longer & your Irises will be emerging.


  7. Racquel, most of my plants are pass alongs. I just potted up purple oxalis from Nola who got it from brenda. The plants are double nice, first by letting me remember the gardener I received them from and then for th plant itseslf.

    You are so lucky Deb to have so many wonderful friends to share plants with you! 🙂


  8. Good evening Racquel, I too have an iris from a friend. She used to take ballet with us and now because of health reasons she is unable. I think of her when they are blooming. I also have the peonies that are blooming now, from the former neighbor across the creek. Wish I knew what peony it is…might be a Sarah Bernhart. The extension agent is a big fern fan and shared some last year, it nice to see it reappear. Some of the hostas I have, no, I take that back– most of the hostas I have are from friends or family.
    Thanks for letting me reflect on where some of these garden beauties came from.

    What a nice memory to have of a dear friend. 🙂 Peonies are a generous pass-a-long plant. It’s not often that someone shares them. I’m thinking I have a Sarah Bernhart & Karl Rosenfield since they are common to find in the big box stores. Ferns and Hostas are great shared plants as well. You are quite welcome, thanks for sharing your pass-a-long memories with me. 🙂


  9. Your irises are beautiful, Racquel, as are all the other blooms you showed on yesterday’s post. Aren’t passalongs wonderful? All my irises, as well as most of my prettier daylilies came from my aunt, and I’ll always think of her when I see them in bloom. I’ve realized, especially with so many gifts of seeds from bloggers this year, that I need to write all these gifts down before I forget where they came from. Gardeners are the most generous people!

    Thanks Rose! 🙂 What a lovely memory that your Aunt has given you by sharing plants from her garden. They really are the most generous of all people (gardeners)!!!


  10. A very charming iris, indeed!

    Why thank you DP! 🙂


  11. It is raining buckets here now. We needed it but I think my newly planted seedlings are in a world of hurt. I’ll be scared to go see tomorrow. That bloom is very pretty. And so sweet that it is a pass along. The only pass along I have in my new gardens are some Irises which did not bloom this year. I had heard Irises might not bloom the first year after transplant.

    It finally has ceased the downpour here & the sun is shining again. 🙂 Hope your little seedlings survived the weather. Thanks I love this two-toned Iris. All my Irises are pass-a-longs. That is a possibility if the rhizomes are too small. I know they have to be a certain size fan to bloom.


  12. It is a beautiful Iris – they have such exotic colours and rich patterns on their petals that you can’t help loving them. I do like the word pass-a-long. I can’t think of an equivalent word that is used over here!

    Thanks EG, they really do have such a wide assortment of colors to choose from now. And those patterns catch my eye too. 🙂 Isn’t that interesting that you use a different word! I learn something new everyday due to blogging.


  13. Pass-a-longs are very nice! Love the colors on this iris. One day mine will bloom! Speaking or typing of pass-a-longs, I have a walking iris downstairs on the patio table just a bloomin’ away. Will contact UPS to see how to get it to you….please email me your address again. Pretty sure I have it, just incase, okay? rusdar@hotmail.com

    They are the most generous gift a gardener can get. Hope yours blooms soon so you can share a photo with us. How sweet are you to share that Walking Iris with me. Can’t wait! I just sent you another email with my address. 🙂


  14. Beautiful Iris Racquel! Pass-along plants are the best!

    Thanks Linda, they really are the best gift you can get as a gardener! 🙂


  15. Your neighbor is very generous! I have some from friends and family and neighbors. And then there are those I took from my MIL’s. 🙂 She would have wanted me to have them I am sure. My newest pass-a-longs are the Blue bells may neighbor gave me this spring. I have them planted in much the same conditions as they came out of so am hoping they do well. I have iris starting to bud-seems early here.

    She really is a generous gardener & just as addicted as me. 🙂 You are lucky to have so many wonderful friends & family members to share plants with. Can’t wait to see your Bluebells bloom!


  16. I also have some purple and white bearded iris that’s a pass-along plant. In fact, ALL my irises are pass-along plants! Yay!

    All my Irises are pass-a-longs too Monica! 🙂


  17. I’ve shared lots of iris and cannas before when living in GA. Nowadays I haven’t passed on too many plants cause I don’t have friends who garden much.

    Iris & Cannas are such great plants to share since they multiply so quickly and need to be divided often. I hate throwing plants away so I’m always oftering my divisions to neighbors & friends. 🙂


  18. That’s a pretty one. I started my first garden with pass along plants.

    Thanks Marnie, when I first started gardening at this house 12 years ago pass-a-longs were a lifesend! I was gardening on a strick budget. 🙂


  19. Right now my Virginia Bluebells are blooming. It is the newest pass a long plant…from a friend who gardens with me at Church.My neighbor has a whole area devoted to them right by our road…so pretty right now.

    Virginia Bluebells are a wonderful plant, what a nice friend! Your neighbor is clever to have designated an entire area to her shared treasures. 🙂


  20. How pretty! Sooner or later Jamie and I are going to find a neighbor that likes to garden as much as we do. 🙂

    Thanks J & R! It’s nice to have like-minded neighbors and or friends. Most of my friends don’t garden.


  21. Hi Racquel, those iris are beautiful, including the ones from the previous post. Iris and daylilies are such a wonderful passalong plant. My dear neighbors have passed along nearly everything passable from their huge garden. The memories conjured by the blooming of these plants means so much more than the beauty of the flowers. The generosity of gardeners is a wonderful thing.

    Thanks Frances! You are so right, Irises & Daylillies mulitply so quicky that they are the perfect plant to share with others. 🙂 You are so lucky to have had such generous gardeners living next door. The memories they have passed along will last a lifetime. 🙂


  22. Well, my double Jasmine was given to me by a neighbor, who had it on the ground and strangely, it started blooming crazily in my pot! Well, somehow these pass-along plants seem to do extremely great than the plants that you buy/sow! Love the Irises and yours looks extra-cool!

    That is a lovely plant that your neighbor shared with you Chandramouli! They do seem to do better, I think that is because most plants that are passed along are pretty reliable perennials to begin with. They are the ones the mulitiply like rabbits and are easy to divide & share. 🙂


  23. You have some great neighbors! Wish my neighbors gardened too! –Jackie


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