Rainy Sunday

Peonies unfurling in a single day

Peonies unfurling in a single day

It’s been raining here since yesterday evening about 10 minutes after I got the last of the new plants in the ground.  Perfect timing!  Between rain showers I dashed in and out of the garden to see how things were going.  It was an interesting day with the skies dark & gloomy for awhile and then the sun would come out.  One of my Peonies was a tight bud this morning only to begin unfurling late this afternoon during one of the calms in the storm.  This plant dates back to the early days of my 12 year old garden.  If it had a name it is long since forgotten, but  the blooms are beloved regardless.  The flower heads can get quite large and it has no scent that I’ve noticed.  I love the way the rain glistens on the petals, so pretty.  And thankfully it’s not a hard beating rain that would destroy the blossoms. 

(Red Fountain Grass, Hosta 'Red October, Coleus 'Henna', Coleus 'Watermelon' and Coleus 'Defiance')

(Red Fountain Grass, Hosta 'Red October, Coleus 'Henna', Coleus 'Watermelon' and Coleus 'Defiance')

Since there wasn’t anything to do in the garden due to the weather I took a trip to Walmart with Grandma.  She was looking for some bedding plants to tuck into her garden bed.  Normally I don’t shop for plants there since they don’t always look that great, but today I lucked out and found some nice things.  Last year I kicked myself for passing up the Coleus so I didn’t repeat that mistake again.  And if you click on the photo to enlarge it you will see the pretty snazzy looking tags with color photos of the plant.  Talk about not having to worry about mislabeling.  These are the nicest looking labels I’ve seen in sometime.  All of these are annuals in my garden except for the Hosta.  It’s name comes from the deep burgundy stems that I found striking against the dark green leaves.  Grandma picked out her Mother’s Day present which was a miniature rose bush in her favorite color pink.  I’ll post a picture of that soon.  I’m grateful for the rain because that means no watering, hooray for that.  🙂


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  1. How do you stay ahead of me in blooms and I’m south of you–errrrr! My peony is at the same stage as Gail’s. Ours is about to burst at about any minute. Looks like your trip to Wally world was a success.

    I like the Spring loaded theme by WP and it looks really good on your blog. I like how the blogs have bullets don’t you? Easier to see.

    lol, I don’t how that happens but I think my yard has it’s own little microclimates. The other two Peonies I have are still in the tight bud stage. This one is always the first one to open. Yep I lucked out at Wally World this time. Thanks Anna, I like this theme the best out of all the ones I’ve tried out. Yeah the bullets & drop down menu are a nice feature. 🙂


  2. Your Peonies are great to see. I will have to check mine in the morning to see how much more they may have opened late in the afternoon. Some kind of rain we have had today!

    They are starting to open up fast now that the first one unfurled yesterday. Did you have any blooms opening on yours yet? It was a glorious rain, and I know the garden was happy. Plus not having to water is always a plus at this time of the year. 🙂


  3. We got lots and lots of rain today ourselves. I’m so glad because already I have been watering. Glad you found some nice looking plants at Wal-mart. Sometimes you never know what you are going to find. I was at Lowe’s this weekend. They were getting in so many plants but some looked pitiful. I just wanted to grab a waterhose and go to watering. I hate to see uncared for plants.

    It’s always nice to have a break from watering Susie. Lugging the watering can or hoses is quite a chore in my garden. Yep I was impressed with Walmart this trip, they have been known to not water their plants or they get too leggy. 😦 I know what you mean, my son told me I should get a job at a nursery just so I could take care of all the neglected plants, lol.


  4. You got a lot of great plants!!!
    I need to try coleus again. Last time I didn’t plant them in the right spot!
    Your peonies look great!!!!

    Thanks Cindee, I can’t pass up a great sale on plants that’s for sure. lol I’ve planted Coleus in the past & forgot how wonderful their colorful foliage can be in the shady areas of the garden. Mine get some filtered morning sunlight which should make them quite content. Thank you, I love Peonies and actually this one has a slight fragrance that I noticed this evening. Weird that I missed that! 😉


  5. Racquel~~ A beautiful shade of pink on this peony. I love your Wally’s finds. For me the nearest Walmart is about 14 miles away in another town. Now I’m thinking I need to make the drive. The plant tags are really cool.

    Thanks Grace, I love that shade of pink too. You might want to make that drive, it probably is worth the trip to see what deals you can find too. Yep the tags really amazed me. 🙂


  6. As I cannot grow peonies, I will virtually enjoy yours. Very very pretty.

    Thanks Deb, you can share mine with me virtually. 🙂 I have to go rescue that bloom now, since it started raining again.


  7. Peonies are in beginning bud stage right now, except for the fernleaf, which will be opening soon, but it’s always the first. The tree peonies are swelling with buds, too, but we are a couple of weeks away from blooms there I think.

    You found ‘Red October’ hosta at Walmart? Wow…I need to check that out!

    Looks like you aren’t too far behind me Kylee. Once they start it seems to rapidly progress. 🙂 Yep, I couldn’t believe it either, those are fairly newer ones right?


  8. Wow! The labels are great! No garden centre here has such labels with photos. That peony pink looks delicious!

    That’s what I thought too Kanak, can’t mix up plants with labels like that. Thanks, it really is a scrumptious color! 🙂


  9. Hi Racquel !
    I am excited about my peony this year .. it has 4 or 5 flower buds and that amazes me since I started out with such a small but elegant plant .. I stuck to a single flower structure so it might stand up better to bad weather .. that is what turned me off peony .. those droopy flowers after the rain ?
    I love your picks in the coleus .. I do a big black urn container with Kong and some gold creeping jenny along with a grass spike in the middle .. kind of conservative but it looks great ? LOL
    That is nice your grandmother picked out her present already : )

    Hi Joy, that is great news that your new little Peony is budding up nicely in it’s first season. That means you will have at least double that amount of blooms next spring! If you put a grow-thru ring over them (with a grid) and adjust it as they grow it really helps support the plant & blooms. Your black urn container planting sounds classic to me. Thanks, I love the colorful foliage on these Coleus, can’t remember why I stopped planting these. lol Yep she is quite happy with her little miniature rose. 🙂


  10. I am so very grateful for the rain. Like all 9 inches of it or so! We really need to stock up, if it is possible. Your plants look fine. I actually like Walmart for plants as they have cool things sometimes at good prices. I think I am done for the season though-that’s a good thing. Looking forward to seeing your grandmother’s rose.

    Me too Tina, it is settling my new additions in nicely at the moment & hopefully reducing our drought. 🙂 I guess I’ve had bad experiences in the past with them, but now I might have to give them a second chance. Yep I need to be done with buying too, lol.


  11. After a rainy day on Sat, it was wet and cool on Sunday, so no gardening for me this weekend..sigh.

    Well at least the garden benefitted from the gloomy weather. Cheer up! 🙂


  12. I love peonies and I love coleus. I, too, may have bought a few small perennials, which I wasn’t entirely planning to buy, which I (mostly) planted over the weekend!

    Looks like we both had the same idea this weekend! 🙂


  13. Great plant picks! I started some Coleus from seed and they are doing quite well, I also have that red fountain grass in a mixed container!!

    Thank you Darla, I’m pleased with my finds. 🙂 I love that Red Fountain Grass, it’s an annual here, but I plant it ever year. So gorgeous come fall!


  14. Your peonies are gorgeous. I can’t wait for mine to bloom, it’s one of the high points in the garden for me.

    Thanks Marnie. I know what you mean, I look forward to Peony season every spring! 🙂


  15. No peonies here, I really should get some! Yours look great. You may be enjoying the rain, but I’m more than ready for the sun! Just before the rains started I planted 24 coleus plants. Then the rain came and washed several away, argh!

    You really do need to get some Peonies for your garden Dave. They are such a treat every spring when they bloom. You did get a tremendous amount of rain and I’m sorry about it washing your Coleus Plants away. That stinks!


  16. Hi there! Gorgeous peony. My peony looks a little like yours in color, so far! It’s not ready to open and I’m hoping it wait until the heavy rains are gone! ….We’ve had well over 6 inches of rain and more is coming. What a strange spring it’s been! Tina mentioned stocking up on it! I would love to have a cistern to collect it all! gail

    Hi Gail, I stopped over and your right our Peonies do very similar in coloring. I had to cut my first bloom tonight before the rains turned it into a mess. Wouldn’t that be something if we could stock up, well at least my rain barrels are full. 🙂


  17. Ah, rain showers and peonies…. perfection! Here in southern Cal, peonies don’t do well, and so they are a perennial (pun intended) source of zone envy!

    I actually cut this bloom tonight before the rains destroyed it. Sorry about the zone envy, but I’m sure there are things you can grow that I can’t. Does that help? 🙂


  18. Posted by kaelovinlife on May 4, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    love your blog! i, too, am a perennial lover. take a peek at my blog when you can.


    Hi Kae, thank you and thanks for stopping by today. 🙂


  19. Gorgeous peony Racquel. I never see much at Walmart either although I do usually buy my black potato vines there. I guess they can be like every other big box store and surprise you, huh??

    Thank you Kathleen. They had some wonderful Black & Chautreuse potato vines too. Yep they really can surprise you. I love Lowe’s and years ago I use to go to Home Depot alot too.


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