Veggie Garden Update

veggie-garden-update-001My new squarefoot garden beds are coming along nicely.  There are tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, onions, yellow squash, cucumbers and purple podded beans co-mingling nicely at the moment.  Every morning I’ve made a point of getting up early to hand water the beds from the rainbarrels.  With the heatwave we had this past week it was necessary, believe me.  The past day or two has been cooler with temps in the upper 60’s to lower 70’s which is more normal for this time of the year.  I guess Spring hasn’t forsaken us yet. 


The new project today was to create more growing space for pole beans (Kentucky Wonder).  I had three of these blue barrels sitting in the shed doing nothing except taking up space so I put them to use fast.  The other one is at the opposite end of the veggie beds.  First I drilled some drainage holes in the bottoms, filled the bottoms with left over smaller pots to take up some space, and filled them with a good potting soil.  Instead of using poles for a teepee, I decided to get the extra large tomato cages turned upside down.  The legs at the top were bent inwards and wired together for a tuteur look.  When it came to mounting them in the pots & stabilizing them we were stumped for a minute or two.  First we tried using wire clothes hangers as anchors, but the potting soil is so lightweight that wasn’t cutting it.  Then clever hubby decided to drill holes in the sides of the pot & used zipties to anchor the wire frames directly to the containers.  They are nice & secure now!  The beans are planted & watered in.  And yes that is the rearend of my little terrier Spaz in the bottom of the photo.  She manages to get in every shot I try to take!   🙂


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  1. Looks great Racquel!

    Thanks Janet! 🙂


  2. WOO HOO! Love the bean pots, clever hubby 🙂 Those beds are fantastic too.

    lol, thanks Mom! 😉


  3. In addition to beans, I’m going to grow eggplant, zucchini, and um, something else, in pots because of the groundhog. Yay, pots!

    Sounds like a plan Monica, that’s one way to outsmart that pesky groundhog! 😉


  4. This is such a neat setup. The pot idea is a winner for those beans.

    Thanks Balisha. I’m hoping my tiny veggie plot & pots do well this year. 🙂


  5. I love Kentucky Wonder beans. I think they are my favorite green bean. Love you tepees.

    Me too Daphne and my youngest son is jumping for joy. Thanks! 🙂


  6. Your vegetable garden is looking great! Potting up the beans this way is ingenious, and what a clever hubby to come up with a way to stabilize the tomato cages. I have yet to plant anything in my veggie garden–if I could send some of our rain your way, you wouldn’t need to use your rain barrels:)

    Thanks Rose. I will pass on the kudos to my clever hubby. He is the brains behind my projects, while I am the idea person. 😉 We make a good team, huh? lol Wouldn’t that be great if you could send us some rain. It’s been looking like it all day, hoping for a bit tonight.


  7. You have been busy! Everything is looking good too. 🙂 I like how you are growing the beans. I bet it will make harvesting them nice and easy. My veggie garden is slowly coming along. I’m very behind on planting things….again. I can’t believe we are already one month into Spring!!

    Yep it has been a busy spring here, just ask hubby! lol 😉 Thanks Cynthia, I’m very pleased with my bean towers. I’m a bit behind on planting some seeds for other things, don’t fret. I figure I better get busy. 🙂


  8. You did a superb job! The veggie garden is very nice…square feet and all! I hope you’ll harvest a bounty! I like your idea for the beans. I did something similar last year with my tomatoes. They got so darn tall (over 10 feet) I had to have them secured to the pots, too. They were on my deck!

    Thanks Jan. I love my little squarefoot garden beds. 🙂 That’s what I’m hoping for too, a nice bounty! That was a good idea for the tomatoes, they do get pretty heavy when they fruit too. I’m trying staking mine this year for the first time. Takes up less space too.


  9. What a great job of recycling pots. I have some Kentucky Wonders planted at the base of my arbor. They have broken ground and are looking good so far. Your veggie garden is looking good. Hope you get lots of produce from it.

    Thanks Susie. That was a good idea to plant your beans at the base of your arbor. I appreciate the good wishes, I hope for a good crop this year too! 😉


  10. Posted by greenwalks on April 30, 2009 at 8:31 pm

    So inventive, your bean teepees! I like that you are using materials you already have around, instead of buying stuff. I applaud your newfound enthusiasm for growing veggies, and I hope it continues to go super well! Can I ask about the raised bed construction, did you just use those brackets that are visible on the tops or are there others on the bottom too? I may have missed a post about the design if you put one up, sorry if so!

    Thanks Karen, I’ll pat hubby on the back for you! 😉 Yep I love to recycle & reuse what I have on hand. It is cost effective & keeps stuff from going into the landfill. I’m thrilled to be trying my hand at the veggie gardening thing head on. I’ve done alittle bit over the years in pots. Actually hubby used angle brackets inside the frame (in the middle) to keep the boards together & these brackets on top to provide extra support (so they wouldn’t shift). It was a ways back so no problem.


  11. Racquel, this is quite a garden! You have really been working hard and have created a wonderful veggie garden. Can’t wait to see what is on your plate this summer! 🙂

    Thanks Linda. I’m happy with what we accomplished this spring. (me & hubby) Hope we get to reap the rewards this summer with lots of fresh produce. 🙂


  12. You are so innovative! Those blue barrels look great and will serve well to grow some beans. Those beds are very neat as well. Love em. We have gotten some cool weather too-I’m happy for it.

    Why thank you Tina! 🙂 I’m pleased with my small veggie plot this year, if all goes well hubby said we’ll expand on it this fall. I’m happy for the cool weather too. 90 degrees is just too much in April.


  13. WOW!!! you have done a lot! It looks great!!!!!!

    Thanks Cindee! I’m pleased with our accomplishments this spring! 😉


  14. Racquel – you sure are a busy gardener! 🙂 Your square foot gardening and the tomato cage pots are really great. Dogs love to be in photos, so go ahead and post a photo of Spaz! 🙂


    Tis the season Cameron, lol. Thanks my idea turned out better than I expected thanks to my clever hubby. lol, Spaz only wants to be in photos that aren’t about her. 😉


  15. Using the upside down tomato cages to support your beans is a brilliant idea.

    Thank you Keewee! 🙂


  16. Nice work. Just so you know, I’m stealin ur ideaz.

    Thanks Deb, feel free to steal away! lol 🙂


  17. Jalapeno peppers! Hooooot! MMMmmmm…. Great choices. You have an awesome garden there, Racquel. In no time those cages would be concealed! Good luck with ’em.

    Thanks Chandramouli, lol 😉 I appreciate all the good wishes.


  18. Just wonderful…….Did the green bell peppers ever germinate? Only the red have for me so far. going to try again……sigh.

    Thanks Darla. Nope my yellow peppers germinated, but the greens were a no show. I shared the red ones with my Mom, hope that was ok. 🙂


  19. Hi Racquel, that looks so neat and nice. Hubby’s idea with the twist ties was brilliant! I have one of those tubs, was going to use it for a hypertufa experiment, but hmmmm, I also have those large tomato cages. You are so right about the recent heat wave and having to give the little plants extra water. Finally it has cooled down and is even raining, hooray, a day without having to water. Plus the rain barrel might fill back up again. Double the pleasure! 🙂

    Thanks Frances. He is a marvel that man of mine. 🙂 Not much for gardening but always pitching in with the hardscaping & other projects. Looks like you could put your tub & cage to the same use. I’m looking forward to lots of fresh beans this summer. Send us some of your rain, we could use it. The weather channel is showing signs of showers or possible showers from Saturday onto next week. Yay! Hope your rainbarrel runneth over! 🙂


  20. Racquel,
    Would you believe I can’t grow a tomato to save my life? I just gave up on trying to. LOL

    Don’t give up Randy, they’re worth the fuss I think. I’ve grown Cherrie tomatoes in my Rose Garden. It was a real conversation starter for the neighbors, lol. 😉


  21. That’s a good idea to wire the cages to the pots. I grew a couple patio tomatoes in buckets like that one year and the cage was always tippy. Your garden looks great.

    Thanks Marnie, my hubby deserves all the credit for that idea. 😉 It would work well for tomatoes too I bet. 🙂


  22. Clever is right!
    We are doing a ‘row’ veggie garden this year, but so many weeds already. I really want to sq ft but hubs is against it. I think we may do a little raised bed box, so hubby can see the difference, and let it be ‘his idea’ to go all sq ft in the future. Your garden looks well on its way:)

    Thank you Carla. Show hubby this post & maybe he’ll warm up to the idea. 🙂 It really is a good use of space & much easier to plant than rows.


  23. I’m so impressed! Your seed beds look great and as for creating space for pole beans, hats off to you!

    Thanks Kanak for the nice compliments! 🙂


  24. Posted by Kathy on May 9, 2016 at 1:44 pm

    Hi, How big were the pots you used for the beans? 5 gallon? Did they tip over or did it work well?


  25. Posted by Brent Feilders on May 14, 2017 at 9:51 am

    How many plants did you put in? spacing between them is how much? Thank you


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