Bloomin’ Tuesday

Well it’s Bloomin’ Tuesday again and the last one for April.  The weather here has been more like summer with temps in the 90’s.  The weather hasn’t limited the blooms in the least, in fact it seems to be kicking some of them into high gear as shown below:

( from left to right down & across: Clematis 'Dr Ruppel', Unknown Clematis & Clematis 'Niobe')

( from left to right down & across: Clematis 'Dr Ruppel', Unknown Clematis* & Clematis 'Niobe')

The other three Clematis in my garden finally caught up with the early bird ‘Nelly Moser’.   The unknown variety is actually ‘Snow Queen’ which I thought was a mislabeling until I saw a photo here.   Niobe is my favorite of the bunch with her deep magenta blossoms that fade to purple as they age.   She also reblooms right up to frost. 

(From left to right down and across: Allium 'Neapolitanum', Unknown Bearded Iris, Wood Hyacinths, and False Garlic)

(From left to right down and across: Allium 'Neapolitanum', Unknown Bearded Iris, Wood Hyacinths, and False Garlic)

 The first of the Alliums have started blooming, these slightly fragrance blossoms naturalize themselves easily.   This is one of three pass-a-long Irises in my garden.  I also have a pale yellow & a pale lavender blue color.   These Wood Hyacinths are growing in Grandma’s garden bed.  I love that pale shade of lavender-blue.  The False Garlic or Nothoscordum bivalve is a wild flower or native that I dug up from an abandoned homestead years ago. 

(From top down left to right across: Rhododendrun, Salvia 'Wild Thing', and Dianthus)

(From top down left to right across: Rhododendrun, Salvia 'Wild Thing', and Dianthus)

The lavender Rhodie in my fountain bed in in full glory.  ‘Wild Thing’  or Autumn Sage was a new addition last fall to the border bed.  These Dianthus are happily blooming in Grandma’s garden bed at the moment.   To see more posts or to join in this week please visit Jean @ Ms Greenthumb

P.S.  Do you like my new theme?  They just added it to WordPress and I love the name “Spring Loaded”.  🙂


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  1. Your blooms are looking really pretty Racquel. Like your new background too! We too have been having summer temps. I hope spring hasn’t already said adios.

    Thank you Susie. 🙂 That’s what I was thinking too, don’t want to skip spring & jump right into summer this early in the season. I’m sure this warm front will pass soon. Hope so at least.


  2. Everything looks good Racquel…your flowers (( am especially fond of the little false garlic) and your new blog theme. I know my blog could use an update but i keep putting it off! You just jump right in and do! Very admirable! gail

    Thanks Gail. I’m glad you enjoyed the flowers today (especially the little false garlic) and my new blog theme. I like change so it’s fun to try new things, in wordpress it’s quite easy too. You can preview before you commit to one. 🙂


  3. I really like the way you arranged the collages. So much blooming! My yellow irises have not yet opened-I really like yours.

    Thanks Tina. Yep the blooms have been coming rapidly now with the warmer temps. 🙂


  4. Love all your blooms–and you have quite a few!
    I like the background. Your blog is really pretty–easy to read and very professional looking. You do a great job with it!

    Thanks Linda. April showershave made the garden pop with color. I’m glad you like the new theme, it caught me eye right away. You are too sweet, thanks for all the kind comments. 🙂


  5. I also like your new blog theme! It’s refreshing!

    Your clematis collection is so gorgeous! I’ve just gotten hooked on alliums, so wait until you see your purple sensation blooms — oh my, I love them!


    Thanks Cameron, I just loved the new fresh look of this theme. I love my Clematis but the Alliums have to be my favorite bulbs for the garden. Can’t wait to see Purple Sensation! 🙂


  6. Beautiful blooms. I have a clematis blooming I don’t know what it is called. Its very pretty though. I posted it for Tuesday, maybe you know the name(-:

    Thanks Cindee, your unknown variety is a beauty. I sent you a link to a site that might be helpful in getting the id. 🙂


  7. Hi Racquel
    I love your Clematis blooms! Your flowers for bloomin’ tuesday are very pretty today.
    The weather here has been crazy, last week in the 100s and this week in the 60s.

    Thanks Ann, I’m glad you enjoyed my blooms today. Clematis are my favorite vertical perennials. Sounds like your weather has been a bit crazy too. 🙂


  8. Clematis is so pretty. We do have a native Clematis drummondi that grows here, but not many people use it in landscaping applications. It’s actually kind of ugly. The common name is Old Man’s Beard, and that’s about what it looks like!

    Thanks Aiyana, I’ve never heard of the Clematis drummondi but after googling it I see what you mean about how it got it’s common name of ‘Old Man’s Beard’. lol


  9. Love the clematis, love the new blog theme! Love love love it all! hehehehehe…

    You Guyz make me laugh. Thanks! 😉


  10. Beautiful blooms, Racquel. The Clematis espescially. It’s time for my dianthus to stop…love yours!!!

    Thanks Kanak. These Dianthus are really a nice cool season perennial here. I love their spicy scent. 🙂


  11. Racquel !!!!
    I love your new theme .. it makes me want to think wordpress over again .. I wish Blogger would create new ones for us .. this looks so fresh and well ordered girl .. wonderful : )
    I am going to have to wait a while for my clematis .. but they are worth the wait aren’t they ? LOL
    Yours look so pretty and bright .. now I’ll be tempted to add another one this year some how .. I’ll blame it all on you .. OK ? LOL

    Thanks Joy! I really like WordPress but there were things I enjoyed about Blogger too, like the blogroll showing current posts. They really are worth the wait, and feel free to blame me if you add another one this year. lol I’m considering adding more in the future too. 😉


  12. Good morning Racquel, great blooms! I like C. Niobe for the continuous bloom period. That rates high in my book. The dianthus is pretty, love the fragrance. Your new blog theme is nice. Like the green color and the grass at the top is cute. So- will I see you on Saturday at the LG plant sale? Hope so!

    Good morning to you too Janet! Thanks I really do love Niobe for the same reasons. That spicy fragrance of Dianthus is nice and it really loves the cooler temps of spring & fall. I love the new theme for the same reasons you mentioned, the timing for them creating it was perfect. 🙂 Yep I’ll see you on Saturday. It starts at 9 so I plan on being there by 8:30, lol. Can’t wait to meet you!


    • I am so glad! This will be fun! Stop by my blog –there is something for you. 🙂

      It will be so nice & fun to finally meet a fellow garden blogger! Thanks for the award, I’m so touched that my blog inspires you. 🙂


  13. Totally beautiful! It amazes me that these things all bloom at the same time. In Idaho these flowers are weeks apart. I love looking at them! Thanks for sharing, Paula in Idaho

    Thanks Paula! 🙂 Isn’t it remarkable how different our zones are at this time of the year. We’ve had a heatwave & you a coldfront. You are quite welcome, glad you enjoyed my blooms today.


  14. Wow! It’s been hot there too? Your blooms are looking good girlie,,,,,,,love the clematis!

    Yes it has, it feels like I live in Florida right now instead of VA. lol Thanks Darla! 🙂


  15. Your clematis are so beautiful. Nelly is one of my favorites and the I’d love to find a white like yours. I’m moving a couple of mine this spring. They just weren’t in the right place to look their best.

    Thank you Marnie! 🙂 I love Nelly too, but it’s Niobe still wins my heart at the moment. Snow Queen is actually not a pure white but has a tint of mauve in her petals (very subtle). A really nice white one is Henryi and he’s on my list to add sometime. Just need more trellises…lol


  16. Love those clematis — their beautiful, full flowers can’t be beat. Yours are such wonderful varieties. Here in Colorado our clematis are just beginning to sprout their leaves. They’ve literally been doing that for the last month! (Sprout one leaf — get chilled by the weather — sprout another leaf — catch a cold — spout another leaf…)

    Thanks Suzanne. I love the large flowering Clematis, they are so dramatic when they bloom. I would love to add some of the smaller ones too…vertical growing space is endless. Our climates are so opposite right now. Hope the warm air moves in & stays soon. 🙂


  17. Oh my goodness! How beautiful!

    Why thank you Dawn! 🙂


  18. Summer is up-and-running here, too, Racquel:-( I put a sad face only because it’s TOO DARN HOT and spring isn’t even over yet! It’s been in the high 90’s with humidity and no breeze and basically, unbearable. I must be getting less tolerant of the extreme temps. in my old age!! Your flowers are looking great…it is nice to see them blooming already. My clematis buds are on but not open yet…and buds are also on the dianthus and salvia, here, too…but no blooms yet. We’re right behind ya, though!
    By the way…I LOVE your new blog design!

    Yikes, I’m not ready for summer yet. I was just getting use to spring & enjoying the mild & pleasant temps. Hopefully it cools down a bit soon. I’m not sure if it’s an age thing or not but I’m not crazy about our humid summers (especially come August when I’m just worn out). Look forward to seeing your Clematis blooms when they open. Thanks Jan, I’m glad you like my new design. It’s so me! 🙂


  19. I do like the new look, Racquel. Wow, I can’t believe you have clematis blooming already! Mine is still weeks away. So much blooming in your garden; as you said yesterday, this is the time to really take the time to notice all the little things around you.

    Thank you Rose. 🙂 Yep they are blooming their hearts out right now. Soon the roses will be joining in on the celebration. I’m really enjoying all the new changes that appear on a daily basis in the garden.


  20. Perfect background for your flower displays. I LOVE your collages!!!
    We call that false garlic rain lilies-and I love them too.
    Happy Bloomin’ Tuesday:)

    What a nice compliment, thank you Carla! 🙂 I’m glad you love the collages, it makes it easier than posting 10 billion photos, it would be forever long. lol Really I thought Rain Lillies were another plant, that’s interesting info. Happy Bloomin’ Tuesday to you too!


  21. Lovely photos and lovely theme, Racquel! I bet your garden is FULL of color right now!

    Thank you Randy, I’m glad you enjoyed the collages & my new theme. 🙂 Yep it is bursting with color in all directions. 🙂


  22. Blooming Tuesday indeed … love all the pics, we had 4 days of 80+ weather, the temps have dropped by over 30 degrees and rain ….I will keep the rain but I sure hate losing the warmth 😦

    Yep it is a smorgasboard of color right now Mom. 🙂 Thanks! I wouldn’t mine a drop in temp of at least 20 degrees & yes I’ll take the rain too. It keeps me from having to handwater. 🙂


  23. I love the new look, it’s perfect for you! The coloring of the Niobe clematis and your ‘roadie’ are perfect! I must be beautiful around your place. We are getting cooler weather so the spring blooms may last longer. Great Bloomin’ Tuesday post. Jean

    Thank you Jean, what a nice compliment! 😉 I like it too! The garden is starting to come into it’s own but come May it will be in full glory. I would pay for cooler temps right now, everytime I go outside I melt. 😉


  24. I love your new updated blog Racquel. The tab at the top with the date is adorable. Your blooms just make me sigh. I think the clematis are my favorite ~ the stripes on Dr.Ruppel are grand. It’s unbelievable how hot it can be there when it’s still cold here! Dang it. Not fair! Happy bloom day ~ stay cool!

    Thanks Kathleen. I really liked this theme, it really caught my attention. I like the red date tab too. 🙂 Sorry that we are getting heat & you are still cold. Want to trade, I’m sweating my butt off right now! ;P


  25. I like your new theme too – very clean. Your flowers are really coming on especially the Clematis. I wish I could grow Dianthus, they are so fragrant, but my soil isn’t suitable and they fade away.

    Thank you EG. I love this time of the year & early fall because of the Clematis. You just can’t beat vertical gardening. 🙂 What type of soil do you have, ours is heavy clay that I have to amend yearly?


  26. Love your photos!! Looks like your flowers are doing beautifully!

    Thanks Kara for stopping by today. I’m glad you enjoyed my photos. 🙂


  27. It is indeed a blooming Tuesday! Here in Iowa our blooms are much more limited this time of year.

    That’s what makes it so much fun, because you can see what’s growing in different parts of the country at this time of the year. Thanks for stopping by toda IGW! 🙂


  28. That is amazing you have so many wonderful blooms. We have had nothing but rain. I just put up my post as I am a bit late So I am blooming Wednesday. lol. Have a great week!

    Thanks Grammy, this is our peak season for blooms, their at their finest right now before the heat of summer wears them out. 🙂 We could use some of that rain, could you send me some? Please? lol


  29. Wow, my clemmies are just about two inches high foliage at this point! Love all your blooms.

    Thanks Monica. It won’t be much longer & you’ll have some blooms too! 🙂


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