A Rainy Bloomin Tuesday

(From upper left across & down: Candytuft, Dutch Iris, Solomon's Seal and Angelonia)

(From upper left across & down: Candytuft, Dutch Iris, Solomon's Seal and Angelonia)

This past weekend of gorgeous weather kept me in the garden planting, weeding and mulching.  It’s nice to get some rain to help my new plantings settle in nicely.  The blooms are really starting to come quickly now as the season progresses.  I’m loving how long the Candytuft has been in full bloom and now the Solomon’s Seal is at its’ peak as well.  Those dainty little bells with the green tint around the edges are so darling.  My white Dutch Iris is still my favorite of all the other colors and the earliest bloomer as well.  I just noticed that inside is faint hint of purple, do you see it?  Last season I had so much success with purple Angelonia which is an annual that I was happy to find a white version at Lowe’s last week to add to the Arbor Garden.  It will help fill in the gaps from the spent Daffodils.

(From upper Left across & down: Clematis 'Nelly Moser', Spanish Bluebells, Mountain Bluet and Pink Angelonia)

(From upper Left across & down: Clematis 'Nelly Moser', Spanish Bluebells, Mountain Bluet and Pink Angelonia)

Look the first Clematis bloom of the season is the ‘Nelly Moser’!  All the others have buds on them too, but Nelly beat them to the punch this spring.  The Spanish Bluebells are in full bloom throughout the garden beds now.  I love them so much that I happily spread them in any bare spot I can find.   Here’s another shot of the Mountain Bluet that I showed yesterday, but this angle does it better justice.  Just love those fringy petals and the varying shades of purple & magenta in the center stamens.  Here’s the other Angelonia I found at Lowe’s last week to go in the New Garden.  Last summer I had the deep purple shade but this color is pretty too.  To see more Bloomin’ Tuesday Posts or to join in this week please visit Jean @ Ms Greenthumb.


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  1. Lovely flowers and bulbs!!!!

    Thank you Linda! 😉


  2. Love the Spanish Bluebells and Mountain Bluet. I’ve never seen these before. Rain sounds wonderful! How much do you get each year? We have had so little in the Arizona desert so far, only 1.05 inches since January 1.

    That’s what makes Bloomin Tuesday so fun, seeing plants from other regions. 🙂 I remember how little it rained when we lived in AZ years ago. We’ve had 10.48 inches this year so far & 2.12 inches this month. Winter & Spring are the rainy months. We average about 44″ a year for the state.


  3. I can’t believe you have so many things blooming Racquel! Does Soloman’s Seal only bloom in spring? My candytuff has been beautiful, but it’s getting close to stopping. I am just about ready for summer flowers as spring is moving on by here in Texas!

    Springtime is bountiful with blooms here. 🙂 Yep it only blooms in the spring but keeps that beautiful variegated foliage right up till frost. I’m sure summer is ready to hit you full force in TX.


  4. Racquel .. I have a weakness for white so seeing that this morning was really nice : )
    We are having buckets of rain falling here .. seems we are sharing the weather too !

    I’m glad my white blooms brightened your day Joy! Looks like we are sharing the weather, and our gardens are loving it too. 🙂


  5. I like the collection of whites. Very pretty! We had tons of rain this weekend. I was afraid it was going to wash away my newly planted sunflowers. Luckily, they looked like they survived.

    Thanks Susie. 🙂 I’m glad the rain didn’t wash away your baby sunflowers!


  6. Love the mountain bluet, as I love bell-shaped flowers and blue! 🙂

    Me too Monica! 🙂


  7. Your blossoms are beautiful and I love how you displayed them. I don’t think I could pick a favorite if I tried. They are all lovely!

    Thank you Suzanne. I’m glad you enjoyed my collages of blooms today! 😉


  8. I love the spanish blue bells! I’ve become very attracted to blue flowers as of late, Hmmmmmm..

    They are some of my favorites every spring Randy. You should add some of them to your garden! 😉


  9. Wishing you a lovely bloomin’ Tuesday, Racquel … beautiful offerings (love the white)!

    Thanks Joey! 🙂


  10. Dang it! I picked up the Angelonia and put it back down at the Nursery the other day!!! All of your blooms are beautiful, love how your collages have been looking!!

    Looks like you were visiting me while I was visiting you! 😉 Go back & get some Darla. This was a very carefree annual for me last summer & I’m not an annual person. Thanks!


  11. Good morning Racquel, I love the Spanish blue belles too. They are on my list to order lots this fall.

    Good Morning Marnie! I’m glad you are adding these to your fall must plant list. You won’t be sorry. 🙂


  12. You have so many beautiful flowers! I like the way you have grouped them by color! That iris is so DRAMATIC!

    Thanks Ginger, I’m glad you enjoyed my collages of blooms today. They do look more interesting grouped by color don’t they? 😉 Yep that I love the dramatic look of the Dutch Iris, such a striking spring bloomer.


  13. Love those Spanish bluebells. I divided mine this spring so no blooms for me:( Go Nelly!

    That just means you will have tons of blooms next spring! Isn’t Nelly a trooper this spring, she really loves her new location I think! 🙂


  14. So springy and so beautiful! I think we appreciate spring blooms so much because of the harsh winters. 🙂

    Thanks Teric. Our winters are pretty mild compared to where you live, but I still look forward to spring each year with great anticipation. 🙂


  15. The Dutch Iris is beautiful. Nicely white. Just so captivating. Btw, good photo arrangement on your part too 😀

    Thanks Steph, that’s my favorite bloom too! I’m glad you enjoyed my collages today. 🙂


  16. Love all the white. I have been talking my sister into planting a white garden. I think she is coming around. The picture of the Clematis ‘Nelly Moser’ has me thinking about my Michigan garden. I have several different varieties clematis and I mistakenly cut one way back in my late summer clean up. Your garden is beautiful and your blog is very well done. I look forward to spending more time with you in the garden.

    A white garden is gorgeous especially in the moonlight next to a patio or porch where you can appreciate it. 🙂 Actually I cut my Nelly back last September (severely) when I relocated her to the present spot. Hope your Clemmie bounces make from your accidental trim. Thanks Linda, I’m glad you enjoyed my garden blooms today & hope you will visit again soon. 🙂


  17. Great post this week! The Spanish bluebells are lovely. I sure wish I could walk thru your garden! Great photos! Jean

    Thanks Jean, I’m glad you enjoyed my post this week. 🙂 I would love for you to stroll through my garden with me. Anytime, you’re always welcome. 😉


  18. Love the collage of all the white flowers. The way they are presented with the rounded corners is pretty neat too.

    Thanks MBT, I’m glad you enjoyed my collages today. The all white one is my favorite too. 🙂


  19. Hi Racquel, what a cool way to showcase the colors together, brilliantly done! You are making a good case for the angelonias, I remember how pretty your dark purple was last year. Also a good case for white dutch iris, why don’t I have any dutch iris??? I like white also. 🙂

    Thanks for the wonderful compliments Frances! 🙂 I really do love those Angelonias & normally I’m not crazy about annuals since they only live one season. These were such troopers in the garden last year with little to no maintenance. You must get some Dutch Iris, I couldn’t imagine my garden in spring without these pretty blooms. Glad I twisted your arm a bit, lol.


  20. Racquel, They are just lovely! I thought the white poster was perfect…then I scroll and there is Nellie Moser and friends! Really nice! gail

    Hi Gail, I’m glad you enjoyed my two collages. It just felt right to separate the whites from the pinks & purples today. 🙂 Thanks!


  21. Racquel~~ I am ga ga for the pink flowered Angelonia but have yet to find it this year. I’m like you, very few annuals but I make exception with Angelonia. Your photos are wonderful. Congrats to Nelly!

    Guess I lucked out this year Grace. Last year all they had was the purple variety which looked great in my new garden bed. Angelonia is my one exception when it comes to annuals except for maybe a few vines & veggies. 🙂 Thanks, I’m loving how pretty Nelly looks this season.


  22. White is definitely an underrated color isn’t it? Your blooms are so pretty. I think a white garden would be gorgeous especially in moonlight. I don’t have any dutch iris and don’t know why either? Maybe this is the year to remedy that. I can’t believe you have a clematis blooming already ~ mine are just now showing new growth! That’s how far we are behind you!

    It really is Kathleen and it goes so well with other colors as well as stands well on it’s own. A white garden in the moonlight is gorgeous, wish I had thought to do that years ago. Oh well. 🙂 You really need to add some Dutch Iris this fall, I couldn’t imagine the spring garden without them. Isn’t that funny how different our zones are, that means I’ll get to enjoy a second flush of blooms when yours start. lol


  23. Aren’t you completely enthralled with everything that is blooming this wonderful April! I’m just excited every morning when I go out and spot a new bloom.

    Yep I just love spring for all the anticipation & excitement! Me too Brenda, I can’t wait to take my morning stroll, coffee cup in hand & still in my pjs. 😉


  24. Lovely collages! I sure like Nelly!

    I’m glad you enjoyed them Sue. 🙂 Nelly is my favorite too.


  25. So pretty Racquel! I love candytuft! I planted some seeds last year, but they’re so slow-growing from seed I may just pick up some plants. I added a few mountain bluet seedlings to the garden last year, but it looks like the squirrels or rabbits are eating them. They’re hard to find around here. I love those bright blue fringy blooms – they really stand out. So many pretty spring blooms in your garden!

    They seem to be quite easy to find transplants at this time of the year Linda. I’ve never grown it from seed, just small divisions from friends. That’s a shame about the rabbits eating your Bluets, they are such an interesting purplish blue bloom. Thanks!


  26. Ooooh! Love the spring flowers and colors – I think ours will be doing this soon! WOO HOO
    Thsnks for the share! Paula in Idaho

    Thanks Paula. I’m glad you enjoyed my collages of blooms! 🙂


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