The Spring Blues


Nope this isn’t a post about the sadness of the season but the beautiful shades of blue in my garden at the moment.  Blue is my favorite color in the garden.  It looks striking combined with yellows & oranges and makes a nice companion with white blooming plants as well.   Even though most of them are shades of purple in reality.   However, I’ve found this color quite difficult to capture on camera.  It never seems as bright or deep in tone in my opinion.   My current blues (from top left going across & down) are Ajuga reptans (Bugleweed), Vinca minor (variegated), Muscari armeniacum (Grape Hyacinths), Centaurea Montana ‘Mountain Bluet’, Hyacinthoides hispanica (Spanish Bluebells)  and Muscari latifolium (Bi-color).   The Mountain Bluet is my newest bloom of all.   I found this plant at a wonderful nursery in Gloucester last summer that had marked all their perennials down by 40%.  You know me I can’t pass up a sale on plants so I brought home a ton of things including this little beauty.  My garden has the spring blues right now and I’m loving it!


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  1. When I saw your post title I thought, oh no…more crappy weather? LOL. I’m glad to see that the spring blues are actually quite cheery. I love that the Centaurea is so early to bloom. It has a sweet scent and the little petals tickle the nose. In my garden it has a tendency to show up in unintended places.

    Gotcha, lol! The blues of spring are quite cheery mixed with the pinks, yellows & whites. Thanks for the info about the Centaurea, some of my most reliable bloomers are a bit vigorous with their self sowing. 😉


  2. I love these blues! I’m sure this part of your garden smells great, what with the hyacinths!

    Thanks Chandramouli, yep the fragrance in my garden right now is heavenly. 🙂


  3. I like the Vinca minor flowers and variegated leaves. Very beautiful plant!

    Thanks Stephanie, it is very invasive so I plant it in containers where it looks great cascading over the edges.


  4. Posted by greenwalks on April 20, 2009 at 1:52 am

    I totally agree that cameras have a hard time with shades of blue. I was going nuts trying to get my pulmonaria to show right and eventually just gave up! Do you have any forget-me-nots? They are one of my favorite cute little spring blue guys. Love your bluet, I hope you get to enjoy your “bargain” for a long while!

    Glad I’m not the only one who has trouble capturing blues on camera. Nope, but those are pretty little blue blooms for the garden too. Thanks Karen, seems to be more buds forming on this new addition to my garden. 🙂


  5. I never turn down a blue plant either. I seem to have more trouble photographing red than blue, but usually I take several shots of blue flowers and I can get at least one to come near true. I’ll take a dozen of a red flower and not get one to come out right.

    I wonder if it about lighting or just my camera Les. Reds aren’t quite as difficult for me as you. Again maybe it’s the time of the day & the angle of the sun etc..


  6. It is hard to capture the true colors of flowers sometimes and that irritates me. You did quite well capturing yours. The flowers are beautiful…………Plant sale……….yes baby!

    Yes it is Darla, glad I’m not alone in this predictament. Thanks I did my best. 🙂


  7. Will Spanish Bluebells grow here Racquel? Of all your pictures, that is my very favorite!! I must check into finding some! Love them!! 🙂

    I’m not sure Linda, they are hardy in zones 3-8. They will bloom in shade, maybe in your garden if you put them in a shady spot???


  8. My first thought was how can any gardener be “blue” in Spring? Love the shades of blue!

    Gotcha, lol! 😉 Thanks Mom!


  9. I never even thought it was because you were “blue” Racquel ! You are always up beat .. I love they way you have been presenting the bloom sin this format lately .. your get to see them altogether and I love that : )
    Great Garden Blues girl !

    I knew I wouldn’t fool you Joy! lol Thank you, I’m glad you like my format of putting my blooms into collages. 🙂


  10. My Centaurea montana probably won’t come back here. They don’t like our heat much! Right now it’s looking great tho!

    Hmm…hope that’s not true in my garden Susie. Of course I planted this last summer and it survived all the heat & humidity, no blooms of course.


  11. Beautiful blues! I often ask why there are so many beautiful, “true blue” flowers in spring, but so few for the summer? I guess nature knows! I love the blues with the pale yellow daffodils. Bluebells are such favorites.


    Thanks Cameron. Maybe with the bright summer sun we need some hotter colors to catch our eye? 🙂


  12. I’ve always loved blue in the garden–it’s my favorite color–but it’s hard to find many plants with a true blue color. I hadn’t realized until looking at your flowers that spring is one of the best times for blue in the garden. The centaurea plant is really striking; I may have to add that one to my wish list:)

    Yes it is, they all seem to be shades of purple. The really closest shades of blue bloomers do appear in spring, but then again we need those hot colors like red, orange & yellow in the summer don’t we? It seems to be a nice plant so far, I’ll keep you updated on how it does over the summer & fall. 🙂


  13. I love blue in the garden too! I think the blues also help in the summer garden to add a cooling effect.

    Springtime does seem to have the cooler colors while summer is the season of hot & flashy in the garden. 🙂


  14. I am loving it too! Awesome blues! You did great capturing it in your collage.

    Thanks Tina. I’m glad you enjoyed my collage of spring blues. 🙂


  15. Long ago I read this paraphrasing of an old quote in some garden book. “You can never be too rich or have too much blue in your garden.” I absolutely agree with the blue part;) Your photos are lovely. Love the yellow/blue combos.

    Great quote Marnie! That would of been a perfect match for my post today. 🙂 Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed my collage of blues today. 🙂 Yep yellow & blues are my favorite combos of all.


  16. What beautiful shades of blue. I love the way you have displayed the pictures.I’ll have to find out how to do these collages.

    Thanks Balisha, I’m glad you enjoyed my collage of blooms today. I downloaded a free photo program that makes creating these things easy called Photoscape. Just google it. 🙂


  17. Love ‘the blues’, Racquel … great minds think alike 🙂

    Thanks Joey, yes they do! 😉


  18. I need a plant sale like that! Beautiful blues Racquel. I like the Spanish bluebells. I’ve written them on my list for adding later this year.

    Everyone needs a sale like that Kathleen. 🙂 Thanks, I think you will love the Spanish Bluebells in your garden. I look forward to their bloom every spring with anticipation!


  19. What lovely blues! I grew a mountain bluet I bought as a perennial bachelor button, and it lived a number of years. I was surprised when it didn’t come back last year, but I am pleased the one I planted last year is coming up nicely.

    Thanks Sue. 🙂 Sometimes the mislabeled plants end up being the nicest surprises in the garden. Glad your fall planted one is coming back.


  20. Posted by Nina on May 4, 2009 at 4:13 am

    Here’s my Facebook photo album labeled ‘Spring blues’. I live in Turku, Finland and took these photos in my garden yesterday.


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