It’s planting time!

new-additions-for-the-garden-002Look at all these wonderful new additions that are waiting for me to plant them into their new homes.  The vegetables were purchased at my local big box store last week and I’ve just been waiting a bit to get past our last frost date.  The rest were ordered online from Bluestone Perennials during one of their 50 % off daily specials this month.  You just can’t beat a great plant at a bargain price in my opinion.  Some of these I’ve been wanting for sometime but not willing to pay full price for them.  Here’s a list of the plants just waiting to go into their respective spots soon:

From Bluestone:

  1. Heuchera ‘Dales Strain’ (3)
  2. Agastache ‘Raspberry Summer (1)
  3. Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ 2
  4. Dicentra Spectabilis ‘Rosea’ (2)
  5. Hydrangea ‘The Swan’
  6. Pineapple Sage (3)

From Lowe’s:

  1. Green Bell Pepper (2)/Yellow Bell Pepper (2)
  2. Jalapeno Peppers (6)
  3. Tomato ‘Celebrity’ (1)
  4. Tomato ‘Lemon Boy’ (1)
  5. Tomato ‘Big Boy’ (1)
  6. Tomato ‘Roma’ (1)

Guess it’s planting time for the garden so I better get busy, huh?  🙂  Hope you all have a good weekend in the garden.


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  1. Wow Racquel! I am sure that your new home is going to have one beautiful garden. I like your selection. I also like to go for sales items. I can buy more plants 🙂

    Thanks Stephanie. I can’t wait to see how my new babies do this season in the garden. That’s my theory too, lol, less money more plants. 🙂


  2. Great buy, Racquel. I love Bell Peppers! Good luck with them all.

    Thanks Chandramouli. We love Bell Peppers too, hubby puts them in everything from salads to stews. 🙂


  3. Posted by mothernaturesgarden on April 17, 2009 at 5:01 am

    You are going to be busy. Happy planting.

    And I will be loving every minute of it too! Thanks Donna. 🙂


  4. Your are going to be busy is right!! They all look great.

    Yes I am Darla & happy! Thanks! 🙂


  5. Racquel ! You are going to get some great garden therapy with these .. I have to find pineapple sage and lemon verbena myself this year .. I adore their scent. I am going to plant my rose today and if I can sneak a couple of hydrangea in .. well .. can I tell you how excited I am ?? LOL

    Thanks Joy, I just love digging in the dirt. Planting is my favorite thing about gardening other than enjoying the beautiful blooms. 🙂 Lemon Verbena is nice too. They had such a wonderful selection of herbs at Lowes & Home Depot this week. Looks like you are going to get your hands dirty today. Have fun!


  6. What fun! I almost envy you your ‘busy planting’ time.

    Thanks Sunita. I really do enjoy planting, it is one of my favorite therapies. Nothing like digging in the dirt to release some stress! 🙂


  7. You have fun planting! I finally got most all of mine, including cuttings wintered over from last year. Now I am mulching and housekeeping. I bought Bradley, Brandywine, and Golden Jubilee from Lowes for my tomatoes. Only three this year as no room in the veggie garden. On your pineapple sage, they root so easily from cuttings in the summer that they bloom in the fall like normal. I wintered my cuttings over in the garage and now have planted them out.

    I’m almost half way done now Tina. 🙂 Still have some mulching & weeding to do out front. I’m just all over the place with projects this spring, lol. Looks like you got some great varieties yourself. Where are you going to plant yours this year since you ran out of room? Thanks for the info about the Pineapple Sage, I will have to save some cuttings to use for the garden next year. Great tip!


  8. And to think we had a frost warning last night. 😮 I need to get a few things in the ground as well. So many of my gardens are full of perennials that keep spreading or annuals that have reseeded. If it would just stop raining for a few days and dry out– did I mention I live in a swamp?

    Weird weather huh? I planted my tomatoes & bell peppers this evening. I have large pots I can put over them if necessary. I’m looking forward to some drier weather too, luckily my yard dries out faster than yours. Hope you get all your planting done. 🙂


  9. You certainly have a lot of good things to look forward to in your garden Racquel! I bought my banana peppers this week–just need to find the time to get them planted!
    Have a great weekend and lots of fun out in the garden!

    Thanks Linda, I am looking forward to having a real veggie garden space this year. I almost picked up some Banana Peppers too, but got the Jalapenos instead. My boys & hubby really like them! Have a great weekend in the garden yourself. 🙂


  10. Looks like you are going to be busy this weekend! I have pineapple sage growing this year. Love that smell. Last year I grew Lemon boy tomatoes. They are so yummy! This year I couldn’t find that tomato so I bought Jubilee tomato seed and will be planting them when the seedlings are larger. I also grew Brandywine tomato from seed too. It’s an heirloom tomato. Have a great gardening weekend Racquel!

    Yep I got about 1/2 of my planting done (maybe a bit more actually). My son’s girlfriend fell in love with the pineapple sage when I broke off a leaf for her, lol. Thanks for the info about the Lemon Boys, I’m glad I picked them up. Brandywine is another great selection! Have a good weekend in the garden Susie! 🙂


  11. It’s snowing here as I read your planting post ` want to swap gardens?!!!! It’s good you’re patient enough to wait and not have to pay full price. You have some wonderful additions there. I’m interested in seeing the raspberry agastache in bloom. I bought three pineapple sage last weekend as well but they won’t be going in the garden anytime soon! Happy planting Racquel!

    Sorry I don’t think I want to swap Kathleen, lol. I’m glad I waited on these plants to go on sale since I was able to get twice as many for the same price. 😉 The Raspberry Agastache really caught my eye when I saw the photo in the catalog. Just knew I had to have it. Hope the snow melts fast!


  12. Great plants! I am sure you will be happy with all the bucket loads of veggies this summer!!!

    Thanks Cindee, I’m really looking forward to those buckets of veggies! 🙂


  13. Every year I buy a pineapple sage, as I dearly love the fragrance, and every year our heat kills it. I’m out this weekend to find another!

    Lowes had a bunch in this week, try there if you have one nearby Brenda. Hope mine doesn’t succumb to the heat this summer. But I did plant it where it gets mostly morning sun so maybe that’s the ticket. 🙂


  14. Yes, it’s planting time– isn’t it great? I spent the entire day outside, then had company until a little while ago. That’s why I’m LATE to the blogs today.

    You’ll have beautiful flowers and yummy veggies!


    Sounds like a perfect day to me Cameron. 🙂 Thanks, I’m looking forward to all the beautiful blooms & yummy veggies this summer.


  15. Pineapple sage sounds interesting…will you use it for cooking? I finally got some cold weather seedlings into the ground — hopefully they can take the cold nights we will still get. Now it’s time to work on our tomato seeds indoors.

    I bought it for the ornamental aspects but I guess it would be cool to add to my cooking. The leaves when you break them smell just like pineapple. Maybe they would be great in a salad? Hope you seedlings do well, do you put a coldframe on them at night? It’s so odd how different our zones are still, I planted my tomato transplants into the garden this week. 😉


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