April Blooms (GBBD)


It’s a rainy day here in Virginia.  I had to run out last evening between showers to capture these pretty bloomers to share with you all today.  The garden is really popping with color from spring bulbs, perennials and of course the fall pansies are still going strong as well.  To see more GBBD posts or to join in this month please visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens.


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  1. your pics make me want to see your garden in person! I am sure it is wonderful.

    Thank you Muum! I would love to have you visit my garden in person. 🙂


  2. I can hear the flowers screaming in glee! What a beautiful collage. I wish the photo was bigger, so that I could enjoy the closeup of each bloom, but I’m not complaining. Just a suggestion. 🙂

    Thanks Chandramouli. Next time I will make the collage a bit bigger just for you. 🙂


  3. Hi Racquel, what a wonderful GBBD collage! So many beautiful blooms! xoxo Tyra

    Thank you very much Tyra! I’m glad you enjoyed my collage of blooms today! 🙂


  4. Posted by greenwalks on April 15, 2009 at 2:11 am

    I love the variety in your spring bloomers. Maybe my fav from this collage are the tiny, delicate narcissi with the multiple blooms per stem in the upper right corner. Are they fragrant? I was going to try a collage or slideshow this time but couldn’t figure it out. Any hints? Favorite (free) program? You don’t have to share if it’s a state secret. 🙂

    Thanks Karen. I love those tiny Narcissus too, those are “Minnow” and yes they have a slight fragrance. They have been blooming for at least 3 weeks now which is nice too. 🙂 My favorite program for making collages is free, it’s called Photoscape. I downloaded it online.


  5. Beautiful blooms. Can I ask what the pink one in the centre is ?

    Thanks Anna! 🙂 That would be the Pink Azalea I inherited with the house. There use to be at least 7 of these along the back of my house, only 2 have survived.


  6. Hi Racquel, so many things blooming! What a spring wonderland you have going there. I love them all, for you have such a good mix of colors. Cool and cloudy with lots of rain here too, so nice for the plants if not the gardener. Happy bloom day!

    Thanks Frances! You can see a pattern in my colors can’t you? I think I gravitate towards them without even realizing it, lol. It is nice weather for the garden, and gives me a chance to catch up with my blogging. 😉 Happy Bloom Day to you too!


  7. What is that blue bell shaped flower in the lower right corner? It is gorgeous! So many blooms! Spring is here-hopefully it will show itself in some warm temps today.

    That would be a Wood Hyacinth or Scilla hyacinthoides hispanica. Thanks Tina! 🙂


  8. I love the collage! I had to take mine on Friday since it is my only day off right now.

    Thanks Les! Your blooms were very glorious & I loved seeing your reflection in one of them, lol. 🙂


  9. Pretty spring blooms Racquel! I bet the flowers are loving all the rain! April showers brings May flowers! 🙂

    Thanks Linda. Yep they are growing like mad with all this wet weather we’ve had so far this spring. But it does make things a bit cooler outside. 🙂


  10. Racquel girl ! .. You have so much in bloom and you have arranged your pictures of them in such a pretty way : )
    We are going to have rain but not till Sunday or Monday .. so all our thoughts are concentrated on getting the deck done before THAT happens ! haha
    Very pretty post !

    Thank you Joy, I’m glad you like my collage of blooms. It was fun creating it for all of you this Bloom Day! Hope you get the deck done before the rains come, I’m crossing my fingers & toes for you on that one! 🙂


  11. Great collage! I need to run out this morning (in my bathrobe) between the raindrops to get some shots.

    Thanks Janet, hope you get out there & get some photos of your garden! 🙂 I do the same thing (the bathrobe), lol. 🙂


  12. Love everything in the collage, of course, but especially the orange bowl of pansies. They are just such a sweet flower.

    Thanks Monica. Those pansies have been going strong since last September when I planted them. Such a happy & sturdy plant! 🙂


  13. Wow! I can’t believe how colorful your yard is right now. It looks so springy!

    Thanks Susie, it really is starting to take off like crazy now. 🙂


  14. Wow! You have so much in bloom, Racquel! A beautiful collage–I had to run out yesterday between rain showers, too, to get some photos. I wish it would stop raining, but as they say, “April showers…”

    Thanks Rose! Can’t wait to see what’s blooming in your garden this April! Yep April showers bring May Flowers. The garden is happy right now, but I’m stuck indoors. Which gave me a chance to catch up on some blogging. It’s hard to stay indoors in the spring with so much to do outdoors. 🙂


  15. Hi Racquel…There must be a cool front hanging over the middle south…It’s chilly and cloudy here, too! It’s a perfect day for visiting gardens all over the world! I love the collage/poster you’ve put together for us…wonderful blooms and nicely designed! have a good day! gail

    Hi Gail, we seem to be having the same weather conditions right now. Yep perfect day to catch up with the garden blogging community this Bloom Day. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed my collage of blooms! 🙂


  16. The collage is awesome! I had to cheat and take pics early, because I’m going to the “day job” today. Happy Bloom Day!

    Thanks Katie, I took mine last night since I knew the weather would probably be a bit worse today. Happy Bloom Day!


  17. That collage is one of the best yet! All looks so beautiful.

    How sweet are you Darla! Thanks! 😉


  18. Absolutely beautiful collage. Thanks for braving the rain showers to show us your blooms;)

    Thank you Marnie! I’m glad you enjoyed my collage of blooms this rainy Bloom Day! 🙂


  19. You have gorgeous blooms!

    I know- the rain has kept me indoors for three days in a row and more is coming right now. Ready for the sunshine — so that my garden will bloom — buds are formed and waiting for those rays!


    Thanks Cameron! I’ve been spending the majority of my time outdoors lately hence the spotty blogging. With the weather being yucky today I’m taking the opportunity to catch up with the blogging community. 🙂 We will have much more to anticipate with all these April Showers!


  20. Racquel,
    Every one of them, a lovely work or art!I like the way you group your photos together.

    Thank you Randy for your sweet comments! 😉


  21. Beautiful!

    Thank you Cathy! 😉


  22. Just a beautiful collage! You have so much blooming- gorgeous! Happy spring to you 🙂

    Thanks Tessa! Happy Spring to you too! 🙂


  23. Doesn’t seem fair that you have entire collage of colorful blooms while I have only one crocus blooming. Just kidding…I wish every bloom possible for all garden bloggers. What are the blue/purple flowers on the plant with varigated leaves..the photo below the red pot? Sure is pretty there in Virginia, rain or sun. Enjoy!

    Sorry Donna, it seems that we are a wee bit ahead of you right now, but your garden is starting to come to life right before your eyes. We will get to enjoy a second flush of flowers that we put to bed a month ago in your garden. 🙂 That would be the lavender blue blooms of the Vinca Minor. It’s a fairly aggressive groundcover that I plant in containers to restrain it’s jubilence a bit. 🙂 Thanks!


  24. Oh Racquel ~ it’s beautiful in your garden. What are the purple bells in the bottom right corner? They are so pretty. You are rocking the bloom day this month.

    Hi Kathleen, I’m glad you enjoyed my blooms today. Those would be the beautiful blooms of Wood Hyacinth or Scilla hyacinthoides hispanica. I order these from Brent & Becky’s Bulbs. They also come in pink & white. But I prefer the blues myself. 🙂


  25. Hi What a beautiful collage of flowers.


    Hi Joanne, I’m glad you enjoyed my collage of blooms today! Thanks for stopping by for a visit. 🙂


  26. Oh, my, that is a lovely collage of blooms. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.~~Dee

    Thanks Dee, I’m glad you enjoyed my collage of blooms for GBBD! 🙂


  27. Such a plethora of lovely spring blooms! It’s wonderful!!!!!!

    Thank you Cindy, I’m glad you enjoyed them today! 🙂


  28. Your garden is loaded with blooming things. I love the yellow & blue combinations with the Daffodils.

    Thanks MMD, that is my favorite color combination in the garden. 🙂


  29. How very beautiful. I like that collage effect. How to decide which glorious bloom gets the star billing, though? Your garden must be wonderful to walk through right now.

    Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed my collage of blooms today. It was a hard deciding which ones got the larger photo spots. Everyday I enjoy just sitting on my patio and watching the garden grow. 🙂


  30. If that isn’t the prettiest collage! How pretty your yard must be.

    Thanks Balisha! It really is looking like spring in my garden at the moment. 🙂


  31. I love the way you put the montage together, and you have some lovely images of blooms in your garden some of them are so dainty.

    Thanks Karen, I’m glad you enjoyed my montage of blooms today. 🙂 I love the delicate little blooms, even though they are a bit difficult to photograph at times.


  32. I love this patchwork display of your garden. It shows how well the elements work together.

    Thanks Sarah. I’m glad you enjoyed my collage today. 🙂


  33. How lovely, Racquel! I’m getting so excited … isn’t spring wonderful?

    Thank you Joey, spring is the best season of all in the garden! 🙂


  34. Hi Racquel,

    What a beautiful collage of blooms you have! I love watching the world wake up after winter!

    Hi Kylee, I’m glad you enjoyed my collage of blooms today. Spring is my favorite season in the garden, everything is fresh & new again. 🙂


  35. Oooh, pretty Racquel! Spring is in full swing in your garden!

    Thanks Linda, it sure seems that way! 🙂


  36. Yes, it is very pretty and what a nice collage. I do love this Spring. Everything is lasting longer isn’t it?


  37. Great Garden Blooms
    for your Day
    of Display.

    Thank you so much Lisa! 🙂


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