Whoa Nelly!

Clematis 'Nelly Moser'

Clematis 'Nelly Moser'

Last September I did a major revamping of the Arbor garden as some of you might recall.  This involved alot of moving of existing plantings from other beds and from within this bed.   “Nelly Moser’ was one of the major moves I made and was curious to see if she survived her transplanting into a new location.  Previously she was growing on the arch at the entry to this garden with a Bonita Rose as a companion.  But I decided to plant another rose in that location and moved her to the back of the garden on a new trellis I received as a birthday gift.  Well as you can see in the above photo, not only did she survive the move but is growing like  a fiend at the moment.  Hopefully the bamboo stakes I placed at the base of the trellis help guide her to grow up & not all over the garden.  She is full of large buds right now too!  I’m thinking she likes her new home, huh?  In front of her is some existing Alliums (I think white mountain bells) that should provide some much needed shade for her roots.  To the left is a unknown red rose that was a pass-a-long from my grandmother’s garden years ago.  It gets quite tall too so against this back fence was a good area for it as well.  Roses & Clematis make good companions in the garden in my opinion.  It shouldn’t be much longer and I’ll be enjoying those large pretty blooms again.


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  1. Well laa tee daa! Seriously, glad your nelly made it, mine still has not poked it’s head out of the soil.

    I hope yours shows up soon Darla. I’ve had real success with Clematis (knock on wood) but there are lots of other things that just don’t do well here. My Jacob’s Ladder I planted last fall from a bareroot looks like a no show for sure this spring.


  2. She certainly looks like she survived the move. That is a huge amount of new growth. I’ve lost another Clematis this year – one look from me and they curl up and die. It’s exasperating!

    She actually looks better than she did last spring. That severe haircut she got before the move perked her back up bigtime. Plus I think the compost I put down last fall really revamped alot of the perennials & shrubs in the garden.


  3. Racquel ! girl she is doing exceedingly WELL ! haha
    I had meant to get her in my garden many a time but some how got off track with other clematis .. I think you are very right about roses and clematis .. they look spectacular together !
    Great job there girl .. come over here and help me when I start my moving ?? LOL

    Thanks Joy, I’m quite pleased with her this spring. This is the best she has looked for a couple of years now. 😉 She was my first Clematis & that started the addiction, lol. That would be some trip but I would love to help you with the garden.


  4. I knew your plants were going to love all that gorgeous compost you supplied to them last fall. I bet many other perennials, vines, etc., do much the same as Nelly. You’re going to have a great garden this year Racquel and be rewarded with tons of blooms! Pat yourself on the back. 🙂

    Seems you were right Kathleen. It paid off bigtime with most of the perennials & shrubs this year. Thanks, I’m very pleased with the garden so far this season. 🙂


  5. Not just survived but thrived! Can’t wait to see some blooms.

    Thanks Janet! Promise to share photos as soon as it blooms!


  6. Looks like it loved the move huh? This is good as the clematis are so pretty. Roses and clematis do go well together. I think they all liked all that compost last fall.

    Yep I’m thinking it was a combo of things that revived it. Thanks Tina!


  7. Looking healthy and robust! Clematis, roses and allium — sounds like a spectacular combination!

    My clematis (Jackmanii) and one unknown type are raging right now, too. They are loaded with buds, but we’re getting frost tonight and they are out in the open on the fence.

    Stay warm!

    Thanks Cameron! I hope your frost tonight doesn’t do any damage to the Clematis, that would be awaful. I’ve been watching our weather but no signs of frost in our area according to the weatherman, but the lady at Home Depot today was saying they were calling for a light one.


  8. Isn’t it nice when something works like that? Sometimes you move something and it shrivels and dies. Other times it thrives. You never know.

    I feel quite lucky that it worked out well. This is the second Clematis that I moved last year successfully. But then again you never know until you try and it wasn’t doing that great where it was located previously.


  9. Posted by mothernaturesgarden on April 7, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    It just makes your heart sing when a plant is moved successfully. Congrats.

    Thanks Donna, that’s exactly how it feels! 🙂


  10. Looking good Racquel! I can’t wait to see the pics of this combo as the season progresses. I for one love clematis with roses- very romantic combination in my opinion. 🙂

    Thank you Cynthia. I promise to take lots of photos when they two do their thing! 🙂


  11. Well, your Nellys seem very pleased with their new home. It’s always a brave move to move a plant, ain’t it? And how great it feels when you see them growing healthily! Your bravery and care has yielded such great benefits, Racquel. Congratulations!

    Thanks Chandramouli for your generous comments. 🙂


  12. Posted by greenwalks on April 7, 2009 at 11:09 pm

    Wow, that’s what I’d call a successful transplant! I am such a scaredy cat about moving plants, but it seems your bravery in this area really paid off. My evergreen clematis is looking really sad right now – not sure what ails it, but it always just limps along at this time of year. Maybe I should give up and go for a winter-dormant one like yours instead!

    You shouldn’t be scared to move plants Karen. It’s all about timing. Early spring when they are just starting to emerge & fall when they are pretty much dormant is good. Maybe it needs some fertilizer to perk it back up.


  13. That is one healthy Nellie, Racquel. I can attest to her successful transplant. I think as long as the plant is fairly young, as many roots as possible are lifted with the root ball and done during mild weather all will end in success. I agree with you clematis and roses bush are a delightful marriage.

    Thanks Grace. Moving things around is one of my favorite things to do. 🙂 Another tip is to move things when it’s raining so they don’t go into shock.


  14. Love it when they do so well. Congratulations.

    Me too Deb! Thanks! 🙂


  15. Looks like someone really likes their new home! Isn’t it a thrill to watch something you transplant do so well! Good job Racquel!

    It is so exciting Linda! I’m thrilled that she loves her new home & is rewarding me! Thanks! 🙂


  16. Plum doggies, they look happy together!

    They do don’t they Monica!? 🙂


  17. Racquel Nellie looks great. She was the first Clematis I ever bought (and killed). LOL I thought she’d be pretty mixed in with a solid one. I should get another one. Sure glad she made it for you – it’s so hard to lose a plant. Linda

    Thanks Linda! I’m so sorry that she was your first loss! I’ve been lucky with my Clematis thus far. She is a bit more finicky than Niobe which is my favorite by the way. It is very hard to lose a plant, but sometimes it isn’t our fault but a problem with the weather, or root system.


  18. I would say it loves its new home! Sometimes clematis are hard to transplant. Looks like you did a great job moving her!

    I’ve moved quite a few over the years and been quite lucky I guess. It’s all about timing I think with Clematis. Thanks Cindee! 🙂


  19. That’s a lovely pot of pansies!

    IMHO, Nelly can be one of the most temperamental clematis. She is the only one I’ve had bad luck with and I see others on forums having problems with her too. She is one of the prettiest so I plan to the Nelly I lost. You did good moving her and having her come back strong.

    Thanks Marnie, they make me smile everytime I look out my kitchen window. 🙂 She is pretty finicky compared to my Niobe for example. I think she is worth giving a second chance, that’s for sure. 🙂


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