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simple-project-pageThere are always a million ideas swirling around in my head.  Hubby can see my mind working and probably thinking oh-oh here we go again. lol  Every spring I have plans to improve or enlarge the garden.  Some are large time consuming projects while others minor and easy to complete in less than a few hours time. Regardless they all add just a bit more of my personal touch to my garden space.  Here’s one of the simpler projects I completed this spring.  I have three Clematis ‘Niobe’ that were growing on small metal trellises.  Of course I knew I could do better by moving them to the two large pvc trellises on the front of the house.  Unfortunately there is a gap between the ground and bottom of the trellises of about 10 inches.  I wanted the twining tendrils to have something to latch onto while they made their way up the structure this spring.   I had these bamboo poles and a can of white spray paint sitting in my garage and an idea popped into my head.   First I spray painted the bamboo white, then I cut them to size and inserted them into the bottoms of the hollow pvc bases of the trellises.   A simple but effective project completed in less than an hour.  The white poles now blend in with the rest of the structure and eventually you won’t see them at all is my hope.  Last but not least, plant the vines and viola!   A long drink of water, some compost or mulch to top it off and talk about almost instant gratification.   🙂


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  1. Looks really good. Very innovative. Those clematis are happy. Looking forward to seeing the blooms.

    Thanks Tina, it was an easy & free project to complete. 🙂


  2. Good thinking! The new trellis looks great. In no time it will have nice flowering Clematis all over it.

    Thanks Janet, it should look pretty amazing this summer covered in blooms! 🙂


  3. Racquel .. now that is a great simple plan that is going to be very effective ! painting them white (perfect idea .. I would have been in DUH ? gear myself .. haha) .. I also have Niobe ! .. I have paired it with Henrii ( white and red for Canada Day ? )over the arbor gate we put in last year .. which reminds me they need some fine netting to get them up there with more support .. thanks for jump starting my brain girl ! : )

    Thanks Joy, it really worked out very well for this situation. I’m glad I jumpstarted your brain about putting some fine netting up for your Clematis. I bet it looks great paired with Henrii, he’s a lovely one too! 🙂


  4. Smart thinking! It never ends does it? And thank goodness for that! 🙂
    Have a great weekend Racquel!

    Thanks Linda, nope it never ends, but that’s what makes gardening a fun adventure. Have a nice weekend! 🙂


  5. Racquel — that will do it! I can’t wait to see your clematis climbing and blooming! Mine are growing about a foot a day (or so it seems) right now. You’ll have filled that trellis before you know it.


    Thanks Cameron, pretty simple but effective huh? It seems like the same thing with mine, all this rain is contributing greatly I’m sure. 🙂


  6. Looks very nice and very effective! It’s amazing what you can dress up with a can of spray paint!

    Thanks Dave, yep my favorite tool in my arsenol is spray paint! 🙂


  7. Great idea! I was wondering what I could put under the gap of my lattice and the ground for the vines to wrap around until they reached the lattice……………..now you have my head spinning!! Thanks!!!!

    I’m so glad that this post was timely for you Darla. I’ve been thinking about this for sometime myself & the answer was very simple in the end. 😉 You are quite welcome!


  8. It’s always good having lots of ideas, and even better to have someone who can sometimes build things for you (which I’ve never had, even when married–boo!). Happy Friday!

    Yes it is Monica and I am a lucky person to have a handy husband to help me with the bigger projects too. 🙂 Happy Friday!


  9. Sheww I need a break – you’re making me tired talking about everything that must be done – when I look around there is soooo much to do! I love Spring!

    Well take a quick breather Melissa before you get on with the tasks ahead. 🙂 It is a busy season but my favorite!


  10. Great idea! I think they do much better if they have something to hold on to right away. By the time they got tall enough to reach your trellis they would have had a mess of tendrils going ever which way.

    I agree Beckie, it would of been too far for them to stretch to reach the bottom rung and the tangling would of been a nighmare at best. Thanks!


  11. Posted by skeeter on March 27, 2009 at 10:31 am

    That is a wonderful idea! I never thought of painting bamboo stakes before but why not… The gears in my head never slow down either. lol I have tons of ideas but they do take some time to get incorporated into the garden. The Saint is really a wonderful asset with many of my projects. I do believe this gardening has slowly become his hobby as well. lol…

    Thanks Skeeter! I’ve painted them green too so they blend in with the plants when staking. It’s good to have a partner that compliments us by building what we vision. 🙂


  12. What a creative idea Racquel! Bamboo stakes are among the cheapest, easiest, and most versatile supplies in a gardener’s treasure chest, and you’ve just proven that to me again.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Thanks Linda, I always keep a stock of these versatile things on hand during the season. Have a nice weekend!


  13. How very clever you are! You’d never know. Sometimes it takes a woman to figure out a solution.

    Thanks Balisha! 😉 Sometimes I just get lucky and a lightbulb goes off in my head! lol


  14. Perfect! That was a flash of genius Racquel!

    Thanks Kathleen, I amaze myself at times, lol! 🙂


  15. That is so perfect, Racquel. Maybe something I could emulate in the future. Great!

    Thanks Kanak, glad I could pass on some inspiration for future projects for you! 😉


  16. VERY SMART! Those vines look mighty happy:)

    Thanks Carla, I hope they love their new home! 😉


  17. What a great idea. Those clematis are going to look great climbing up them. Can’t wait to see the pics!

    Thanks Susie, they are settling in as we speak. This constant rain we’ve had for two days now is helping the process along. 🙂


  18. You’re so quick and great, Racquel. Wish I were so too. You wouldn’t believe me but I took two hours to sow radishes and strawberries yesterday! I know I see the :O expression there! Lazy me and active you!

    Thanks Chandramouli, I have days like that too. 😉 I find my energy wains off alot as the heat of summer sets in & drives me indoors for cooler temps.


  19. Gosh someone needs to harness your energy for a renewable fuel source. Very cleverly done and attractive at the same time. Bravo.

    lol, thanks Anna. Sometimes I have my lazy days too, they come in spurts. 😉


  20. brilliant –
    Clematis Niobe is one of my favorite.
    Have a great weekend.

    Thanks Karen, she’s one of mine too! 🙂


  21. You are a clever gardener! The clematis will look beautiful out there…gail

    Thank you Gail, with the rain we’re getting it was the perfect opportunity too! 🙂


  22. You have some great ideas!!!

    Thanks Jan, I aim to please! 🙂


  23. Ingenious! And you’ve just give me an idea that may solve a similar issue I have with my hardenbergia that just went in. Thank you!

    Glad I sparked some ideas for your issue with your Hardenbergia Cindy! 🙂 You are quite welcome.


  24. What a good idea. It’s useful having a handyman husband too – to make your ideas real!

    Thanks EG, yep I am lucky to have such a handy hubby to help me! 🙂


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