Buds & Blooms


The spring rains are really making the garden pop right now.  Starting in the upper left hand corner is the small buds of the native Skullcap Hyssop that I purchased two years ago at a local native plant sale.  The tiny flowers will open in a mass of violet-lavender blooms soon.  Across from that is the first flower of the Thalia Narcissus I planted last fall, followed by the buds that haven’t quite opened yet.  That shade of pale yellow is really a nice addition to the woodland & arbor gardens at the moment.  Next I found that the Nelly Moser Clematis (bottom left photo) is making buds as well as growing like crazy.  After moving it this past fall to the back of the arbor garden to grow on my new trellis I got for my birthday I’m pleased with the growth it has put out so far.  Soon I hope it will grow up the new trellis and create some vertical interest on the privacy fence.   I’m going to put more trellises up on the open expanses of fenceline to create more growing space for all the annual vines I want to plant this spring.   The last photo (bottom right) is the evergreen creeping phlox.  I finally was able to capture this pale lavender shade on my camera.  It really is a nice groundcover at this time of the year in my front foundation beds.  Since it grows & expands so rapidly I will be dividing it this fall to spread throughout other areas of the garden.  Spring is here at last with all the buds and blooms popping up all over the garden.


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  1. Wonderful! I do hope the rains come here today and help my garden along. My Nelly Moser is not up yet? Do you mulch the bottom of it? I only planted it a month or so ago………

    I’d send you some of mine if I could Darla! Hmm…I don’t know why your NM hasn’t emerged yet. I do put some mulch around the base, but not too close to the stems so they don’t rot. I find if you underplant it with a perennial it keeps the roots cool too. Good luck!


  2. I love those little daffodils(-: I also have the creeping phlox. It is so pretty when it blooms. I think mine needs dividing too. Its in a wheelbarrow and probably could use a fresh soil replacement(-: I had a Nelly Moser clematis but mine died)-: They are very pretty!

    Thanks Cindee, aren’t they sweet! It really is a nice groundcover and I bet yours looks great in the wheelbarrow. I’m sorry about the demise of your Nelly Moser, it is a pretty remarkable flower, almost looks fake.


  3. Nelly Moser has to be one of the prettiest clematis. I lost mine a few years ago. Good luck with yours.

    Yes she is quite spectacular in bloom. They almost don’t look real. Sorry about the loss of yours Marnie. Thanks! 🙂


  4. Isn’t spring fun? Each day has something new for you to see.

    It’s my favorite season of all Janet! Every day is a new discovery, so exciting! 🙂


  5. Posted by skeeter on March 26, 2009 at 2:20 pm

    Be on the lookout for weeds as they like to pop up as well in the spring. lol My yard if full of them as I have been dwelling on planting and not pulling. Sigh, Your projects look great and cant wait to see the trellis full of blooms and the box full of veggies…

    lol, I know what you mean Skeeter. The weeds here grow like crazy and will take over in no time when you’re not watching. I try to take care of most of my weeding early & it leaves less work in the summer months when it’s too hot to be out there. 😉 Thanks I’m looking forward to seeing the results of my projects too.


  6. Everything is looking good. Nellie Mosier was one of the first Clematis I bought and she didn’t make it. Ohhhh so much Trial and Error!!! She sure is a pretty one. I have a 4 now that seem to be sticking with me. One I love is my Josephine.
    Glad all your flowers are showing – spring really is coming isn’t it? Like Darla said to me earlier Bam! And they all start coming.

    Thanks RG! I’ve been lucky with all the Clematis I’ve planted thus far. (Knock on wood, lol) But I’ve experienced alot of trial & error with other perennials that’s for sure. Josephine is a beautiful variety!!! I want to add more cultivars as soon as I have more places to put them. 😉 Yep spring has sprung! Bam is right, lol!


  7. I like the Thalia Narcissus – a teeny version of Daff? May this Spring bring in loads of blooms!

    Me too Chandramouli. It was something new for me this year. Yep a teeny multi-blossom Daff! 🙂


  8. Hi Racquel, how wonderful it all looks. Good job on the phlox, that is so hard to capture. It is so pretty in real life too. It makes everything around it shine. I do think buds can be just as attractive as the flowers too. 🙂

    Thank you Frances. 🙂 It really is a hard color to capture correctly on camera. But with it being a bit cloudy today I think that helped. Oh I agree, buds are just as attractive as the flowers, another layer of interest I think!


  9. I am excited to see the skullcap hyssop open up. I’ve not seen it before. Natives are the best I think. I need more!

    Oh this is a very pretty spring native Tina. I promise to post pictures when the buds open. Yes I agree, natives are the best and I’ve been adding more to my garden each season for the past few years. 🙂


  10. Sorry to hear some of your seeds didn’t do so well; I had the same problem last year. The seeds I’ve sown so far this year are still so tiny, so I’m hoping they will survive.
    I can see you have been very busy! “Blogland” seemed a little slow these last few days; I had a feeling many of us were out taking advantage of the good weather to complete some garden chores. I love all your trellises, and Hubby did a great job on making the frames for your raised beds.

    Thanks Rose, those are the breaks when it comes to indoor sowing. Another reason I prefer to direct sow into the garden. 😉 Good luck with your seeds! Yep I’ve been a busy, busy gardener this past week. The weather has been mild and it’s was a good time to complete some projects & get my hands dirty. I will pass on the praise to hubby. He will be getting a big head soon. lol


  11. Finally, the spring is here. Still very cold here but it is spring! Wonderful collage Racquel, lovely mellow yellow hues!

    LOLove Tyra

    Yes it is Tyra. Hope it warms up soon where you are so you can get outside & enjoy the garden again. Thanks! 😉


  12. Aw, the babies are so colorful! I love creeping phlox, especially.

    Thanks Monica! 🙂 I love creeping phlox too.


  13. Racquel ! You have so much going on in your garden right now .. how pretty it looks ! We share a lot of plants together .. skullcap, anise hyssop .. moss phlox .. we need some warm rain to wake up the plants here .. it looks dreary and in total chaos in my back garden .. I keep hanging on to the thought of how it will look when all of the work is done : )

    Hi Joy, I can’t believe how much is going on in the garden right now. Three weeks ago we had 4 inches of snow covering it and look at it now! Looks like we both have great taste in plants, lol. You will get the weather you need soon I hope and everything will grow like mad to catch up before summer. When all the chaos is done & over you will have something lovely you can share with us! 🙂


  14. I really like the quality of the pictures in your collage, kind of soft focus. I just read today that the South Hampton Roads Native Plant Society will be holding a sale at the Francis Land house in Va. Beach the first or second weekend in April. I’ll be at work no matter what day it is on.

    Thank you Les. I’m able to play around with the effects, brightness etc in this program. Hmm, thanks for the info. I usually go to the one they hold at our Virginia Living Museum in Newport News. Since they grow all the plants on site themselves I’m able to see what they will look like when they mature. Sorry that you have to work that day.


  15. Boy, has it been raining here. Off and on (mostly on) for about two weeks. The garden is growing in leaps and bounds.

    Those spring rains really make a difference at this time of the year don’t they Brenda! We’ve been getting the same type of conditions here too.


  16. Posted by greenwalks on March 26, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    Looks so great! I wonder if I could grow that phlox – I need something to keep the weeds down in a lot of areas and the lavenderish flowers your captured are so lovely.

    Thanks Karen! I bet you could, it is hardy in zones 3-9 and likes full sun and soil rich in humus. I amend my clay soil yearly and it seems to thrive along the sidewalk in the foundation bed.


  17. Im really enjoying your posts. Keep up the great work.

    Thanks Tess, I’m glad you enjoy my posts! 🙂


  18. Those tiny daffodils are really a sweet color. I love creeping phlox, especially the pale lavender, but a lot of mine has died out. I think I will try to replace it this year when they go on sale. I am anxious to see those new trellis by your veggie garden. I think the annual vines will really look great on them. The Sweet Autumn clematis seeds you sent are up! I m so excited-If they all live I’ll have enough for me and all my neighbors.

    Thanks Beckie. I’m pleased with this shade of yellow in the Thalia Daffodils too. I’m sure you won’t have any problems finding replacements of the Creeping Phlox, they had some in my garden center already on sale. I plan on growing vining vegetables in my raised beds but along the fence line in the other beds I want annual vines like Hyacinth Bean, Thunbergia & Cypress vine. I’m so excited for you about the SAC seeds germinating. You will definitely have enough to share with your neighborhood, lol.


  19. I also love the rain and especially when the sun comes back after that. Then, my garden will be looking so good.

    Thank you for your welcome message! I really appreciate it 🙂

    At this time of the year it really makes the garden come to life Stephanie. You are quite welcome! 🙂


  20. It’s strange to me that you are further ahead in Spring than we are. Your bloomers are sweet and so encouraging to everyone.

    I think I have mini microclimates throughout my yard Anna. Thanks I’m glad they are encouraging for you all! 😉


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