And it’s raining again

night-pictures-mooch-006Tis the season we call spring.  The garden is happily growing like crazy at the moment and after all the raking I did yesterday I need the break anyhow.  My arms were screaming at me today for jumping in full force.Besides I only have one garden bed left to rake out now which is the Arbor Garden.  Soon I will getting  a fresh load of mulch to put down.  I just love the way fresh mulch looks in the garden.  It is the finishing touch and all the practical stuff like suppressing weeds etc…  Anyhow I had lots of stuff to take care of today like grocery shopping etc..  Oh and we had a new mattress & boxspring delivered this afternoon.  After sleeping on a full size bed for 20 years we decided to upgrade to a queen.  The new bedspread has a pretty floral pattern which cheers me up inspite of the dreary weather outside.   Here’s Mooch giving it his famous test drive.  Doesn’t he look adorable?   Don’t you just want to reach down and scratch is cute furry belly?  Well don’t because it’s a trap I’m telling you.  He lays in wait for some unknowing person to reach down and go aww…and then proceeds to attack them!  Cats are complicated creatures.  lol  🙂


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  1. Your bedspread and bed are very pretty. I have a bedspread very similar. I know it has to be more comfortable. Yes, your kittierific is laying there like an innocent little thing. I would sure reach down and give a rub or two. I do love new mulch. Fortunately, I can go get it from out town’s leaf compost pile.

    Thank you Anna. I really love the floral pattern. Hubby actually picked it out, imagine that. 😉 Yep it really made a difference the few inches in size. Mooch looks like an angel but has a bit of the devil in him. lol We get our mulch at the City Recycling center. They charge by the pickup load but the price is very cheap compared to buying it by the bag. Plus I need so much.


  2. March sure has been a crazy month here…Mooch looks quite happy to claim the new bed. We had a cat that looked like that. He would let you pet and pay attention for a while, then decide it was time to catch that moving hand! The farm pictures were great — it’s nice to know some history of your neighborhood.

    I see by your latest post, the thawing & freezing. Yep Mooch is the king of the castle in our bedroom and he knows it. 😉 He loves attention when it is convenient to him not you. lol Thanks I’m glad you enjoyed the farm photos too.


  3. Posted by greenwalks on March 20, 2009 at 1:43 am

    Oh, sorry about the soreness! I only dug a little bit yesterday and I can barely type! Congrats on the new bed, I guarantee you will love the extra room. 🙂 I know better than to pet a kitty’s belly, I have been caught in that trap too many times to count – yeeouch!

    Thanks for the concern Karen. It’s my own fault. I do this every spring by being alittle too gu-ho the first time out doing real work in the garden. 😉 Sounds like you might of overdone it a bit yourself yesterday. Thank you, I really am loving having more room and the mattress is much firmer which has helped with hubby’s back problems. Yep they are tricksters when they expose their bellies. lol


  4. Your new bedspread is lovely! i see it has Mooch’s approval. Isn’t it amazing how much muscle tone we can lose in a few short months? Take care and don’t over do. That last bed will wait for you. :}

    Thanks Beckie, yep Mooch definitely gave it a thumbs up too. 🙂 I end up doing this every spring without realizing how out of shape I am. I’m going to take it easy for another day and give the muscles a chance to relax some.


  5. I can’t believe you have rain again. We still haven’t had any. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving the weather, although God’s water, as my husband calls it, sure makes a big difference to the flowers. Lovely bedspread, you are going to lave the larger bed and that is a kitty looking to attack!

    And now the sun is out again. Topsy turvy weather right now! 😉 Yes your hubby is right, the rain really makes a big difference in the garden compared to watering it yourself. Something special in that rain that tap water just can’t duplicate. Thanks I am really enjoying having extra room already especially with Kitty stretching out across the bottom of the bed like he owns the place. lol


  6. Racquel .. you made me laugh so much this morning girl ! YES !! Cats are complicated creatures .. our Molly loved and protected us like a HUGE dog would .. visitors would have been sucked in to petting her if we didn’t warn them she was on “duty” with non-family in the house !
    I love fresh mulch in the garden too .. I switched to all black and one of the best features is it breaks down more quickly in the winter so it works into the soil faster .. and plants look gorgeous against it .. instead of fight that screaming red I used to use.
    Happy first day of Spring girl !

    I should of known you would get a kick out of this Joy. You more than anyone knows how these kitty companions of ours can be at times. lol Glad I gave you a good laugh this morning! What a way to start the day, huh? 🙂 Sounds like Molly was very protective of her adoptive family. Mooch is very jealous of hubby which cracks me up. He is a momma’s boy that big old cat, believe it or not. lol Oh yeah the black mulch really sets the plants off much better than that red stuff does. Plus the red mulch has dyes in it that may not be good for the soil & plants. I like the fact that it adds organic matter to the beds each year along with the compost I put down every other year. Happy first day of spring Joy!!!


  7. Looks like it may be clearing up. I still need to get mulch. I have so many perennials that have spread I worry about covering them. Think I will wait for another fewe weeks to get the mulch down.
    We keep talking about getting a new mattress and boxspring. Feel like we are sleeping on a rollercoaster. Enjoy the new bed, if Mooch will share it.

    Yep the sun is back out but it much cooler than it was on Wed. We get spoiled with those warm temps at this time of the year. 😉 Most of mine have shown signs of emerging so I will be spreading the mulch in the next week or two. You definitely need a new set if that’s how your current one feels. We’ve been talking about it for 6 mos now and finally took action. It was so worth it too!


  8. Posted by Laura on March 20, 2009 at 8:39 am

    We have a cat at work that actually LOVES to have her belly rubbed and will lay still for an hour if someone will do it!

    I think females are more receptive to it than males are Laura. I’ve always had females in the past & they were more cuddly. 🙂


  9. There’s nothing like getting a good “workout” in the garden. At least it brings you joy. Love the picture of Mooch. He does look adorable! Sorry about the rain, I can feel your pain. Hope the weather gets better for you! Hope you have a happy gardening weekend!

    It definitely was a workout Susie. Gardening keeps me active & gives me joy as you said. Thanks I will let him know that he was a hit in Blogland. lol The sun came back out today, though it is a bit cooler than it was on Wednesday. Happy Gardening!


  10. I want to pick him up and cuddle! Cute little kitty! Enjoy your new bed! Just in time for aching gardening muscles! 🙂
    Have a good weekend Racquel!

    Oh I wouldn’t recommend that Linda. He’s a feisty one when he doesn’t want any loving. 😉 Thanks I really needed a new mattress for sometime, and what a difference it made in my sleep last night. Have a good weekend yourself!


  11. Yes, both Mooch and the bedspread are very cute and they kind of color coordinate! 🙂

    I didn’t even realize how well he matched with the bedding until you pointed it out Monica. 😉


  12. Congrats on the new bed! I bet you’ll love it and wonder how you ever did it on a full bed for so long. Have fun spreading the mulch.

    Thanks Tina, I’m already seeing the benefits of more space. Now if kitty can stop hogging my half of the footspace we’ll be fine. 😉 No mulch yet, but soon.


  13. My husband always looks at one of our cats and says, “Boy, don’t they have the life?” And he’s right, they certainly do!

    They really do have the life Brenda, lol. I always said if I have to come back as animal, I want to come back as one of my own pets. 🙂


  14. I thought you were going to say you lounged in bed today because it was raining again! I should have known better with you! I like your bedspread too ~ your hubby has good taste! Cats are so funny ~ anytime we bring something new into the house, our cat is the first to check it out. It looks like he approved!

    Nope no time for lounging in this house Kathleen. I have teenagers so it’s always exciting here. 😉 Yep I give hubby a big gold star for his forehead for this pick. He did good! Mooch does the same thing, he is so nosy that he just has to investigate everything all the time.


  15. I know we are supposed to vary our gardening tasks to minimise strains but I can’t do that or I get diverted and the original job doesn’t get finished. No wonder I’m always aching.
    Cats – they know they look cute with their soft furry paws in the air. Then you bend down to stroke and out come the claws!.


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